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Impact Weight Gainer, the complete analysis

This Myprotein gainer inherits its name from its famous protein, Impact Whey, but do they maintain quality?

It's difficult to talk about Myprotein without remembering its famous Whey protein, which showed that you don't need to spend a fortune to have a quality protein supplement, and the hope is that in terms of gainers the result will be similar.

As you already know, these types of supplements are used to gain weight, preferably lean mass, and are high in calories.

So let's analyze the Impact Weight Gainer and see whether or not it is a good product.

Nutritional Value

If we look at the website of Myprotein, the highlights are three:

  • Prepared with high quality complex carbohydrates
  • 27g of protein per 100g serving
  • A healthy way to add volume

Nothing dramatic and without the proclamation of miracles, excellent.

So let's look at the numbers and leave marketing aside.

Calories 357 Kcal
Proteins 28g
Carbohydrates 44g
Fats 6.2g

*Prices for the unflavored version

Each dose of Impact Weight Gainer consists of 100g, and in this supplement 28% is protein.

This is a very nice value, especially when we look at the 15.90% of the Serious Mass or even the 21% from Supreme Gainers from Gold Nutrition.

In addition to the percentage of protein, we have carbohydrates representing 44% of the product and 6.2% is fat.

This is therefore the first gainer we have analyzed here in which the carbohydrate content does not exceed 50%, which is excellent.

As for fat levels, they are slightly higher than Serious Mass and Supreme Gainers, which is positive, adding calories, although it is still a low value.

Just looking at the nutritional table, Impact Weight Gainer seems to be a good gainer, but it is important to know the origin of the macronutrients to know if it is, or if it just seems like it.

myprotein impact weight gainer packaging



Myprotein used only two types of protein in this gainer, which are milk proteins.

The main source is isolated Whey protein, and if you read our Whey Protein Guide you know that this is one of the best choices you can make in terms of protein.

The other source of protein is concentrated milk protein.

Milk protein concentrate is a mixture of Casein with Whey, in a ratio of around 80/20, where 80% is Casein.

Therefore, in this formula we have two milk proteins, which are of excellent quality, one is extremely fast absorbed, and the other is slowly absorbed, which leads to a gradual release of amino acids, and contributes to satiety.

Excellent choices and in good quantity, at the protein level this gainer is very good.


In terms of carbohydrates, this supplement uses two sources.

The main source, which fills most of the carbohydrates in this product, is the famous?Oat.

It is a pleasant surprise to see Oats as the main source of carbohydrates in a gainer, when normally (unfortunately) it is Maltodextrin that is present.

The other carbohydrate to be present is barley, which is also a good source of this nutrient.

In terms of carbohydrates This supplement uses good sources and you won't experience the typical energy drops in supplements mostly filled with Maltodextrin.


It can be said that this is the weak point of Impact Weight Gainer, as it does not add any type of “extra”, such as vitamins or minerals.

It's nothing serious, but it's probably the only point in which it lags behind the other products we've already analyzed here.

myprotein Impact Weight Gainer


2.5kg 5kg
Doses 25 50
Cost per dose 1.39? 1.11?
Total cost 34.79? 55.69?

You will find this supplement available in 2.5kg and 5kg formats, and while in the smaller version you have 25 doses, in the larger version you have 50 shakes, if you use the dose specified by the brand.

Taking into account the quantity and quality of both protein and carbohydrates, we can say that the price of this product is very good, especially when placed alongside other famous products in the same category.

Where to buy?

You can find Impact Weight Gainer available here and you can even get a discount this page.

How and when to take Impact Weight Gainer?

Taking into account its balanced formula, with complex carbohydrates and fast and slow absorption proteins, you can use this product not only after training but at any other time of the day, making it an excellent meal replacement.


Impact Weight Gainer is an excellent supplement within its category, weight gainers.

You could say that it is for gainers, in the same way that Impact Whey is for whey proteins, that is, good products at an excellent price.

It has 28% of quality proteins, those from milk, and 44% of complex carbohydrates, of which the famous Oats are the main source.

We're not the biggest fans of high-calorie supplements, as you can see here, but if we had to recommend one, it would probably be the Impact Weight Gainer.

myprotein impact weight gainer
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