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Myprotein BCAA's, the analysis

Analysis of Myprotein's BCAA supplement

After several analyzes of proteins, creatines and even meals, it's time to take a look at a BCAA supplement.

We had already published an article about this type of supplement, which is actually not really an article, but rather a complete guide, as we cover the topic in detail.

You will find the complete guide here.

Now, if you don't know what BCAA's are but don't feel like reading a text like the one you find in the guide, here's a summary.

BCAA's are a set of three amino acids that are extremely interesting for those who go to the gym and play sports.

They are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

If you've read an analysis of a whey protein supplement here on the site, you'll know that we evaluate, whenever possible, the amount of BCAA's in each one.

This is because they are very important for anabolism, increased lean mass, are anti-catabolic – prevent the loss of muscle mass – and alleviate fatigue.

This is just a summary, so if you want to know more visit our guide.

Let's move on to analyzing the BCAA powder from Myprotein.


We have a partnership with the Myprotein brand and these products were offered to us to test.

That said, the partnership does not influence the analyzes made on the website, as we limit ourselves to evaluating the facts contained in the nutritional table, ingredients of each product, and in this case, also the flavor, which is subjective and should be seen as such.

Impartiality is the priority in all analyses.

This partnership allows us to have some benefits not only for ourselves but also for those who visit the website.

Visit the Myprotein page through from this link and use the code GVIRTUALMP and get 35% off* on your entire order.

*The discount may vary according to current promotions, but as a rule it is 35%.


As a rule, BCAA supplements don't come up with as many tricks as whey protein supplements.

While in whey brands often add cheap amino acids, use low-value protein sources, and other techniques to increase profit, this happens less with BCAA's.

But it also happens.

Will this be the case here?


Myprotein's BCAA powders are available in two variants: flavored and unflavored.

In the case of the unflavored version, we have three ingredients.

Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

Yes, just BCAA's. Absolutely nothing else.

In the case of the flavored version, flavorings, sweeteners and sometimes coloring are added.

In other words, the normal ingredients to give the desired flavor to the supplement.

Other than that, you won't find anything else inside the packaging other than the scoop.

So, what about the ingredients?

They're BCAA's, period.

myprotein bcaas mojito
The taste of Mojito.


The formula used in this Myprotein supplement is traditional, that is, 2:1:1.

What does this mean?

Half of the supplement is Leucine, probably the most important amino acid of the three for those who work in the gym.

Then, both Isoleucine and Valine are divided into 25% each.

Why is there more Leucine?

Leucine is in greater quantity because it is the one with the greatest impact on anabolism and muscle growth.

This does not mean that others are not important.

Isoleucine promotes the consumption and storage of glucose within muscle cells, leading to more efficient use of energy.

Valina, although she participates in several processes similar to the other two companions, the impact is smaller.

So, what about the formula?

It's the classic formula, it's the formula you find in most quality supplements and the one with the best quality/price ratio.

It is also the most studied.

Basically, Myprotein did not try to reinvent the wheel and remained faithful to the formula that is already known and works.

You can opt for an isolated Leucine supplement, but in that case you would lose the benefits of Isoleucine and Valine.

There are also BCAA supplements with different values, such as 4:1:1 that you can find here, but then you end up buying a supplement that is practically just Leucine.

In short, if you never use BCAA's, the ideal would be to start with the classic formula, with a relatively balanced balance between the three amino acids.

myprotein bcaas grenadine
BCAA's in Grenadine flavor.

With or without flavor?

If you opt for the unflavored version, you save money, have a higher concentration of BCAA's and can mix with your protein shake or other flavored drink.

It seems ideal, if it weren't for the fact that mixing it with something flavored is almost mandatory, as the flavor won't make you smile. It's unpleasant. Ideal for mixing, not very pleasant to drink alone.

In the case of the flavored version, the value is higher, you have a lower concentration of BCAA's due to the flavorings and sweeteners and mixing it with something already flavored makes the drink terrible.

On the other hand, flavored is ideal for using without adding anything, or for adding to something without flavor.

It is ideal for drinking, for example, before, during or after training.

Or simply to enjoy a nice drink whenever you want, and without worrying about less interesting ingredients, or calories that don't benefit you at all.

Basically, it depends on the use you intend to give it.

Flavoring something or drinking it on its own, ideally it will be flavored.

Add it to your flavored shake or show your friends that you can drink something undrinkable without making a face, ideally it will be unflavored.

The flavors

Myprotein sent us four new flavors that were recently introduced.

Mojito, Grenadine, Ice Tea and Kiwi.

These are flavors that remind us of summer.

Now, as you know, flavor is very subjective, and each person has their own taste.

That said, we went to vote. Three people, four flavors.


Very good.

If you add ice, or cold water, the flavor of the mojito is impressive and is undoubtedly one of the best of the four.

Obviously, to have a good flavor, using BCAA's, and practically 0 calories, it is not possible to have a perfect replica of the traditional mojito. But…come closer.

The vote was unanimous with three positive votes and one of them being the favorite.

myprotein bcaa's


It is not a big deal.

The Kiwi flavor was probably the biggest disappointment of the four.

It's not that it's inedible, but it also doesn't make you want to drink another one straight away. It's not the kind of flavor you share and your training buddy steals your entire drink.

Basically, it's not impressive.

For the Kiwi flavor, the voting was different, only one in three liked it.

Ice Tea

For those who like Ice Tea, it's good.

For those who don't like it, it's more or less.

If you like it, it's a good option to try.

In the vote, there were two positive votes.


The big surprise.

Without really knowing what it was, we went to test this flavor.

And it impressed.

With ice, it's the kind of late-afternoon drink on a summer day. Refreshing and pleasant.


In the vote?

Three positive votes and two considered this flavor their favorite.


You already know the ingredients, the formula too and you even have an idea of some flavors to choose and others to possibly avoid.

But an important element is missing. The price.









Cost per dose



0.26 ?

Total cost




One factor in which Myprotein usually stands out compared to other well-known brands is price.

Not only in price, but in the fact that it does not compromise on the quality of the product to be able to offer a more appealing price.

In the case of BCAA powder is no exception as you can see from the table. (Original prices, in the flavored version and without any code applied)

The values are interesting, and with the constant promotions, or the use of our promotional code, they become very interesting.

In the case of the flavors in this analysis, they are currently only available in the 250g size and the price is lower than normal.

Taking into account that they are new flavors, the price is 19.99?, which gives a value of 0.40? per dose.

Considering that it is the first supplement of its kind that we have analyzed, we do not have any analysis for comparison.

Where to buy?

You can find BCAA powder from Myprotein here and with the code GVIRTUALMP you are entitled to a 35% discount*.

*The discount may vary according to current promotions, but as a rule it is 35%.

myprotein bcaa's


What distinguishes this product in terms of quality from other good supplements on the market? Anything.

Then? Why should I use this one and not another?


The big highlight here is the good price, without sacrificing the quality of the product.

They're BCAAs, period.

But are BCAAs at a very attractive price.

That's what makes them stand out.

They fulfill their function without attacking your wallet.

But don't forget, they're just BCAA's.

The diversity of flavors is also an added value.

Have you tried any of the flavors? BCAA's from Myprotein? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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