Workout Plans

5 × 5 upper / lower training

routine of training upper/lower divided into training A and training B, working the upper body zone one day and the lower body zone the other.

The training is done 4 times a week, and is based on a 5 series scheme for 5 repetitions in the main Exercises, adding some accessory exercises for smaller muscles such as biceps or triceps.

The rest time between each set will be 90 seconds and the rest time between exercises will be about 2 minutes.

Training A - Upper - Upper zone

Training B - Lower - Lower zone

The ideal routine for this upper / lower workout will be: AB rest AB

You should try to regularly increase the loads in the exercises as this 5×5 repetition scheme helps make this happen regularly and is essential for gaining muscle mass.

It is a short but intense workout in which the objective will be to considerably increase the loads and gain muscle mass.

It is important to follow a diet hypercaloric to be able to have a good progression with this training.

Accessory exercises can be added if there is a need to pay special attention to a particular part of the body.

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