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Ashley Kaltwasser - Training plan

Get to know Ashley Kaltwasser's athlete training plan.

Ashley Kaltwasser was the winner of the Bikini category at Olympia 2015. Not only at Olympia 2015, but also in the previous two years!

She is an American athlete, who measures 1.65m and weighs 55kg.

He does five workouts a week, where he normally bets on 3 to 4 sets per exercise and 10 repetitions. In addition, you do cardio training three times a week.

Get to know the training plan Ashley Kaltwasser.

If you don't know any exercise, just click on the name to have access to an image of it.

Monday – Legs

ashley kaltwasser2

Tuesday – Chest, triceps and cardio


Wednesday - Back and biceps

*Sometimes it is done in superseries, and some are added Exercises functional.

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Thursday – Buttocks and cardio

*Some exercises can be done in circuit or superset

Saturday – Shoulders and cardio



Here are some tips given by Ashley Kaltwasser on her Facebook to help develop the glutes:

Keep the weight on your heels – You might not think about it too much, but focusing on pulling the weight through your heels can significantly increase the activation of your glutes and hamstrings in some exercises like squats, lunges and dead weight.

Varies the placement of the feet – Instead of putting your feet forward, try putting them at a different angle. Try putting them further apart, or closer together. This will work great for squats and dead weight! You can also try one-legged reps. When doing lunges, be sure to try diagonal lunges and cross lunges.

Keep your feet in line with your knees – This is important to avoid injuries, and to get the best ones results of training. Make sure your knees don't bend in or out! If this happens, it might be a good idea to reduce the weight so that the way you do the exercise doesn't suffer.

Uses the mind-muscle connection – Let's think about the exercise we are doing and not just do the movement. It's easy to lose focus when we're in the last series. Focus on the muscle you are working.

Pre-exhaustion of the glutes – Try a small high reps low weight glute workout before starting your workout! An example would be 20 reps of cable kickback (for each leg) before the start of training!

Vary reps and weights – Don't let your glutes get used to a certain weight or number of repetitions. It's always good to change things and surprise your body! This is also very good mentally, as you won't get bored so quickly with your training.

Introduces plyometric exercises – Plyometric exercises are very good for toning the glutes, and on top of that they can be done almost anywhere!

Information taken from the website and from the athlete's official facebook.

Facebook Ashley Kaltwasser

Instagram Ashley Kaltwasser

Official Website

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