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Prozis Oatmeal + Whey, the analysis

Analysis of the Prozis Oatmeal + Whey supplement

In the midst of immense analyzes the Proteins It is Creatines, this supplement does not fit into any of these categories.

It could be said that it is a gainer, but that would not be correct either.

So what is Oatmeal + Whey Protein?

A meal replacement.

Of all the categories, this would be the most appropriate to define this supplement.

It is, as the name suggests, a combination of Oats with Whey protein, and we will now analyze whether or not the combination was well done.


We have a partnership with the Prozis brand.

That said, this partnership does not influence the analyzes made on the website, as we limit ourselves to evaluating the facts contained in the nutritional table and ingredients of each product.

Impartiality is the priority in all analyses.

This partnership allows us to have some benefits not only for ourselves but also for those who visit the website.

Until March 4th when using the code GVIRTUAL At checkout you get a direct discount of 10% on your order here, and you will also receive some offers.

In orders over 45? you receive a 400g package of Oatmeal + Whey Protein.

In orders over 50? you receive a 400g pack of Oatmeal + Whey Protein and a pack of Maple Syrup Zero.

Finally, in orders over 55? In addition to Oatmeal + Whey Protein and Maple Syrup Zero, you also receive a pack of Peanut Butter with pieces of nuts.

We no longer work with Prozis, so the text above is for reference only.

As for the product analysis, obviously, they remain the same.


The flavor chosen for the analysis was peanut butter, and the ingredients vary according to the flavor, as you would expect.

In this case, this supplement basically consists of two ingredients.

It's not hard to guess what they are.

The main ingredient is whole oat powder, which makes up 73% of this product.

The second ingredient is protein Whey Concentrate, which represents 25% of the composition of this supplement.

This gives a total of 98% of which the remaining 2% is filled by flavorings, colorings and digestive enzymes (100mg).

In terms of ingredients, the formula is simple and apparently of quality.

prozis oat whey protein

Nutritional value

You already know the ingredients but now the most important part is missing. Nutritional values.

Dose 100g
Calories 302 Kcal 377 Kcal
Carbohydrates 34.4g 43%
Proteins 24.8g 31%
Fats 5.9g 7.4%


First of all, according to Prozis, one dose corresponds to 80g of the product.

Now, moving on to what matters.

As you can see, the values are quite balanced, with each dose providing you with 34g of carbohydrates, with 24.8g of proteins and 5.9g of fats.

There are 302 Kcal with an interesting macronutrient ratio, which can be included in a diet to gain muscle mass, lose fat or any other objective.

It is a versatile nutritional supplement.

It also has 5.84g of fiber, meaning it's not the kind of shake that makes you hungry after half an hour.

Now, as we like to go into detail, we decided to analyze a small detail.

Oats vs Whey

Oats are a cereal with a reasonable dose of protein, although of lower quality compared to Whey protein.

So, how much of that protein is Whey Concentrate and how much is Oatmeal?

Taking into account that there is no aminogram, we decided to investigate this small detail, to find out what type of Whey is used in Prozis Oatmeal + Whey Protein.

Will it be of quality?

Looking at the ingredients and nutritional values, we did the math.

The answer?

Yes, apparently the whey used in this product is good and not low quality whey.

This is Whey with a concentration of approximately 84% and provides 21% of the 31% of protein in this supplement.

In terms of carbohydrates, it only contributes 2.9% and in terms of fats, 1.9%.

In other words, 10% of this product's protein comes from whole oats, while the remaining 21% comes from concentrated Whey.

Unfortunately there is no aminogram, so we can't assess much more.

prozis oat whey protein oatmeal

Now that you know this supplement on a nutritional level, there is one important point missing. The price.

400g 1kg 2kg
Doses 5 12.5 25
Cost per dose 1.20? 0.96? 0.92?
Total cost 5.99? 11.99? 22.98?


Prozis Oatmeal + Whey Protein is available in three sizes, as you can see in the table.

The cost per dose is 1.20? in the smallest format and between 0.96? to 0.92? in the following sizes.

What can we say about these values? Is it expensive or cheap?

As said at the beginning, this supplement is slightly different from what has been analyzed so far on the website, and therefore, it is difficult to put it into perspective.

We usually place several supplements of the same genre side by side for comparison.

In this case it is not possible.

A meal with good nutritional values for less than 1? It's a good price.

But, taking into account that this supplement is basically made up of two ingredients (98%), we calculated what the approximate value would be if these two products had been purchased individually.

To do this, we used the values of the Real Whey from the same brand and Whole Oat powder as well. Both in flavored format and with prices at the time of analysis on the Prozis website.

The result?

Approximately 10.08? in 1kg format.

The 25% value of 1kg of flavored Real Whey is 4.25?.

The 73% value of 1.25kg of flavored whole oat powder is 5.83?.

Attention, this is just a simulation, but it gives you an idea of the cost of the ingredients on an individual level to achieve a similar nutritional value.

In short, looking at the supplement as a meal replacement, the price is appealing and the difference is not much for the price on an individual level.


Prozis Oatmeal + Whey Protein is a supplement that can be used in different ways.

It is also a product with balanced values, both nutritionally and cost-wise.

Is required? No.

There are no mandatory supplements.

However, it is a good supplement.

It is a good supplement because it is practical, because it combines good nutritional values and because it easily fits into any diet and (almost) any situation.

It's the ideal type of supplement for that day when you didn't hear the alarm clock and don't have time to prepare a quality meal.

The type of supplement that will allow you to add quality calories if you want to gain weight, or have a nutritious meal if your goal is to lose or even maintain your current weight.

It's also the type of supplement that allows you, if you're good enough, to make tasty recipes that also have good nutritional values.

Basically, it is a product that can be used in many situations, without your diet suffering as a result. On the contrary.

Have you ever used Oatmeal + Whey Protein? What did you think?

Leave your opinion in the comments below!

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