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BSN Whey DNA – Analysis

Recently, BSN launched a new line of products, called DNA, which includes BCAAs, Creatine, Glutamine and?whey.

After having already analyzed several BSN supplements, this is the first time that we have analyzed an exclusively Whey supplement from this brand, and we can guarantee that they contain more protein than Syntha-6?which is not very difficult.

It is worth it?

That's what you'll find out in this analysis.


Unlike Syntha-6, which has an endless list of ingredients, BSN Whey DNA has a simple formula, very similar to the Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein we reviewed. here.

It uses two sources of protein, the main one being Whey Concentrate and the secondary one being Whey Isolate. Two good sources of protein, both whey proteins, no tricks, great.

In addition to protein sources, they contain traditional flavorings, thickeners and so on. Normal for a protein with flavor and nothing alarming.

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Nutritional value

The nutritional values presented and used for analysis are those of the vanilla version.

  Serving/34g 100g
Proteins 24g 70.59g
Carbohydrates 4g 11.77g
Fats 2.3g 6.77g

A dose of Whey DNA is made up of 34g, of which 24g is pure protein, therefore, this supplement has a protein content of 70,59%, a value that leaves something to be desired in a whey protein supplement.

As for carbohydrates, their percentage in this supplement is approximately 12% and fats represent approximately 7%.

These are mediocre numbers, especially carbohydrates.

This supplement is very similar to Optimum Nutrition's Protein Whey, therefore, we will compare it not only to this one, but to all the others we used in this same analysis.

  BSN Whey DNA ON Protein Whey ON Gold Standard Prozis Real Whey Myprotein Impact Whey Scitec Whey Professional
Proteins 70.59% 68.75% 81.6% 80% 80% 73.3%
Carbohydrates 11,77% 10.63% 6.8% 10.4% 4.9% 7%
Fats 6.77% 6.88% 3.4% 6% 7.3% 5.67%

Whey DNA contains a slightly higher protein content than Protein Whey from Optimum Nutrition, and is close to the Whey Professional from Scitec Nutrition, however, is very far from the other three prominent supplements in the table, the Gold Standard, The Real Whey and the Impact Whey.

It is also worth highlighting the carbohydrate values, which in the case of this comparison, are the highest of all the supplements presented, which is bad.

BSN, as is customary, does not present the aminogram of this product, and therefore, we do not have access to the percentage of BCAAs in this supplement.


The price used to carry out the analysis was that charged by the Prozis store.

Doses 55
Cost per dose 0.76?
Cost per 100g protein 3.18?
Total cost 41.99?

Finally, the price.

If you use this supplement according to the indicated doses, you will have approximately 55 shakes, with a cost of 0.76? for each one. Less than a Burger at McDonalds, and with more protein.

However, the price leaves something to be desired and to confirm this just take a look at the table below.

  Whey DNA Whey Protein Gold Standard Real Whey Impact Whey Whey Pro
Doses 55 53 77 80 100 78
Cost/dose 0.76? 0.75? 0.75? 0.34? 0.36? 0.67?
Cost/100g protein 3.18? 3.41? 3.12? 1.75? 1.81? 3.07?
Total cost 41.99? 39.90? 58? 27.99? 36.39? 52.99?

Looking at the cost per shake, BSN Whey takes the lead, and is the most expensive shake in the comparison.

What is the cost per 100g of protein?

The cost per 100g of protein is the amount you pay not for 100g of product/supplement, but the amount you pay for 100g of pure protein.

Example. Whey DNA in every 100g of powder, only 70.59% are pure protein.

To get 100g of protein in Whey DNA you need 142g of powder to reach the real 100g of protein.

This metric is the best way to analyze the price of a protein supplement, as it is not subject to pre-established doses by brands and standardizes the cost across all protein supplements.[/toggle]

Looking at the cost per 100g of protein, the most important variable for comparing prices, BSN's Whey DNA is the second most expensive protein on the table, but it is not the second best.

In other words, it doesn’t stand out when it comes to paying either.

bsn whey dna 2

Where to buy?

You will find BSN Whey DNA available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.

BSN Whey DNA Verdict

BSN Whey DNA is not a bad protein supplement, but it is not good either, neither in quality nor in price.

The protein sources used are good, but they have a protein content of 70%, which nowadays, with the number of good whey protein supplements on the market, is a low value.

The price is high for the quality it presents, and if you are looking for your next, or first, Whey supplement, you have better options.

Take a look at our section analytics where you can find good alternatives to this type of supplement, or go through our comparison of best whey protein supplement.

whey bsn dna
Ok protein, like so many on the market.
Negative points
The price could be better, considering what it is.
Where to buy?

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