bsn syntha-6 edge

BSN Syntha-6 Edge – Review

bsn syntha-6 edge

O Syntha-6 Edge is a protein supplement, and just like the normal Syntha-6 that we have already analyzed here, is presented not as a simple Whey but as a gradually absorbed protein.

The differences between this version and the normal Syntha-6 are many, and while the previous one was very weak, the Edge version improved a lot.

Was it enough?

This analysis will be done on the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor, but five other flavors are available: Cookie and cream, Chocolate and peanut butter, Strawberry milkshake, Chocolate shake and Salted caramel.


The difference starts right from the list of ingredients, where egg protein is excluded from this formula, and only milk proteins remain.

Hydrolyzed Whey protein is included in Syntha-6 Edge, and micellar Casein is now in higher concentration than Calcium Caseinate.

Two changes for the better.

syntha-6 edge ingredients

In the analysis of the original Syntha-6 we explained better what each of these proteins consists of, so if you want a little more detailed information about each of them, you can find it here.

Furthermore, BSN used fewer ingredients to add flavor, which significantly improved the nutritional profile, although sunflower oil, for example, continues to be present.

It is noted that there was an effort on BSN's part to improve the nutritional component in the Edge version, trying not to sacrifice too much flavor, which is one of the strengths of the Syntha-6 line and one of the brand's arguments for promoting this product.

Nutritional value

Servings/37g 100g
Proteins 24g 61.54g
Carbohydrates 5g 13.51g
Fats 3.5g 9.46g


Each dose of this supplement is 37g, and you can find the values per dose in the first table. The second table shows the values per 100g.

The original Syntha-6 was a supplement with a protein content of just 45%, the lowest value of any protein supplement ever. we analyzed.

The Edge version increased this value to 61,54%, an increase of 16%.

But will it be enough?

No, 61,54% of protein is still too low for any quality protein supplement, of any type.

Carbohydrates are present in a percentage of 13.51% and fats in 9.46%, somewhat high values.

The improvement is undoubtedly significant compared to regular Syntha-6, but compared to any good protein supplement, it still falls far short.

To have a basis for comparison, let's put this supplement alongside some protein supplements.

Syntha-6 Edge Syntha-6 MP Total Protein Prozis Micellar Casein Scitec ISOGREAT
Proteins 61.54g 45.83g 77g 80g 91g
Carbohydrates 13.51g 20.83 4.6g 5.67g 0g
Fats 9.46g 12.5g 3g 1.14g 0g


A Total Protein from Myprotein is a supplement of the same type as Syntha-6, Micellar Casein from Prozis is a mixture of Casein(80%) and Whey(20%), and finally, ISOGREAT from Scitec is a top Whey Isolate.

Syntha-6 Edge is inferior to all of them in nutritional terms, and it doesn't make up for it in price as you will see below.

syntha-6 edge bsn


380g 740g 1870g
Doses 10 20 48
Cost per dose 1.49? 1.04? 0.79?
Cost per 100g protein 6.39? 4.61? 3.30?
Total cost 14.90? 20.99? 37.99?

*The values used are those practiced by Prozis.

The good news is that the price has improved compared to the previous version, the bad news is that it remains too expensive, especially for what it is.

This supplement is available in three formats, as you can see in the table, and each shake costs 1.49? in the smaller 380g version, 1.04? in the medium version and 0.79? in the biggest bucket.

What is the cost per 100g of protein?

The cost per 100g of protein is the amount you pay not for 100g of product/supplement, but the amount you pay for 100g of pure protein.


Syntha-6 Edge in every 100g of powder, only 61.54% is pure protein.

To get 100g of protein in Syntha-6 Edge you need 161g of powder to reach the real 100g of protein.

This metric is the best way to analyze the price of a protein supplement, as it is not subject to pre-established doses by brands and standardizes the cost across all protein supplements.[/toggle]

If we look at the amount you pay for each 100g of pure protein, in the 380g version it is 6.39?, on average 4.61? and in the highest 3.30?.

Is it a lot or a little?

Syntha-6 Edge Syntha-6 MP Total Protein Prozis Micellar Casein Scitec ISOGREAT
Doses 48 48 41 50 104
Cost per dose 0.79? 0.97? 1.09? 0.63? 0.67?
Cost per 100g protein 3.30? 4.66? 2.33? 2.66? 3.34?
Total cost 37.99? 47.00? 44.99? 31.99? 70.00?


A Syntha-6 Edge is a mix of whey with casein, with a protein content of 61.54% and some carbohydrates and fats.

A ISOGREAT is an exclusively isolated whey, with a protein content of 91% and 0% of carbohydrates and fats.

The difference between them is only 4 cents for every 100g of protein, but the difference in quality is abysmal.

Then we have the Total Protein from Myprotein, also with a mixture of several proteins, with a protein content of 77% and each 100g of protein costs 2.33?.

Finally, the Micellar Casein, composed of 80% casein and 20% whey, is 2.66? for every 100g of protein.

That is, the Syntha-6 Edge It's expensive for what it offers.

Where to buy?

You find the Syntha-6 Edge available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.

bsn syntha-6 edge


O Syntha-6 Edge is a product that combines the two milk proteins, Whey and Casein, in a single supplement. This may have advantages in some situations, the problem is that for a protein supplement, the protein content is too low, with only 61,54% of this supplement being protein.

Unfortunately, BSN does not provide the aminogram, and therefore, it is not possible to analyze the quality of the protein in more detail, but taking into account the protein sources used and the ingredients, the 61% protein is most likely of good quality.

In addition to the low protein content, the carbohydrate and fat values are a little high for a supplement of this type.

It is clearly an improvement over normal Syntha-6, which as we mentioned in our analysis, is a supplement to avoid, but it is still a mediocre product with superior and more economical alternatives on the market.


Myprotein Total Protein

Cheaper and with more protein, it also uses different protein sources for gradual release.

You could say it's what the Syntha-6 Edge should be.

Prozis Micellar Casein

The name of the supplement is casein, but in fact this product is composed of 80% casein and 20% whey.

Much slower than Syntha-6 Edge and Total Protein, it can also be a good alternative, especially before bed.

MusclePharm Combat Powder

Finally, MusclePharm's Combat Powder, which is extremely similar to Syntha-6 Edge, but with more 13% of protein.

Of the three alternatives, it is the least recommended as it has too many carbohydrates and a too high price, but it is clearly superior to the BSN supplement.

If you are looking for a good Whey supplement you will find it here the best, if on the other hand you are looking for a good casein supplement, see This one article.



bsn syntha-6 edge
Improvements compared to the previous version.
Negative points
It remains a bad choice, due to the price and quality it presents.

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