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Dymatize ISO 100, the analysis

O ISO 100 Dymatize is a protein supplement from the Dymatize brand, the same one that produces the Elite Whey that we have already analyzed here. Yes, the one that was in 9th place in the our top.

Although Elite Whey leaves something to be desired, Dymatize presents here a much higher quality product, with a protein concentration of 86%.

In comparison to Elite Whey 's 68%, ISO 100 seems to be really the elite protein of this brand.

This supplement is available in three sizes: 732g, 1.3kg and 2.2kg.

As for flavors, they are immense, from classics like vanilla or chocolate, to bananas or even orange and pina colada.

This analysis will be done exclusively with vanilla flavor, since there are small differences both in terms of ingredients and nutritional value between flavors.

ISO 100 ingredients

The ingredients in the vanilla flavor are as follows:

iso 100 ingredients

The main protein source of this supplement is excellent isolated whey, a part of which is subjected to the hydrolysis process.

The big difference between a hydrolyzed and a non-hydrolyzed protein is basically the digestion process, which in the case of a hydrolyzed whey occurs more quickly.

Is this difference significant for those who practice gym?

Probably not.

In addition to protein, we also have flavorings, sweeteners, soy lecithin and salt.

Nutritional value

29g 100g
Proteins 25g 86.21g
Carbohydrates 1g 3.45g
Fats 0g 0g


Each scoop / dose of ISO 100 Dymatize it consists of 29g of supplement, which provide 25g of protein, 1g of carbohydrates and 0g of fats.

This means that this supplement consists of 86,21% of protein, which is a good value.

In addition, the carbohydrate values are 3.45% and 0% of fats.

This supplement does not contain lactose, which is a positive point for anyone who is intolerant.



aminogram dymatize iso 100

This is the ISO 100 aminogram of Dymatize for every 100g of supplement.

The most important thing to analyze in the aminogram are the BCAA's, that is, the values of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

ISO 100 is made up of 19,39% of BCAA's, a good value.

Okay, it's good, but how far?

Let's compare these values to some supplements already analyzed here.

ISO 100 Elite Whey Impact Whey ON Gold Standard Scitec Isogreat ISO: PRO 97
Total protein / 100g 86,21% 68,87% 82,00% 81,06% 91.00% 97,00%
BCAA's/100g 19,39% 15.40% 18,77% 18,70% 20,83% 22,11%


Compared to Elite Whey of the same brand, ISO 100 is MUCH superior, with almost 20% of protein.

In relation to the Impact Whey and the ON Gold Standard, although higher, the difference is already smaller, with only 4 / 5% more protein.

Now, when we put it next to both the Isogreat by Scitec Nutrition comfortable ISO: PRO 97 from Myprotein, ISO 100 already disappoints a little, both in terms of protein content and quantity of BCAA's.

This doesn't mean it's a bad supplement, but considering the price ? what are we going to analyze next? falls a little short of what was expected in nutritional terms.


732g 1.3kg 2.2kg
Doses 25 46 78
Cost Per Serving 1.20 ? 0.97 ? 0.83 ?
Cost per 100g protein 4.80 ? 3.88 ? 3.32 ?
Total cost 30.00? 45.00? 65.00?


Each ISO 100 shake costs on average between 0.83? to 1.20?, depending on the size we choose.

The cost per dose means little, since each brand defines its dose, but the values for each 100g of protein are more accurate, since they show the cost for each 100g of real protein, that is, the price paid for each 100g of protein. protein, and makes it easier to make a comparison between various supplements.

As we see in the table, the values vary between 3.32? for the 2.2kg and 4.80 bucket? in the smaller size, the one of 732g.

Once again, we will place this supplement alongside others of the same kind to see the differences.

ISO 100 Elite Whey Impact Whey Gold Standard ON Scitec Isogreat ISO: PRO 97
Cost per 100g protein 3.32 ? 2.48 ? 1.50 ? 3.12 ? 3.34 ? 2.91 ?


This table compares only the prices between proteins, without reference to their quality, which we have already analyzed.

It is the second most expensive protein in the table, but it is not the second best protein.

iso 100 whey dymatize

Where to buy?

You find this supplement available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.

It is also available at Body & Fit.


O ISO 100 It is a good protein supplement, with a protein content of 86,21% and 19,39% of BCAA's. It also has very low amounts of carbohydrates, and zero fat.

The protein source used is isolated whey, and part of it is hydrolyzed, hence its price is higher.

But the big question is: Is it worth buying?

Yes and no.

Yes, because it is a very good quality protein? one of the best we've reviewed here ? and you are certainly well served.

No, because for the same price you can buy both Scitec's Isogreat such as ISO: PRO 97 from Myprotein, both superior both in the percentage of protein and BCAA's.

It is still a very good supplement, there are only better choices in the same category.

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