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Scitec ISOGREAT - Analysis

O Isogreat is a supplement of isolated whey protein from the brand Scitec Nutrition, responsible for Professional Whey that we analyzed here.

Although Professional Whey is without a doubt the most well-known protein supplement from Scitec, this Isogreat is probably the best whey of the brand, with incredible values.

Scitec Isogreat is available in two sizes: 900g and 2300g.

So let's start the review and get to know this product.

Scitec ISOGREAT Ingredients

As you would expect, there are several flavors: Vanilla, Cappuccino, Orange Cream, Raspberry, Strawberry and Vanilla-Blackberry.

Now, as for ingredients, in vanilla flavor are these:

These are the main ingredients, then we have sweeteners (Acesulfame K and Sucralose) and vanilla flavoring.

The main ingredient is whey protein isolate, and there are no traces of any other protein in this formula, just two amino acids (L-Glutamine and L-Arginine).

If you read ours whey protein guide, you know that the isolated whey is of excellent quality.

As for amino acids, we will analyze further down in the aminogram.

isogreat scitec protein

Nutritional value

The nutritional values that are available on the brand website are these:

22g 100g
Proteins 20g 91g
Carbohydrates 0g 0g
Fats 0g 0g


The 22g refers to a scoop of this supplement, while in the column on the side we have the values for each 100g of product.

THE Scitec Whey Professional it had only 73.3% of protein content, which is not bad, but it is also nothing special.

As for the Isogreat, contain a protein content of 91%, which is excellent.

As if the high protein content was not enough, this supplement stands out for being free not only of carbohydrates, but also of fats, that is, it is only protein!

Very good.


aminogram scitec isogreat

Here is the official aminogram presented by the brand on its website.

This table shows the percentage of amino acids per 100g of pure protein, that is, we have 10.6% of L-Leucine, 6.4% of L-Isoleucine and 5.9% of L-Valine, the well-known BCAA's.

However, this is the values per 100% of protein, and, as this supplement has a protein content of 91%, we will have to reduce it to 91% in order to know the values for each 100g of product.

In this case we have a total of 20.839% of BCAA's for every 100g of Scitec Isogreat, which is very good.

As always, we will compare these values with other proteins already analyzed so that we can have a perspective of these values.

We selected the ISO: PRO 97 from Myprotein, because it is also an isolated whey, and the ON Gold Standard, to give us a perspective of the differences between an exclusively isolated whey compared to a concentrated and isolated protein mixture.

Isogreat ISO: PRO 97 Gold Standard
Total Protein / 100g 91g 97g 81.6g
BCAA?s/100g 20.839g 22,116g 18.71


So, as we can see from the table, Isogreat is slightly lower than the ISO: PRO 97 from Myprotein, but it is far superior to Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition, as expected.

They contain 6g less protein compared to the Myprotein supplement, while compared to the Gold Standard, they contain 9.4g more protein per 100g, a big difference.

As for L-Arginine and added L-Glutamine, Isogreat contains more Glutamine than ISO: PRO 97 but less L-Arginine compared to the Myprotein supplement. In both amino acids the differences are minimal.

Therefore, we can say that Scitec Isogreat is undoubtedly an excellent product, with a high protein content and a large amount of BCAA's.

scitec whey isogreat


Now that we know that Isogreat is really quality, it's time to assess the price.

900g 2300g
Doses 40 104
Cost Per Serving 0.75 ? 0.67 ?
Cost 100g / protein * 3.66 ? 3.34 ?
Total cost 30.00? 70.00?


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* The cost per 100g of protein, refers to the amount paid for each 100g of real protein.

While the cost per serving refers to the cost per scoop, which in this case is 22g and contains 20g of protein, the cost per 100g of protein refers not to 100g of product but to 100g of pure protein.

To have a shake with 20g of protein and 0g of carbohydrates and fats, we pay 0.75? or 0.67?, depending on the format.

It is difficult to evaluate a whey protein using the dose referenced by the brand, since all brands use different doses, so we calculated the value per 100g of protein to have a more accurate number, and a more accurate evaluation.

So let's compare the values for the supplements from Optimum Nutrition and Myprotein again. 

Isogreat 2.3kg ISO: PRO 97 2.5kg Gold Standard 2,2kg
Doses 104 100 77
Cost Per Serving 0.67 ? 0.69 ? 0.75 ?
Cost 100g / protein 3.34 ? 2.91 ? 3.12 ?
Total cost 70.00? 69.99 ? 58.00?


The cost per dose is the lowest of the three supplements, however, it is a little misleading, as each dose of Isogreat contains only 20g of protein, due to the dose referenced by the brand being low.

In the cost per 100g of protein, we see that it is the most expensive protein of the three, which is perfectly normal in view of the ON Gold Standard, as it is a much superior product.

In relation to the ISO: PRO 97, the Scitec protein is 0.43? more expensive in relation to the price paid for each 100g of protein.

Yeah man?

The cost per 100g of protein is a little high, however, it is important not to forget that this supplement is composed only of isolated protein, and contains 0g of both carbohydrates and fat, which is a plus.

If what you are looking for is a protein supplement with the best quality / price ratio, you are better served with options like Impact Whey Or the Whey Concentrate, however, if what interests you is only the highest quality, this is a good option.

Where to buy?

You find Scitec ISOGREAT available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.


O Scitec ISOGREAT it is undoubtedly a very interesting supplement.

It combines a very high protein content with nonexistent values of carbohydrates and fats, which is excellent.

The amount of BCAA's is also high, and it only suffers a little in the cost per 100g of protein, in which it is surpassed by the ISO: PRO 97, although it achieves a better cost-per-dose than the Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition.

In short, although the price is a little high for a protein, it is important not to forget that this is not just any protein, but an exclusively isolated whey, with 0g of carbohydrates and fats.

4 thoughts on “Scitec ISOGREAT – Análise”

  1. João Figueiredo


    I've been researching the different brands of whey, and I was undecided between Scitec Isogreat 2300g and Biotech USA Iso Whey Zero 2270g + 20% Free (2724g). Scitec has a higher protein content (91%) compared to Biotech (88%) despite being insignificant, as well as the difference in carbohydrates and fats between the two; Based on current prices on the Prozis website, is Scitec on sale for 63.99? and Biotech for 58.89?. The only issue I can't figure out is the amount of BCAA'S in the Biotech protein. Bearing these points in mind, what should my choice be in your opinion?



      Hi John.

      According to the Biotech website there are 4.9g of BCAA's per serving, which gives a total of 19.6% with BCAA's added.

      It's nothing special for an isolate, and most likely it's because of the Glycine.

      The purported protein sources represent 88% from the supplement, and the next ingredient in this mixture is Glycine, “disguised” as a flavor enhancer, meaning the amount is likely to still be significant.

      You won't fail to get good results for that, but in practice you will be buying a mediocre Whey Isolate supplement when you have better options in terms of quality/price in this category.


    Hi! I would like to congratulate you for the great work and incredible reviews reported here.
    I didn't know your site, and I decided to google it in a review and ended up discovering your work. My congratulations and keep up the great work!

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