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Optimum Nutrition Protein Whey Supplement Review

Protein Whey is the supposedly low cost protein supplement from the renowned brand, Optimum Nutrition.

For those unfamiliar, Optimum Nutrition is the brand responsible for the most famous whey protein supplement, the Gold Standard, winner of several awards.

Protein Whey presents itself as an apparently more economical supplement of whey protein, and theoretically with good quality, taking into account the reputation of the brand.

In fact, while Gold Standard is truly a top supplement, Protein Whey from the same brand disappointed?in every way. Even in price.

The analyzed version is the 1.7 kg Vanilla.

Find out more in the analysis below.


The ingredients used in this product are simple, and it summarizes the protein (s), and the normal flavoring and thickeners used in flavored whey supplements.

The protein sources used in Protein Whey are Concentrated Whey and Isolated Whey.

While in Gold Standard the main protein source is Whey Isolate, in this supplement it becomes Concentrated Whey. In addition, they do not contain Hydrolyzed Whey as in the other brand supplement, nor digestive enzymes.

Looking at the ingredients it looks like a light version of Gold Standard.

Nutritional value

The nutritional values presented and used for analysis are those of the vanilla version.

Dose %
Proteins 22g 68,75%
Carbohydrates 3.4g 10,63%
Fats 2.2g 6,88%


Each serving consists of a 32g scoop that brings 22g of protein, which means that this supplement has a protein content of 68,75%, a value considered low for a whey protein supplement.

In addition, carbohydrate values are around 11% and 7% fats, which, although not high for concentrated whey, are also not low, especially carbohydrates.

We will place this supplement next to the Gold Standard of the same brand, and also next to other whey protein supplements already analyzed here in the website.


ON Protein Whey ON Gold Standard Prozis Real Whey Myprotein Impact Whey Scitec Whey Professional
Proteins 68,75% 81.6% 80% 80% 73.3%
Carbohydrates 10,63% 6.8% 10.4% 4.9% 7%
Fats 6,88% 3.4% 6% 7.3% 5,67%


O Gold Standard it has the highest values of protein, and the lowest values of fats, which confirms its excellent quality.

The Myprotein Impact Whey and the Prozis Real Whey achieve practically the same protein value, with 80% each.

Finally, the Scitec Whey Professional although it is significantly distant from the three previous supplements in terms of protein concentration, it still manages to stay ahead of ON's Protein Whey, which is significantly away from good supplements in this category.

Unfortunately, Optimum Nutrition does not present the aminogram for this supplement, but the nutritional value of this supplement shows that it leaves a little to be desired.

optimum protein whey


The price used to perform the analysis was the one practiced by the Prozis store.

Doses 53
Cost Per Serving 0.75?
Cost per 100g protein 3.41?
Total cost 39.90?


One would expect Protein Whey to be affordable and low, especially compared to Gold Standard, which despite its excellent quality, is excessively expensive.

What happens unfortunately is not quite like that.

[toggle title=”What is the cost per 100g of protein?” state=”close” ]The cost per 100g of protein is the amount you pay not for 100g of product/supplement, but the amount you pay for 100g of pure protein.


Protein Whey in every 100g of powder, only 68,75% is pure protein.

To have 100g of protein in Protein Whey you need 145.45g of powder to reach the real 100g of protein.

This metric is the best way to analyze the price of a protein supplement, as it is not subject to pre-established doses by the brands and makes the cost uniform across all protein supplements.[/toggle]

Although its total cost is 39.90€, this supplement contains only 1.7kg of product, that is, about 600g less than the Gold Standard of the same brand.

We will again make a comparison of this supplement with others in the same category to see where this Protein Whey fits in the question of price.

Protein Whey Gold Standard Real Whey Impact Whey Whey Pro
Doses 53 77 80 100 78
Cost / dose 0.75? 0.75? 0.34? 0.36? 0.67?
Cost / 100g Prot 3.41? 3.12? 1.75? 1.81? 3.07?
Total cost 39.90? 58? 27.99? 36.39? 52.99?


Incredibly, Protein Whey is the supplement with the least doses, a cost per dose similar to the Gold Standard and the most expensive, significantly, when you look at the price paid for each 100g of pure protein.

In the total price, it is cheaper than the Gold Standard and than Scitec Nutrition Whey Professional, but more expensive than Myprotein Impact Whey, and the Prozis Real Whey.

After all, the cost per 100g of pure protein is the most important variable when it comes to price, and in this case, Protein Whey is a bad choice.

Where to buy?

You find Optimum Nutrition Protein Whey available here and you can still use the code AFFJA-10 to get 10% discount.


Protein Whey is a supplement that leaves much to be desired, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of price.

The protein sources used are good, but with only 68,75% of protein content, and a value of 3.41? for every 100g of pure protein, you can easily get better whey supplements, both in terms of quality and price.

Basically, it is a supplement that seems cheaper simply because it brings less quantity, and Optimum Nutrition makes use of the name to sell a product that does not impress.

If you are looking for a whey supplement, you will find here various analyzes and here a ranking of the best whey supplements.

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  1. Good article, congratulations! Just an observation, I use Real Whey that is mentioned in the text and the amount of protein per 100g is a little higher than that highlighted in the post. For 100g the product has 82.40 g and not 80 g, this in the natural flavor of course :)

    1. Hi Pedro, it's true, the unflavored version has 82.4% of protein as we mentioned in the analysis of Real Whey, but since this ON protein is flavored, we chose to compare it with the flavored version, both in Real Whey and Impact Whey :)

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