Training Training Section

Upper chest XL – An article to help you develop the upper chest area.

14 Abdominal Exercises – 14 exercises without using material to do wherever you want.

How to avoid tendon injuries – Some tips to avoid and treat annoying tendonitis.

6 mistakes that could be sabotaging your earnings – Some of the most common mistakes we find in gyms.

Training time – How to get the most out of each workout.

The best exercises for your training – A list of the best exercises that you should include in your training.

Example training for beginners – Training plan ready to follow.

41 laws of the gym – 41 truths about gym training.

The three rules for losing weight ? 3 Mandatory rules for anyone looking to lose weight.

The five laws for gaining muscle mass - Mandatory.

Losing belly fat, the essentials – How to lose belly fat.

Upper/Lower training plan – Training plan ready to follow, divided into upper and lower limbs.

Increase the intensity of your training – Two techniques to increase the intensity of your training.

How to develop the chest – Increase your chest.  

How to develop arms – Increase your arms.

More strength, more muscle – Two training methods to gain strength and muscle mass.

Full body workout – Full body workout plan ready to follow, 3 times a week.

4 Gym Myths – 4 Myths that circulate in gyms.

4 types of push-ups – Different variations for the push-ups exercise.

Train at home – Training plan to do at home.

5 mistakes in the gym Part 2 – Second part of the article on the most common mistakes in the gym.

HIIT training – An article about the famous HIIT training.

Upper/lower 5×5 training – Training plan ready to follow, divided into upper and lower limbs using the 5×5 method.

9 basic tips – 9 basic tips to help you progress.

Split Training Plan – A training plan ready to put into practice.

Abs…still this summer Part 1 – A guide to getting quick results

Abs…still this summer Part 2 – A guide to getting quick results

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