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Gold Nutrition Total Whey ? Analysis

Gold Nutrition Total Whey Supplement Review

Total Whey is a whey protein supplement from the Gold Nutrition brand and is available in two sizes, the smallest with 1000g and the largest with 2000g.

In addition, they have 4 different flavors, they are: Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and cappuccino.

We will use the vanilla version for this analysis, as like all flavored protein supplements, the nutritional values and ingredients may differ slightly between flavors.

The ingredients used by Gold Nutrition in Total Whey are as follows.

total whey gold nutrition ingredients

These are the ingredients presented by the brand on the official website.

Therefore, we have as a protein source in this supplement concentrated whey and isolated whey, which is great.

In addition, Gold Nutrition used some digestive enzymes in the Total Whey formula in order to facilitate the digestion process, which is an asset.

Finally, this supplement also contains some vitamins and minerals, which is not very common in whey protein supplements, but it is a good addition, especially for those who do not use a multivitamin supplement.

From the ingredients it looks like a good formula.

Nutritional value

total nutritional value whey gold nutrition

Gold Nutrition refers 52g as a dose of this supplement, however, that dose according to the brand, refers to two shakes, which makes the use of this supplement somewhat confusing.

To be able to make a clearer assessment of this product, we will organize the table of nutritional values per shake (26g), serving (52g) and 100g.

26g / 1 hit 52g / 1dose 100g
Proteins 20g 40g 76.92g
Carbohydrates 3.5g 7g 13.46g
Fats 1g 2g 3.85g


Therefore, for each shake (26g) we have 20g of protein which leads us to a concentration of practically 77% of protein.

A concentration of 77% of protein in a supplement mainly of concentrated whey protein is quite positive, even more so when this uses only the ingredients that really interest us to provide us with protein, that is, whey protein! (Something that doesn’t happen in some supplements, like Whey Prime Or the Muscletech Premium Whey Protein Plus.)

We can then say that Total Whey has a good amount of protein, and looking at the table we also confirm that the values of fats are low.

However, in the case of carbohydrates, this supplement leaves something to be desired, containing a slightly above average amount of sugars.

In addition to this, it is also important to mention that this supplement contains not only some digestive enzymes that facilitate the digestion of protein, but also some B vitamins and minerals.

It's not something we expect when we buy a whey protein supplement, however we know that B vitamins play an important role in metabolism and are added value in this formula.


aminogram total whey

This supplement contains 17.7g of BCAA's per 100g of product and 4.6g per shake (26g).

These are interesting values, which, although not the best we have analyzed, are quite positive.

To have a better idea of how this supplement compares to other offers on the market, let's make a comparison with other well-known brands.

GN Total Whey Scitec Whey Professional ON Gold Standard Dymatize Elite Whey MP Impact Whey
Total Protein 76.92g 73.3g 81g 68.87g 82g
BCAA's/100g 17.7g 16.03g 18.7g 15.4g 18.7g


As we can confirm from the table, Total Whey by Gold Nutrition in terms of protein content and amount of BCAA's is far superior to the supplement of Dymatize and also to 100% Whey Professional from Scitec Nutrition.

However, both the supplement to the Myprotein like that of Optimum Nutrition superior to the Gold Nutrition product.


Below is a table with an analysis of the average price found in the market for this supplement.

1000g 2000g
Shakes / Servings 38/19 77/38
Cost per hit 0.78 ? 0.64 ?
Cost Per Serving 1.57 ? 1.31 ?
Total cost 30.00? 50.00?


As Gold Nutrition states that one serving refers to 2 shakes, we chose to place the values not only per serving but also per shake, making it easier to compare with other supplements of this kind.

Gold Nutrition Total Whey

If we look only at the price per dose and the number of doses, this supplement has an extremely high price, however, it becomes more fair to use the value per shake, since this is the one used by most brands. (Although the brand makes a point of highlighting 40g of protein per serving on its label.)

We will again place this supplement in comparison with others of the same kind to have a better understanding of its price / quality ratio in the market.

GN Total Whey 2000g Scitec Whey 2350g Gold Standard 2273g Dymatize Elite Whey 2268g MP Impact Whey 2500g
Smoothies 77 78 77 68 100
Cost per hit 0.64 ? 0.67 ? 0.75 ? 0.61 ? 0.31 ?
Total cost 50.00? 52.99 ? 58.00? 42.00? 30.89 ?


Gold Nutrition Total Whey, looking only at the price, ranks third in this comparison, which shows that it is reasonably priced, second only to Myprotein Impact Whey.


Total Nutrition Whey from Gold Nutrition is a whey supplement with a interesting formula, which uses only concentrated and isolated whey as protein sources, and also adds some vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes, making the formula even more attractive.

It does not have the highest protein content on the market or the lowest price that we can find, however, it is an interesting supplement to take into account, since they have a reasonable quality.

As a main negative point, it should have less carbohydrates, in addition to that the price could be better, since there are higher and cheaper alternatives.

In short, if you are offered Total Whey in the years, do not complain!

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