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Scitec Jumbo - Analysis

Jumbo means big! Jumbo means strong! Is it true? At least that's what Scitec says.

Hypercalorics, or gainers, are the most effective supplements for weight gain, and the Scitec Jumbo it is probably one of the best known in the category.

The fluorescent green packaging you usually see on countertops at supplement stores? It is most likely the Jumbo.

There are three versions of this hypercaloric, and the analysis will be the normal version, green packaging, that is, the cheapest!

After this review, you will be officially prepared to give a talk about Jumbo.

Scitec Jumbo Nutritional Value

100g Dose / 220g
Calories 367.27 Kcal 808 Kcal
Proteins 22.73g 50g
Carbohydrates 65.46g 144g
Fats 3.14g 6.90g


This Scitec Nutrition supplement, as you can see from the table, is composed of 65,46% of carbohydrates, which is a lot, especially if you use the dose recommended by the brand.

In relation to protein, it presents a protein content of 22,73%, and a fat concentration of 3,14%.

In addition, for every 100g you get 367.27 calories, and for each serving, 808 calories.

The division of nutrients is not the best, it should have more protein and less carbohydrates. That is why you need such a large dose (220g) to reach the 50g of protein, referred to by the brand.

Both the Professional version and the Hardcore version of Jumbo increase protein and reduce carbohydrates, which means that Scitec knows perfectly well that these types of supplements MUST have more protein.

In addition to the amount of carbohydrates being too high, if you use the full dose, you have 59g of sugar inside your shaker. This corresponds to about 8 packages of coffee sugar. Yes, eight.

In terms of fats, there is not much to comment, since the amount is low.

These are the gross values, but Scitec Jumbo is also made up of some extra ingredients, which will be analyzed below.

scitec jumbo 4
Side effects: The clothing turns green.



The protein source for Jumbo is simple: Concentrated Whey Protein.

Although there are some amino acids added, the protein source is basically just concentrated Whey, which is good, as it is a very good quality protein source and excellent biological value.


This is where Scitec starts to complicate things, and put the ingredients under 'matrices'.

The carbohydrates in this supplement are present in the so-called 6-Carb Matrix.

What is the 6-Carb Matrix?

It is simply a combination of six different types of carbohydrates, nothing more.

The carbohydrate with greater presence in the Jumbo is Dextrose, which is why each dose is made up of 59g of sugar. Dextrose, also known as glucose, is a sugar with a very high glycemic index (100) and other than post-workout, it is a carbohydrate to avoid.

Next is oatmeal, which is a good source of carbohydrates, and you already know it, and Palatinose, which is also OK.

Then we have Maltodextrin and fructose. Maltodextrin, like dextrose, should only be used post-workout, and does not have much use outside of that. It is the cheap sugar of this type of supplements.

Fructose is the fruit's sugar, which is also not the best choice, although less bad than dextrose.

Finally, we have Waxy Maize, which is present in a very low quantity, and is a good carbohydrate for post-workout too.

Matrices and?more matrices

Scitec after the 6-Carb matrix, subdivided the rest of the ingredients all into matrices, and therefore, we will make a small comment to each one.

Crea-Bomb ? Patented Multi-Component Creatine Matrix

Translation: Creatine

This matrix is nothing more than a mixture of Creatines, where Creatine Monohydrate dominates, and then we have small amounts of other types of Creatine.

Scitec Jumbo is composed of 2.5% of Creatine and 5.6g for each dose.

The other types of Creatine that we find here besides Creatine Monohydrate are:

Micronized Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Citrate, Creatine Phosphate and Creatine Pyruvate.

Again, Creatine Monohydrate dominates here, and the rest make up just under 500mg each.

It's good? It's bad?

Creatine Monohydrate remains the best choice when it comes to Creatine, and this matrix is nothing more than a marketing ploy, after all, can only five types of Creatine be better than just one? Or maybe not.

HEMO-NO Matrix

Translation: Arginine

After mixing Creatines, the HEMO-NO matrix is composed of 3 ingredients:

L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate.

The role of this matrix is theoretically the increase in volume and nitric oxide, but only Arginine is present in a minimally viable dose, and even so it is low.

For each dose of Jumbo we have 880mg of L-Arginine added, as for the other two ingredients, the dose is 88mg for each one.

Matrix Jumbo Amino Select

Translation: Glutamine

This matrix is composed of Glutamine and Alanine. Alanine is in tiny letters since the dose is so low that it is not even worth being here.

There are 946mg of Glutamine and 11mg of Alanine per dose.

Glutamine can theoretically aid recovery and play an anti-catabolic role, but at this dose it will be difficult for you to do anything.

As for alanine? At this dose you'll need a microscope to find it.

Pure Essential Amino Acid Complex BCAA Xpress 100%

Translation: BCAA's

A giant name for something that can be defined with so few letters: BCAA's.

This matrix is composed of the 3 amino acids called BCAA's, and nothing else.

There are 500mg of Leucine, 220mg of Isoleucine and 220mg of Valine per dose.

The dose is low, but considering that whey protein is high in BCAA's, there is no problem.

Support complex

Translation: Magnesium and Bioperine

Finally, the support complex consists of two ingredients.

Magnesium in the form of carbonate, which is a form with poor bioavailability, and bioperine which theoretically improves the absorption of some nutrients.jumbo scitec gym


2,860kg 4.4kg
Total cost 32.99? 48.34?
Cost Per Serving 2.53? 2.41?
Cost per 100g 1.15? 1.09?


This is the most difficult parameter to assess, as the price varies from store to store, and from time to time.

We used the price practiced by Prozis as a reference.

Will each Jumbo shake, if you use the full dose, cost you somewhere between 2.40? and the 2.53?, depending on the size you buy.

That is, it is not as cheap as it seems at first.

If you want to stretch your supplement a little more, and you choose to use only 100g per dose, will it cost you around 1.10? each shake.

Where to buy?

You find the Scitec Jumbo available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.

How and when to take?

Taking into account the nutritional values, and the ingredients used, the best time to use this supplement is post-workout.

We do not recommend that you use the full dose at once, as there are too many carbohydrates. You can only use half a dose in the post-workout, or if you want to use the full dose, half a dose before training and half a dose after training.


O Scitec Jumbo it stands out only in the color of the packaging, and little else.

It is a gainer with only 22,73% of protein, which is low, but fortunately makes use of Whey protein instead of low quality protein sources, like many supplements of this kind.

The dose of carbohydrates is exaggerated, and mainly sugar, in which the full dose is used, are 59g. So much is exaggerated, that the next two and more advanced versions of Jumbo (Professional and Hardcore), reduce carbohydrates and increase proteins significantly.

As for the extras, the only one that really deserves to be highlighted is Creatine, the remaining ingredients being present in too low doses, and serve more to decorate the label than to give you real benefits.

Will you gain weight with this supplement?

Most likely yes, especially if you use the full dose, it may not be the ideal weight gain.

That said, and considering the other supplements of the same kind on the market, this supplement gets three stars, that is, it satisfies, only.

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