How to increase biceps (and triceps)

Increase the volume of your arms effectively.

One of the most common goals for those who walk in the gym is to increase the size of their arms.

Usually, those who aim to have huge arms, do exercises and infinite series to work the biceps.

Unfortunately, this is not the best strategy.

Triceps and Biceps

First of all, if you want to increase the size of your arms, don't worry so much about training biceps but with training triceps.

What gives most of the volume to the arms is not the biceps but the triceps.

Triceps developed with weak biceps?

Middle arm.

Weak triceps with developed biceps?

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Small arm.

Triceps and developed biceps?

Huge arm

Do not neglect biceps training but prioritize triceps training.

Chest and Back

Then, when training the back, you are also using the biceps, just as in the chest training you are recruiting the triceps with some intensity.

What does this mean?

It means that when training chest, you are also training triceps.

And when training your back, you're also working on your biceps.

Just not in an isolated and concentrated way as in the specific exercises for these muscles.

It is possible to get good arms without isolated biceps and triceps work, however, it is often not enough.

In these situations, the use of specific exercises to work these muscles is important, and setting aside a day to work only the arms can be a good strategy.


What do I do then?

Let's assume you are not satisfied with the size of your arms.

That you are really falling behind and that you simply want more.

We will dedicate a day ONLY to arm training, a day when you will train only biceps and triceps.

Do not make this plan the day after a chest or back workout or the day before.

You can include this workout on the day after a leg workout, for example.

If you don't know any exercise, just click on the name to see an image of the exercise.

Map of Arms

Short bench press – 4 sets x 12-10-8-6 reps

Forehead tricep with barbell – 3 sets x 10-8-8 reps

Bottom – 3 series x until failure

Biceps curl with barbell – 3 sets x 10-8-8 reps

Hammer bicep curl – 3 sets x 10-8-8

Lifts with short handle – 3 series x until failure

The main exercises in this workout are the bench press with short grip and the barbell curl.

Triceps and biceps, respectively.

These are the exercises that will allow you to move the biggest load, give the best results and are the exercises that you should focus on the most.

Try to climb mainly in these exercises, use the last set to perform a weight that you have never done before.

In the series of 6 bench presses, there is no problem if you only get 5 reps, as long as you are using considerable weight, a weight you have never used before.

Do not constantly go to failure, use it only sporadically in the main exercises, and only in the last series.



  • Bottoms and lifts with short handles should be carried out with weight, if possible, in which case you should use 3 sets and 10 repetitions instead of going to failure.
  • If you manage to do more than 25 repetitions of funds and are unable to add weight, replace this exercise with this one and do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • If you can do more than 20 repetitions of lifts with a short handle and cannot add weight, replace this exercise with this one and do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Concentrate on the exercise, control the movement, don't just drop the weight, control it.
  • Do not do this training more than once a week.
  • Give the MAXIMUM in each workout.

Final notes

If you are having difficulties in increasing the size of your arms, try to follow this plan and the instructions correctly.

Don't expect a change from one week to the next, give the program time to take effect.

Do not forget that without a good diet, there is no training program that works miracles, so a quality diet is mandatory.

Finally, don't forget to give your muscles a break to recover and grow, and give yourself enough time between workouts to get good results.

No, making this plan every day will not give you giant arms.

It will just give you sore arms, and eventually an injury.

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