how to increase glutes

How to enlarge your glutes?quickly

The complete guide to increasing your glutes

Glutes, the muscle group that the vast majority of women who go to the gym especially try to develop.

And few things are so eye-catching with good glutes.

Furthermore, the glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in our body, and are involved in many exercises such as squats or even running.

If what you're looking for is to develop good glutes, you're in the right place, as we're going to cover the essential topics to achieve this, for example.

  • The best exercises for the glutes.
  • Excellent training plans for glutes.
  • Tips to develop them quickly.

If you have been training and training?and training, and nothing changes, that is about to change after reading this article, and of course, putting it into practice.

How to enlarge your glutes

We can summarize the basis for getting those glutes you're looking for in three points.

  • Use the right exercises to develop them.
  • Get progressively stronger over time.
  • Eat enough for muscle development.

Let’s then address each of the three points in greater detail.

1. Use the right exercises to develop your glutes

Most guides for increasing your glutes recommend too many isolation exercises and machines, and too few compound exercises.

This is wrong.

The secret to getting good glutes is to get as strong as possible in the compound exercises that train the glutes, not to ride the machines.

This means that you should spend most of your time in the gym doing exercises such as squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts or lunges and leaving isolated exercises until the end of your workout.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that 80% of your gym time should go towards compound exercises that work the glutes, and the remaining 20% can be used on isolation exercises and machines.

2. It gains strength over time

If you stop getting stronger, your glutes will stop growing (this applies to all muscle groups).

That's why you should try to add weight or repetitions to every exercise and every workout.

Sometimes you'll make it, other times not. It's normal.

This is called progressive overload and is how the muscle grows.

When using more load, your muscles will need to adapt to that stimulus, and therefore, grow.

And what's the best way to gain strength?

Leave the high rep training aside and train with serious weights.

What really is weight?

Use weights around 75%-85% of your maximum repetition, or simply put, between 8-10 repetitions (~75% of your maximum repetition) to 4-6 repetitions (~85%).

If you have never calculated your maximum repetition, or you simply don't want to do it, the 8-10 repetitions and 4-6 should be performed in such a way that you do not reach any more repetitions beyond this limit, or perhaps one more.

Attention, we are not talking about failing.

how to increase glutes

3. Eat enough to support muscle development.

To maximize gluteal growth you will need a small caloric surplus.

Start by consuming 10% more calories than your maintenance value.

See the results and adapt if necessary.

The reason for the calorie surplus is simple.

A high-calorie regime optimizes your body's capacity for muscle growth, greatly improving your ability to recover and adapt to training.

The only exception to this rule is if you are completely new to the gym and have never seen a dumbbell in front of you.

In this case, you can maintain a calorie diet for maintenance and still increase your glutes.

Eventually, usually after a year or less of regular training, you will also need the caloric surplus to continue gaining muscle.

Don't forget that you need to eat enough protein for your muscle mass to recover and grow effectively.

Exercises to develop your glutes quickly

Now you know that when it comes to working your glutes, most people focus on the wrong exercises.

Furthermore, they spend a lot of time training with high repetitions instead of using higher loads and thus getting stronger.

That's why the exercises on this list are compound exercises that allow you to lift heavier loads and safely add weight over time.

Exactly what brings better and faster results.

Barbell squat

barbell squat

The barbell squat is the most effective exercise for developing overall strength and muscle, and it trains the glutes more effectively than most so-called glute exercises.

Second this study, the lower you go in the movement, the greater the activation of your glutes.

Deadlift with barbell

dead weight


The deadlift is without a doubt the best exercise for working the back part of your body, including your glutes.

It also allows you to use high loads, which is ideal for gaining strength and muscle.

If for some reason you are unable to do the conventional deadlift, try the juice dead weight or the deadlift with trap bar.

Both train the glutes very effectively and some people feel better doing these variations.

Hip Thrust

Hip Thrust


Because of the way the bar is placed during this movement, your glutes are forced to work hard throughout the entire range of the movement.

Barbell Lunges

barbell lunges


According to this study, lunges are one of the best exercises to train all of your lower limbs, including your glutes.

Another advantage of this exercise is the balance and coordination work that involves exercising the stabilizing muscles.

Bulgarian Dumbbell Squat

Bulgarian squat


Second this study, the Bulgarian dumbbell squat is an excellent exercise for training your glutes.

As the Bulgarian squat only trains one leg at a time, it is very useful for identifying and resolving possible muscle imbalances you may have.

Romanian barbell deadlift

Romanian deadlift with barbell


The Romanian deadlift trains the posterior area of the body in a very similar way to the conventional deadlift, however, unlike the movement, it places greater emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes and less on the back compared to the common variation.

It's also less tiring than conventional deadlifts, which means you can do it more often in your training.

5 Workouts to enlarge your glutes

So far we've talked about how you should train and eat to enlarge your glutes, as well as the best exercises for doing so.

It's time to talk about training plans.

Training plan 1 ? Bars

If you prefer pull-ups, or are limited to barbell training, this is one of the best workouts you can do to increase your glutes.

Barbell exercises are great for lifting heavier loads and gaining strength.

Training plan 2 ? Dumbbells

If you only have access to dumbbells, here is a training plan that will help you significantly develop your glutes.

Training plan 3 ? Bars and dumbbells

A complete workout with barbell exercises at the beginning for the use of higher loads, followed by dumbbell movements to complement the workout.

This is basically the ideal workout to develop your glutes.

Training plan 4 ? No weights

A simple, efficient training plan that can be done anywhere.

It doesn't compare, for example, to training plan 3, but in situations where we don't have access to a gym, it's great.

increase glutes

4 tips to increase glutes quickly

1 ? Patience

This may seem counterintuitive, since the title of the article is how to get bigger glutes fast, but the reality is that there is a limit to how quickly you can build muscle in your glutes (or any other muscle).

Expect 8 to 12 weeks of consistent effort before you see any obvious changes in the appearance of your glutes.

It's a long-term project, and even after you get the glutes you want, you have to continue training properly if you want to keep them.

two ? Try to increase the load in every workout

For muscle to grow it needs a stimulus.

This stimulus is weight. Weight gain. New loads.

This will allow the muscle to adapt and grow to be able to handle the new loads.

And then you keep trying to lift the loads.

The process is repeated and the pants start to feel very tight.

You're on the right track.

3? Don't overdo your training

Again, a little counterintuitive, but necessary.

Not overdoing your training means not doing endless sets or failing in all of them.

It means following the plan and trusting the process.

As long as you adjust the loads correctly, have a good diet, get enough rest and are consistent with your training, you will see results.

Now, if you camp out at the gym every day because you think you'll get faster results, you're going to be disappointed.


4? Supplements

Least important for last.

There are no mandatory supplements and you can very well get excellent results without them.

However, some can help.

Whey Protein ? The most well-known and used supplement by those who go to the gym.

It is useful for meeting your daily protein needs in a simple and practical way.

Creatine ? One of the few supplements proven to really work.

Increased strength, muscle mass and performance.

It will help accelerate the gluteal project.

Pre workout ? If you feel like you need something to give you a boost to train, a pre-workout can help.

For those who train in the morning, very early, for example, it can help to wake up and achieve greater performance on the training.

Article adapted from the article by Legion Athletics.

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