Several articles about gym training, the best exercises to use, types of training, training plans and much more.

How to gain muscle mass (not fat) this winter

Mistakes to avoid and the steps to follow to gain muscle mass and not fat

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How to prepare for this summer

Summer is almost there, are you ready?

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What is the ideal diet and training for me?

Is there an ideal workout and diet for each person? Of all the doubts, this is number one. Should I follow a low-carbohydrate diet or a flexible diet? Maybe a…

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The 7 habits for success in the gym

Success in the gym? What is it? Well, we can define success in the gym by reaching the goals that lead you to train. If your goal is to gain…

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How fast should I do the exercises?

Know the ideal speed to get the best results. After discussing the time you should rest between each series in this article, we will now address another interesting topic, which…

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How many sets and reps should I do?

The number of sets and repetitions is a fundamental part of any training plan, although it is often left to chance. Usually there are 2 or 3 sets per exercise…

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The most important rule in the gym

There are a lot of factors at play to achieve good results in the gym. In food you have the type of diet you follow, the food you eat, when…

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What are the best exercises for the chest?

The waiting line to the bench press on Monday is well known, but is it good to do only bench press and take a shower? No. We picked out a…

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