7 shoulder training exercises

7 exercises for impressive shoulders

Seven movements, not counting the variations of each one, that will give you excellent results.

Out of ideas for shoulder exercises?

Or simply looking to make the training plan more complete for more developed shoulders?

Whatever the reason, you will find here several exercises that work different areas of the shoulders and will give you excellent results.

Given the current situation, we chose to include only free weight exercises, that is, barbells or dumbbells.

Shoulder press with dumbbells

A classic of the exercises to work the shoulders.

You will need dumbbells and discs at least, as this exercise can be adapted, being possible to be done standing, without a bench.

It is one of the best exercises for working the shoulder, being probably only surpassed by the next one, so put it in the beginning.


Military Press

Probably the best exercise to work your shoulders, and at the same time, it involves other muscle groups for a very complete exercise.

On the other hand, if you have only just started training or have no one who can observe your technique, sitting press is possibly a superior choice, as the risk of injury in this poorly made movement is high.

military press gym shoulders


The exercise of choice when you want to train the side of the shoulders.

It is a good exercise but often done poorly.

You must control the weight of the movement on the descent and not simply drop it. If that happens, and you can't control it, reduce the card.

This exercise can also be done with one arm at a time and sitting.
lateral gymnastics



An exercise named after the famous Arnold.

It is an interesting movement to complement the training. since it works the shoulders well.arnold gym


An exercise to work the back of the shoulders and you must be careful not to go too far behind with the weight.

Ideally, keep your arms in line with your shoulders in order to maximize the work on the back of your shoulders.

This is a good exercise to get the V effect that so many are looking for.
later gym


The name says it all.

It is basically an exercise that works above all the front of the shoulders.

It can also be done with a barbell and / or seated.front exercise gym

Hindquarters lying

The same thing as the above exercise for the posterior zone.

This, on the other hand, further isolates the area to be worked on and reduces the likelihood of injury.

Try them both and choose what you like best.shoulders


We tried to present a good variety and, at the same time, that variety allowed you to choose some exercises and work your shoulders completely.

The trapezoids could be included, and end up being worked on in many exercises on the list, but we chose not to put any dedicated ones and leave the trapezoids for another article.

Ultimately, this is not a workout. Do not make these movements all on the same day.

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