best casein supplement

The best casein supplement

Top 7 of casein supplements

After we have made a classification of the best dietary supplements whey protein, which you can consult here, we have now decided to choose those that are the best supplements for Casein.

And how did we do this?

Unlike the comparison of Whey supplements, in which we only used products that had already been analyzed on the site previously, here we chose to take those that are probably the best-selling Caseins in Portugal and put them all face to face.

We assign a score to the protein content of each supplement, its ingredients, price and also our opinion about the supplement.

You can consult the criteria in detail at the end of the page.

Don't you know what Casein is? You have here A brief description.

Let's move on to what matters, what are the best Casein supplements after all?

myprotein micellar casein

Myprotein Micellar Casein

Myprotein Micellar Casein took the first position and added 17 points in our table.

What is so special about Myprotein's Micellar Casein?

Well, for starters it has a protein content of 80% where the source is exclusively Micellar Casein and nothing else.

Then it's the second cheapest Casein on the entire list, costing only 2.15? for every 100g of protein in the 4kg version.

That is, it is a supplement of excellent quality at an excellent price.

We give 5 stars to this supplement.

Is available here.

Protein H Carbon Fat ?/100g Protein
Values 80g 6g 1.5g 2.15?

prozis casein

Prozis Sport Micellar Casein

Second was Prozis Sport's Micellar Casein, which added 16 points, one less than the Myprotein supplement.

Why did you have one less point?

Mainly because it is significantly more expensive, costing 2.66? for every 100g of protein 1.5kg version.

This supplement has 80% of protein, but not all of it is Casein, being that it is a formula previously composed of isolated and concentrated Milk Protein.

What does this mean?

It means that it is made up of 80% Casein and 20% Whey, which is good and bad.

Bad because the name turns out to be misleading, since it is not exclusively Casein, but good because it combines the benefits of Casein with those of Whey protein, just like in milk.

We give 5 stars to this supplement.

Protein H Carbon Fat ?/100g Protein
Values 80g 5.67g 1.14g 2.66?

xcore casein

Xcore Xtreme Casein

Third, we have Xcore Xineme Casein from Xcore.

Xtreme Casein is an excellent casein supplement, with 80% of protein and also includes vitamins, minerals and lactase, a digestive enzyme.

The problem?

Is it expensive, costing 3.44? for every 100g of protein.

But it's good!

We give 4 stars to this supplement.

Protein H Carbon Fat ?/100g Protein
Values 80g 6.86g 1.14g 3.44?

prozis prime casein

Prozis Prime Fusion Night Casein

In fourth place was Prozis Prime Fusion Night, which is Whey Prime from Casein, which our analysis to Whey Prime, you know it's not a compliment.

Prime Fusion Night Casein is the cheapest supplement on the list, costing £1.72? for every 100g of protein in the 1,814kg version, which is basically why it is listed in 4th place and not further down.

The protein is of low quality, most of which is not Casein, and includes unwanted additions such as the famous Glycine or even Wheat Protein.

Unfortunately Prozis does not present the aminogram of this supplement.

Our rating for this supplement was 2.5 stars.

Protein H Carbon Fat ?/100g Protein
Values 80g 9.67g 3g 1.72?

on casein

Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Protein

The 100% Casein Protein from the famous Optimum Nutrition ranked fifth.

So, but ON's casein is no good?


ON's Casein is of very good quality, contains 76,25% of protein, exclusively from Casein Micellar and still has the interesting addition of digestive enzymes.

The problem?

The price.

It costs 3.7? for every 100g of protein in the 1.8kg version and is the 2nd most expensive protein on the list.

We give 4 stars to this supplement.

It is available at Zumub and at Body&Fit.

Protein H Carbon Fat ?/100g Protein
Values 76.25g 10g 1.56g 3.7?

scitec casein

Scitec 100% Casein Complex

In sixth place was Scitec with its 100% Casein Complex.

100% Casein Complex contains 73,33% of protein, the lowest value on the entire list and the price is 3.01? for every 100g of protein, that is, it ranked 4th in the most expensive table.

You have better choices.

We give 3 stars to this supplement.

You can find this product at Zumub.

Protein H Carbon Fat ?/100g Protein
Values 73.33g 9.33g 2.33g 3.01?

muscletech casein

Muscletech Platinum 100% Casein

In last place was Muscletech?again.

Why did Platinum 100% Casein come in last?

Well, it is not a bad supplement.

They contain 77,42% of protein, all of which is micellar casein.

So why is it in last place?

Because the price is absurd, costing 4.85? per 100g of protein in the 1.65kg version and reaching 6.09?(!) per 100g of protein in the 837g version.

We give 3 stars to this supplement.

Protein H Carbon Fat ?/100g Protein
Values 77.42g 6.45g 1.67g 4.85?


If you’ve already read any of our analysis to proteins, you know we're big on aminograms.

Did you think we had forgotten?

Do not.

Unfortunately, several Casein supplements do not include the aminogram, but here are the values for the supplements in which we found the information online.

aminogram top caseins
Click on the image to see it in greater detail

The supplement Myprotein casein it didn't come in first place by chance, and it shows it here also in the aminogram, being the supplement with the highest percentage of BCAA?s and essential amino acids.

The rest of the supplements also present good values, mainly Xcore's Casein, while 100% Casein from Optimum Nutrition is the one with slightly lower values in general, as you would expect considering its protein content.

The purpose of this comparison was simple, to show you which are the best Casein supplements and why, in a simple way.

We used all available data to make a good comparison and make your job easier when you are looking for a casein supplement.

Do you disagree with the classification or would you like to see an added product?

Use the comments area at the bottom of the page.

The evaluation criteria are below.

[toggle title=?Criteria? state=?close? ]

Protein Content

We attributed 3 points to supplements with 80% protein, 2 points to supplements with ~ 77% protein and 1 point to the Scitec supplement, with 73% protein.


We sorted the ingredients list by Very good ? 3 points, Medium ? 2 points and Bad ? 0 points.

Very good ? Myprotein Micellar Casein, Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Protein, Prozis Micellar Casein, Xcore Xtreme Casein, Muscletech Platinum 100% Casein.

Medium ? Scitec 100% Casein Complex

bad? Prozis Prime Fusion


For the price, the score was as follows:

1st cheapest ? 7 points

2nd cheapest? 6 points

3rd cheapest? 5 points

4th cheapest? 4 points

5th cheapest? 3 points

6th cheapest ? 2 points

7th cheapest ? 1 point

GV Score

Our score is at the end of each classification in the article, it was based on our opinion in relation to the supplement, with the price / quality ratio being the main factor.

We do not include aminograms because several casein supplements do not have their aminogram which made it impossible to make a uniform analysis for all supplements, however, you have a table with the values of the supplements that make your aminogram available online.

The values and prices used are those practiced on the Myprotein website and on the Prozis website.


12 thoughts on “O melhor suplemento de Caseína”

  1. Good afternoon…I have nothing against myprotein, on the contrary, but in the case of its casein in this article and on the website itself in the nutritional values it says that in 100g it has 80% protein LIE, because I bought a 4 kl bag without flavor to have more percentage of protein and I was wrong because on the bag it says that in 100g it has 74g of protein and for a scoop of 30g it has 22g and on the website it says 24g….I think that way the brand is misleading consumers…

    1. Hi Daniel, this is a little strange, because we already had it in hand with those 80% protein, have you contacted the brand yet?

    1. Yes you can.
      As for recommendations, it's tricky without knowing your diet, but it's probably a good idea to use Impact Weight Gainer before/after your workout and Casein before bed.

  2. Hello,

    The fact that ON and Xcore have enzymes that help the digestion of casein can't be considered a point in favor that justifies the higher price compared to casein from myprotein or prozis?
    Or can it be said that the presence of these enzymes does not present significant differences in digestive terms that justify the higher price?
    Is there a relevant role in the presence of this type of enzymes or not?



      Hi Francisco.
      It's a valid question.

      Therefore, I did not find the amounts of digestive enzymes used by ON.
      Without these values it is difficult to value it.

      In terms of opinion, no. Not worth the extra price.

      In terms of experience, I know of one case (only one) that claims to notice benefits in protein digestion…but using a digestive enzyme supplement, not these additions.

      Therefore, it was not a factor taken into account in the evaluation.

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