Prozis Whey Prime 2.0 - Review

Prozis Whey Prime 2.0 - Review

Prozis Sport Whey Prime 2.0 supplement review

THE whey Prime was one of the first proteins we reviewed here on the site, and now, a new version, Whey Prime 2.0, is available.

If you read the analysis to the original version, you know we were a little harsh, since the quality left something to be desired, so what to expect from this new version?

Once again, marketing is strong, and there is talk of revolutionary processes for the production of this whey, and much more.

The truth is that version 2.0 has improved over the previous formula, but, will have been enough?

So let's start the analysis.



The previous Whey Prime had Whey as a protein source, but not only.

It also had other types of protein, such as egg or wheat protein, and therefore it was not an exclusively Whey supplement.

In this new version, the main protein source is finally just the Concentrated whey.

However, despite the fact that the main protein source is Whey, the added amino acids continue to be used, and Glycine returns in strength.

Not only does Glycine return, but there is also the addition of Creatine, Taurine, Glutamine and BCAA's.

This is a technique known as aminospiking, in which isolated amino acids are used to increase the total protein content of a supplement.

The result is a lower quality product, but with lower production costs.

For example, it is possible to sell a concentrated Whey supplement with a protein content of 60% as if it had 80%, filling the rest with cheap amino acids.

In addition to the added amino acids, some digestive enzymes were also added, which in this case is positive, but not revolutionary.

You will find the complete list of ingredients here.


Nutritional value

The nutritional value of Whey Prime 2.0 without flavor is as follows.


At first glance, Whey Prime 2.0 presents good nutritional values, with 21g of protein per serving and 84% of protein content.

However, as you can see at the end of the table, something strange is going on there.

In each dose of 25g the sum is 25.9g, and the total exceeds 100%, which is obviously impossible.

Why does this happen?

This is mainly because the values of Creatine shown therein, are included in the protein values.

In other words, this supplement has 84% of protein, in which 9.2% is composed of Creatine, not complete protein.

This would theoretically mean that it was a concentrated Whey of 75%, not 84%, but the truth is that the concentration of pure protein is even lower, since more free amino acids were added in addition to Creatine.

The complete nutritional table of Whey Prime 2.0 is available here.





Here you will find the complete aminogram of Whey Prime 2.0.

It is presented for every 100g of pure protein and not for 100g of supplement.

The aminogram is the best way to check the quality of a protein, and this is where it is easily discovered that Whey Prime 2.0 is not a good product.

The addition of (a lot) Glycine is evident, and while a normal concentrated Whey has between 1g and 2g of this amino acid, Whey Prime 2.0 has approximately 8g.

Another problem is due to the fact that it does not count the value of Creatine, which, as we saw above, is counted as protein.

If we add the amount of Creatine and Glycine, we are about 16g less complete protein.

While Glycine appears in the aminogram, Creatine does not, although its amount is revealed.

This makes it impossible to know for sure the actual amount of amino acids in this supplement, however, it is possible to make an estimate assuming the 9.2% of Creatine.

Here are the values of BCAA's theoretical values for the 84g of protein presented by the brand, and the estimated values taking into account the 9.2% of Creatine.

  • Theoretical BCAA's value = 17,84%
  • Estimated BCAA's value = 15,78%

Which of these is the correct value?

None of them, since we do not know the quantity of Taurine, but most likely the closest will be the second.

With about 15.8% of BCAA's, this supplement presents a quantity of BCAA's that disappoints, although it is a significant improvement over the original version.

Again, it is important not to forget that the dose of Taurine is not revealed, and therefore, the value of both BCAA's and essential amino acids will in practice be inferior, although it is not possible to determine how much.




These are the values for the unflavored version, with flavor being slightly higher.

It is not an expensive supplement, especially when compared to products like ON Gold Standard, or other well-known brands, but it is also not the cheapest on the market.

Both the Real Whey of the same brand, such as Impact Whey gives Myprotein, are superior in quality, and slightly cheaper compared to Whey Prime 2.0.


Where to buy

You can easily find Whey Prime 2.0 here and using the code GVIRTUAL you still get 10% discount.




Whey Prime 2.0 has improved, but not much, and it is still not a good supplement.

With its theoretical 84% protein content, it outperformed proteins such as ON Gold Standard and equated to the supplement of Scitec Nutrition Whey Isolate.

However, as you may have noticed from the analysis, the story is a little different.

It is a concentrated Whey supplement with a low protein content, which makes use of free amino acids to increase the amount of total protein.

As in the original version, the good thing is just the price.

There are worse supplements on the market, but if you want a quality protein supplement, you get better choices and better prices.

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2 thoughts on “Prozis Whey Prime 2.0 – Review”

  1. Good

    First of all thanks for these reviews, it is not easy to find unbiased reviews of these products, and on the Prozis website most reviews are made with little or no time of use by people who do not have enough experience.
    Just one question: where does the aminogram say you have 8g of glycine? On the website it says 1g and anything. Just to better understand the analysis.
    Keep up the good work!


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