the best back exercises

The 6 Best Back Exercises

The 6 best exercises for your back training

If you are dissatisfied with results of your back training, it might be a good idea to review the exercises you are using.

If you've just joined the gym, and you're still not sure what you're doing, getting started with the right exercises is a good place to start.

We chose four exercises with free weight, and two exercises with machines (for fans).

You have an animated image in all of them to know how to perform the exercise, in other words, you have no excuse to avoid them.

Use them, and use them again, and you'll see your latissimus dorsi become really…big.

The 6 best exercises for dorsal

1# Elevations

True, the old ladies are here.

For good reason.

Elevations are an excellent exercise for working your back, and should be included in all workouts for this muscle group.

Whether the goal is to gain weight and muscle mass, or lose fat, the elevations are part of the best exercises for dorsal and should be used regardless of the purpose.

If you are still unable to do many, you can ask someone for help to give you a little foot support.

Or use a machine with support, if you have that possibility.

If you already do it easily, try putting weight on this exercise (using the belt) or doing the movement more slowly.

You can also switch the handle, placing your hands closer or further apart.

lifts the best back exercises

2# Dead Weight

This exercise, done correctly every week, will transform not only your back, but your entire physique.

It'll blow you away too, but that's another story.

It's one of the best exercises to train back (and not only), and that's what matters.

It's also one of the most complete moves you can do inside a gym, and it's an exercise that will allow you to use considerable loads.

Be careful with the shape to avoid injury and the dead weight will give you excellent results.

deadweight demonstration

3# Row with barbell

Barbell rowing is another top exercise to include in a back training plan.

Although less significantly than deadweight, this is an exercise where you will also “carry”.

Pay attention to the placement of your back, and don't do acrobatic movements to get more repetitions.

Focus on executing the exercise.

Of the various stroke variations, this is probably the one that can be considered the best.

back exercise bar row

4# Dumbbell row

Quite similar to the barbell stroke, the dumbbell stroke is another excellent movement for working the back.

Barbell, dumbbell, or weekly alternates.

Above all, it does.

If you want the best results from your latissimus dorsi muscles, you're going to need the best exercises, and that's what these two are.

Two of the best exercises for your back muscles.

dumbbell stroke

5# and 6# Pulldown and Seated Paddling

Finally, for machine fans, we've also put in here two exercises that can be used in a back training plan.

The first is the so-called Pulldown, or also known as the dorsal pull.

It is one of the most popular machines and, therefore, you can easily find it in any gym.

You can also pull forward or backward.

In this case, we put the demonstration of the front version, but if you prefer the pulled back, use it.

Despite being a machine exercise, don't be fooled.

It's worthy of a list of best back exercises.

After all, if you pay attention, it's a simulation of the elevations we've talked about here.

dorsal pull or pulldown

Finally, the seated row, or also known as a train.

Although inferior to exercises like dead weight or barbell rowing, it can easily be successfully fitted into a good lat training plan.

This exercise with a short grip is a good way to finish training this muscle group.

the best back exercises


If you didn't know what to include in your back training, you now have six excellent exercises here.

Attention, although there are six exercises, you do not need (nor should you) do them all at once.

He prefers free-weight exercises over machines.

Put in the most demanding exercises at the beginning of your workout, such as dead weight or barbell rowing, as that's when you have more energy and strength.

It goes without saying that without good nutrition, the best back exercises are of no use.

Pay close attention to the way you execute these movements so that you don't end up training simply with back pain.

Did you add any exercise to this list?

Leave your opinion in the comments!

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