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Serious Mass – Analysis

O Serious Mass It's probably the best-known gainer on the market, but is it worth it?

Optimum Nutrition is one of the best and most prestigious supplement brands, being responsible for the famous Whey, Gold Standard.

We analyzed the Gold Standard here, and it is indeed a good protein, but Serious Mass unfortunately is not at the same level.

Like all gainers, the objective of this supplement is to help you gain weight, above all through the high number of calories per shake.

So let's start the review of Serious Mass.

Nutritional value

Optimum Nutrition makes several highlights in this supplement, the main ones being:

  • 1250 calories per shake
  • 50g of a protein mix
  • More than 250g of carbohydrates without added sugar
  • Creatine It is Glutamine
  • 25 Vitamins and Minerals

So let's analyze this in detail.

The nutritional values of this supplement in vanilla flavor are as follows.

Servings/334g %
Calories 1261 Kcal
Proteins 53.10g 15,90%
Carbohydrates 252.30g 75.54%
Fats 4.40g 1.32%

As you can see from the table, the Serious Mass is composed of only 15,90% of protein, which is an extremely low value, and to get the 50g of protein highlighted by the brand, you need to use a full dose, which corresponds to 334g of product.

In addition to low protein levels, carbohydrate levels are 75%, that is, too many carbohydrates.

As for fats, the levels are low and therefore there is not much to comment.

On a nutritional level, Serious Mass is a bad supplement.

optimum nutrition serious mass



Serious Mass uses several protein sources through a so-called Protein Blend.

This protein mix contains three quality proteins, Whey Concentrate being the main one, Calcium Caseinate the next and finally, the egg protein, Albumin.

Protein sources are good, but they are of little use when the amount used is so small.


Maltodextrin is almost the entire source of carbohydrates in Serious Mass.

What carbohydrate is this?

Maltodextrin is a source of fast carbohydrates, with a high glycemic index and very similar to Dextrose/Glucose.

It is a cheap source of carbohydrates, and its use is not recommended beyond post-workout.

In other words, bad choice.


25 vitamins and minerals is one of the brand's highlights in this product, and is a good addition to the supplement, as it presents a huge variety of vitamins and minerals in good quantities.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, there is an addition of Creatine, Glutamine and MCT.

But here, unlike vitamins and minerals, there is a problem.

A Creatine represents 0.29% of the supplement and only 1g per dose.

A Glutamine?

The same thing.

MCT, on the other hand, is a fat, and if the fat percentage is 1.32%, as is obvious, the amount of MCT is miserable.

The recommended daily dose for Creatine supplementation? It is 5g.

Serious mass gainer


Now we need to analyze the price, and for that we used the values charged by the Prozis store.

2.7kg 5.4kg
Doses 8 16
Cost per dose 3.24? 2.81?
Total cost 25.99? 44.99?
Half dose cost 1.62? 1.40?

O Serious Mass is available in 2.7kg and the largest format, 5.4kg, with 8 and 16 doses respectively.

In other words, even in the 5.4kg bag, if you use the full dose recommended by Optimum Nutrition, you only have 16 shakes until you finish the product.

The Cost per dose is 3.24? in the smaller format and 2.81? at the largest, which is significantly higher than Scitec Nutrition's Jumbo.

In addition to the cost per dose, we included the value if you choose to use only half a dose, which is what many people who use this supplement do, and you already get around 25g of protein per shake.

So is it expensive or cheap?

Taking into account that 75% of this supplement is Maltodextrin, the price leaves something to be desired.

Where to buy?

You will find Serious Mass available in several places.

And perhaps the most economical place to buy at the moment, given the rise in prices of all products, everywhere, is Amazon.

How and when to take Serious Mass?

The best time to take this supplement is after training.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to use only half a dose instead of a full dose, as the carbohydrate content is too high.

Another strategy would be to use half a dose before training, and half a dose after training.


O Serious Mass from Optimum Nutrition, unlike Gold Standard, is not a good supplement.

It's a gainer with just 15,90% of protein, an exaggerated 75,54% of carbohydrates, all coming from maltodextrin, a not very recommended source.

Will you gain weight with Serious Mass?

Yes, most likely yes.

The problem is that most likely too, much of that weight will be not muscle, but fat.

If you intend to purchase a product in this category? Gainers? choose one with a higher protein content, and preferably with other sources of carbohydrates.

serious mass analysis
Nothing really positive.
Negative points
Sugar and more sugar.
Very little protein.

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