ON 100% Whey Gold Standard, the analysis

Optimum Nutrition's famous Whey Gold Standard in review

After analyzing the Impact Whey and 100% Whey Prime, this time we decided to analyze what is the best known whey protein in the world: 100% Whey Gold Standard.

This supplement belongs to the Optimum Nutrition brand and can easily be found in any supplement store, as it is one of the most sold supplements.

It is available in several formats:

  • 453 grams
  • 907 grams
  • 2.2kg
  • 4.5kg

Starting with the smallest version (453g), the average value is around 16?, 30? for the next version (907g), 58? in the 2.2kg version and between 100? and 110? for the 4.5kg version.


The ingredients of this supplement vary according to the flavor chosen, however, the basic ingredients (the same in all formulas) are:

Whey protein isolate (whey isolate), whey protein concentrate (whey concentrate), whey peptides and digestive enzymes.


As the name of this supplement, 100% whey, indicates, we can confirm through the list of ingredients that the protein used is really 100% whey, great.

In addition, it uses not only concentrated whey but also isolated whey and whey peptides, both excellent sources of protein.

The addition of digestive enzymes is welcome to facilitate the digestion of this protein and to avoid discomfort that may sometimes exist in people less tolerant to whey protein supplements.

To complete the list of ingredients we have flavorings and sweeteners that vary according to the flavor chosen.

The flavors available are immense and range from the classic chocolate and strawberry to more exotic flavors like banana or chocolate / mint.

A list of simple ingredients, which in a whey supplement is ideal.

Nutritional value

This protein varies slightly from flavor to flavor its nutritional values and also the scoop used.

Here is the table for the strawberry version.

29.4g 100g
Protein 24g 81.6g
Carbohydrates 2g 6.8g
Fat 1g 3.4g


We have 24g of protein for each serving (1 scoop has 29.4g), which is a good value.

Analyzing the protein dose for every 100g, we see that this supplement is 81% of protein, a very good value considering that it is a concentrated / isolated protein mixture with flavor.

As with all whey protein supplements, the values of carbohydrates and fats are low and there is not much to comment, in this case we have 1g of fat and 2g of carbohydrates per serving, which totals only 17 calories.


As it is not enough to see the values of crude protein to know the quality of a protein, we will also analyze the aminogram of the Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition.


Looking at the aminogram we see that this supplement brings about 18.7g of BCAA's for every 100g and 5.5g for each shake (1 scoop).

In addition, the rest of the values are normal for a good whey protein and there are no strange (and negative) values as in the case of 100% Whey Prime.


In order to have a basis for comparison with other proteins on the market, we will place these values next to the other two proteins already analyzed, the Myprotein Impact Whey and Prozis 100% Whey Prime Sport.

Whey Gold Standard Impact Whey 100% Prime Whey
Total Protein / 100g 81g 82g 80g
BCAA's/dose 5.5g / 29.4g 4.7g / 25g 3.975g / 25g
BCAA's/100g 18.7g 18.7g 12.7g


Both ON protein and Myprotein Impact Whey it has very good and practically identical values. In the case of Prime Whey, we see that it is far behind in relation to these two.

Here we can see the difference between what is a good whey supplement and a bad supplement.


We can say that the big problem of Whey Gold Standard Optimum Nutrition is the price.

453g 907g 2273g 4535g
Doses 15 30 77 154
Cost Per Serving 1.06? 1.00? 0.75 ? 0.69 ?
Total cost 16.00? 30.00? 58.00? 107.00?


The costs of this protein range from 0.69? per beaten up to 1.06? as we can see in the table.

Although these values are approximate and depend from store to store, Optimum Nutrition's Whey Gold Standard is an expensive protein.

Comparing the 2.2kg version with the 2.5kg version of Impact Whey, the difference is 0.44? per shake, that is, more than double the price for a product of very similar quality.

Where to buy?

You find this supplement available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get 10% discount.

It is also available here at a good price, and also in Decathlon.


THE 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition is undoubtedly a protein of excellent quality, and its huge reputation is not surprising.

It has 18.7% of BCAA's in its formula and is composed of 81% of only high quality protein.

In addition, they have a huge variety of flavors and digestive enzymes to aid in the protein digestion process.

However, this reputation comes at a cost, and it is difficult to justify the high price of this supplement in the face of very similar alternatives that exist on the market, as is the case with Impact Whey that costs half.

Without looking at the price it is undoubtedly an excellent Whey supplement, however, in a price / quality context there are alternatives with a quality very similar to a much lower price.

Have you used this protein?

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