dumbbell workout plan

Dumbbell workout plan

A list of exercises with dumbbells that together form an excellent training plan

The gyms have already opened, many people have returned, but there are also many who are still standing behind.

While this plan can be used in a gym, the use of dumbbells alone was not random.

Many were the ones who bet on buying training material to continue their routine at home.

We published an article ourselves to help those who wanted to train at home while the gyms were closed here.

This training plan was designed for those who have dumbbells and a training bench.

Basically, it is a full body plan, which aims to get the most results from the minimum material possible.

If this is your case, this may be the bodybuilding program you are looking for.

Let's get to the point and present the bodybuilding training plan.

Dumbbell workout plan

Training A

Workout B

Workout C


And this is the training plan based on dumbbell exercises to gain muscle mass or include in your fat loss plan.

It is intended for beginners and those who already have a few months of training.

It is versatile to the point that it can be used by athletes of various levels or goals.

It is important not to forget about food and the amount of cardio used.

It can be done three times a week, with some cardio training on rest days.

It can also be done more than three times a week, but ideally always leave a rest day between each workout.

Don't forget to follow the plan with a good diet, according to your goals.

If you have any questions, use the comment area below.

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