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Impact Whey with flavor


We have already analyzed Impact Whey, however, we stayed only for the tasteless version.

What about the flavored version?

This version has different nutritional values, higher prices, and of course… flavor!

First of all, we warn you that this review essentially addresses the differences in nutritional value and price, leaving the taste a little behind.
If what you are looking for is help in deciding which flavor to choose, this is not the right place.

On the other hand, if you have already used this flavored supplement, your opinion is very welcome in the comments area in relation to the flavor (s) you have already tasted!

As in the unflavored version, we find this supplement in 3 formats, the smallest of 1kg, the medium contains 2.5kg and finally the largest, 5kg.

As for flavors, there are really MANY alternatives and the ideal would be to go through brand website to take a look, as far as we are concerned, we stayed only for the strawberry cream flavor, and this is the only one we are going to use here.

As with all brands, there are slight differences between flavors, both in ingredients and in nutritional value, which is perfectly normal.

Impact Whey's main ingredient is Whey Protein Concentrate, meeting with a concentration of 96% in the strawberry cream flavor, that is, 4% less than the unflavored version.
Then there are the normal flavorings, emulsifiers and sweeteners.

It is therefore a supplement that contains practically only concentrated whey protein (96%), which is very good.

Nutritional value

  25g 100g
Proteins 20g 80g
Carbohydrates 1.2g 4.9g
Fats 1.8g 7.3g

Each serving contains 25g, just like the unflavored version, and we have 20g of protein per serving.

The protein content in this supplement is 80%.

There is not much to say, because whoever read the analysis of tasteless Impact Whey, you already know that this is an excellent supplement, let's just put the two versions face to face to find the differences.

  With flavor Tasteless
Protein 80g 82g
Carbohydrates 4.9g 6g
Fat 7.3g 6.8g

The differences in nutritional terms are minimal, with the flavorless version containing a slightly higher protein concentration, as expected.

We also have small differences when it comes to the aminogram, since the protein content of the tasteless version is slightly higher.

  With flavor Tasteless
Total Protein / 100g 80g 82g
BCAA's/dose 4.58g 4.7g
BCAA's/100g 18.32g 18.77g
impact whey flavored myprotein ginasiovirtual


Who read the original review to Impact Whey, you know we weren't very nice with the flavor.

Impact Whey without flavor is an excellent supplement in all fields, however, when it comes to flavor, it leaves something to be desired.

And the flavored version?

The strawberry-flavored version is very pleasant, especially when we use fresh water.

It is easily drunk after an intense workout, but it also goes well with breakfast mixed with oatmeal, or any other meal where extra protein is needed.

Is it a nectar of the gods?
No, but it wasn't supposed to either.

As for the other flavors, we haven't had the opportunity to try it yet, but you can leave your own opinion about the flavors you have already tasted in the comments area.


It is usually in the price that the question arises - With or without flavor ?!

  1kg 2.5kg 5kg
Doses 40 100 200
Cost Per Serving 0.45 ? 0.36 ? 0.33 ?
Total cost 18.39 ? 36.39 ? 66.89 ?

Even with the addition of a flavor to this supplement, this protein is still extremely economical, with a shake with 20g of protein costing as little as 0.33?.

Let's compare these prices to the flavorless version, in the 2.5kg format.

  With flavor Tasteless
Cost Per Serving 0.36 ? 0.31 ?
Total cost 36.39 ? 30.89 ?

We used the original value of the supplement in these calculations, but you can always find several discount codes here to further lower the price.

Where to buy?

You find this supplement available here.


If you are in doubt between choosing Impact Whey with flavor or the unflavored version, you should consider a few things:

  • How important is taste to you?
  • Will you only use the supplement to make simple shakes with nothing added?
  • Or are you thinking of making recipes and mixes in which you use more ingredients?
  • How important is price to you? Do you have an extremely limited budget or have no problem spending a few more euros?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you can easily find the answer to your question.

As for nutritional differences, they are too insignificant to influence the choice.

If what you are looking for is a pleasant shake to take after training, or at any other meal, the Impact Whey with flavor it will certainly be the best choice.

If, on the other hand, you want to spend as little money as possible, or like to vary the flavors (unflavored whey + 1 banana in the blender is delicious, for example), or make recipes in which you need a flavorless whey supplement, opt for Impact Whey without flavor.

Either way, in nutritional terms, you are well served whatever your choice.

Have you tried any flavor of this supplement? Rate it in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Impact Whey com sabor”

  1. My 2.5kg impact whey with pineapple flavor arrived today, after seeing some reviews here on the sem flavored website I decided to try it to see if it is a better quality/price alternative to the proeffect of prozis… site was for me less than 31?, the protein has a pleasant flavor, it mixed very well and it didn't make almost any foam (unlike the proeffect..) there were no pieces in the shaker and it is taken well with 1 scoop full of instant oatmeal. I can confirm that in the bag the percentage of protein per 100 grams is also 80%. I'm satisfied with the product, it seems to be of superior quality and an improvement over the previous one, now we need to see the results after finishing the bag :D

  2. Maybe 8/10, it's a mild pineapple flavor, nothing too sweet or cloying. I take 1 scoop with 200~250 ml of water. In terms of comparison, I only have the flavors of prozis as a reference, and I think this flavor is better.

  3. I've already tried soft chocolate and I loved it and now I ordered the strawberry one and I like it too, my impact being whey isolate… I make pancakes too, and with both the pancakes have a very good flavor which excludes the use of sugar

  4. So far I've tried 2, mint chocolate and strawberry cream.
    The strawberry cream I liked at first, but then I found it a little sickening, the mint chocolate I liked

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