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WIN Nutrition Whey Protein – Review

WIN Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Supplement Review

WIN Nutrition is a supplement brand that above all bets on price to promote its products, and this Whey Protein is no exception.

It is the first time that we have analyzed a product of this brand, and it is Whey with the best price / quality ratio. At least according to WIN Nutrition.

Is that so?

Not really.

Let's start by looking at the ingredients.


A supposed mixture of proteins is listed, consisting of:

  • Protein-enriched powdered whey
  • Concentrated Whey

What protein mixture is this?

Basically it is low quality Whey, with a low protein content and high sugar levels, more specifically, Lactose, the milk sugar.

To make matters worse, the next ingredient on the list is L-Glycine, a cheap amino acid used to increase protein content in the worst way.

Unlike the Whey Prime, which also uses this technique, WIN Nutrition does not present an aminogram, and therefore, we do not know what is the percentage of Whey protein and what is the percentage of L-Glycine in this supplement, since this amino acid counts for the number of total protein.

In addition to these ingredients, we then have the normal flavorings / dyes and to finish, a digestive enzyme, Lactase, and you will already understand why.

The ingredients used in this supplement are bad.

whey protein win nutrition
Apparently… yes.

Nutritional value

35g %
Proteins 18g 51.43%
Carbohydrates 13.30g 38%
Fats 0.80g 2.29%


A serving of 100% Whey Protein according to WIN Nutrition is composed of 35g, which offers 18g of protein, 13.30g of carbohydrates and 0.80g of fat per shake.

No, it was not a typo, this protein supplement actually contains 38% of carbohydrates, in which 37% is sugar, hence Lactase, since it is the enzyme responsible for the digestion of Lactose, so present in this supplement.

After all, is it a protein or is it a gainer?

The values are bad, very bad, and taking into account that L-Glycine is present in the formula and WIN Nutrition does not reveal the aminogram, the protein, besides being scarce, is also very probably of low quality.

In other words, of these 51.43% of protein half can be simply L-Glycine and not Whey protein.

WIN 100% Whey BSN Whey DNA ON Gold Standard Myprotein Impact Whey Prozis Real Whey
Proteins 51.43% 70.59% 81.6% 80% 80%
Carbohydrates 38% 11.77% 6.8% 4.9% 10.4%
Fats 2.29% 6.77% 3.4% 7.3% 6%


THE Whey DNA from BSN is considered a mediocre Whey, but next to this supplement from WIN Nutrition, it stands out.

There is not much to comment on, just look at the table and confirm that the protein levels of the 100% Whey Protein are incredibly low, and the carbohydrate levels are higher than those of the other four supplements all together.

Yes, 100% Whey Protein has a higher percentage of carbohydrates alone than the other four supplements in the table all added up.

Unfortunately, there is no aminogram to assess the percentage of BCAA?s, which will be predictably (very) low.

In terms of quality, this Whey is BAD.


We already know that the quality of this product is bad, and therefore the price remains. After all, is this supposed to be the best Whey in terms of price/quality? At least according to WIN Nutrition.

WIN 100% Whey BSN Whey DNA ON Gold Standard Myprotein Impact Whey Prozis Real Whey
Doses 64 55 77 100 100
Cost Per Serving 0.51? 0.76? 0.75? 0.36? 0.34?
Cost per 100g / Protein 2.82? 3.18? 3.12? 1.81? 1.75?
Total cost 32.99? 44.19? 58? 36.39? 27.99?


Each shake costs 0.51€, but it only provides 18g of protein, the lowest value on the entire table.

The cost per 100g of protein, on the other hand, is 2.82?, which, although it is lower than the supplement from Optimum Nutrition and the BSN, you must not forget the amount of sugar that accompanies each 100g of protein in this supplement.

Not even the price saves this 100% Whey Protein since both the Impact Whey of Myprotein as the Real Whey from Prozis Sport have significantly lower values.

win nutrition protein whey


The 100% Whey Protein from WIN Nutrition is apparently a cheap supplement and tries to present itself as Whey with the best quality / price ratio.

But there is a problem.

It is not the Whey with the best quality / price ratio nor is it close to being.

The protein content of this supplement is only 51.43%, and it also has added L-Glycine, that is, some of this protein is simply L-Glycine, and nothing more.

In addition to the low protein content, they contain a level of carbohydrates worthy of a gainer.

There is nothing positive about this product, neither in quality nor in price, so it is a supplement to avoid.

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