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Prozis 100% Whey Concentrate – Review

Review of Prozis Sport 100% Whey Concentrate supplement

100% Whey Concentrate is a whey protein supplement from the Prozis brand, and claims to be “the most complete, efficient and affordable protein available on the market.”

As always, Prozis Sport's marketing is aggressive and through this analysis we will confirm whether this time it is true. (See the case of Whey Prime.)

To begin with, let's introduce the different versions of this supplement.

We can find it in 4 different sizes, they are:

  • 500g
  • 907g
  • 2000g
  • 4000g

Prices range from 10.99? for the mini version (500g), 16.99? for the 907g bag, 30.99? in the 2kg bag and finally 59.99? for the large version, 4000g.

As for flavors, there isn't much to choose from, it's only available unflavored.

For those who don't know, flavorless protein supplements are somewhat unpleasant if something is not added to the shake, such as banana, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, etc.

There are only two ingredients used in this protein, which we can say is positive after the disaster of Whey Prime.

The ingredients used are:

Whey protein concentrate (whey)

Emulsifier (Soya lecithin)

Little? No.

It's ideal.

Nutritional value

The most important thing in a protein supplement, as we know, is its nutritional values, so now we will present them.

Serving/30g 100g
Protein 24.6g 82g
Carbohydrates 1.5g 5g
Fat 2.3g 7.67g


We therefore have 24.6g of protein for each shake using the brand's doses (30g) and a very interesting protein concentration, 82%.

This means that for every 100g of supplement, 82g is protein.

The values of carbohydrates and fats are within the normal range of concentrated proteins, and therefore, there is not much to comment.

So far this supplement does not compromise, quite the contrary, it is a good product.

As it is not enough to just look at the nutritional value, as this is easily manipulated, we will also analyze the aminogram of this supplement and confirm whether we have a good or bad protein supplement here.


This is the aminogram of Prozis 100% Whey Concentrate, and unlike the Whey Prime from the same brand, the values are good.

To get a better idea of the quality of the supplement, let's compare it in relation to Impact Whey from Myprotein and Whey Prime also from Prozis Sport.

  Whey Concentrate Impact Whey Whey Prime
Total Protein 82g 82g 80g
BCAA's/dose 5.63g/30g 4.7g/25g 3.975g/25g
BCAA's/100g 18.77g 18.77g 12.72g


Looking at the table we can confirm that this time Prozis got it right.

This supplement is nutritionally similar to Impact Whey from Myprotein, that is, it is an excellent concentrated whey protein supplement.

prozis 100 whey concentrate


We already know that 100% Whey Concentrate has quality, now we just have to find out what the price of that same quality is.

Let's once again put this product face to face with that of Myprotein, Impact Whey, as they are very identical supplements in terms of their nutritional values.

100% Whey Concentrate

500g 907g 2000g 4000g
Doses 16 30 66 133
Cost per dose 0.68? 0.56 ? 0.47? 0.45?
Total cost 10.99? 16.99? 30.99? 59.99?

Impact Whey

  1000g 2500g 5000g
Doses 40 100 200
Cost per dose 0.37? 0.31 ? 0.27 ?
Total cost 14.89? 30.89? 54.89?


As we can see from the table above, although these two supplements are nutritionally identical, Whey Concentrate from Prozis is significantly more expensive compared to Impact Whey from Myprotein.

As an example, a 4000g bag of 100% Whey Concentrate costs more than a 5000g bag of Impact Whey.

Where to buy?

You can find this supplement available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get you 10% discount.


We're not going to lie, after analyzing the Prozis Whey Prime, we were skeptical about this brand, however, we were surprised!

This 100% Whey Concentrate is a good concentrated whey protein supplement, with a protein content of 82% and BCAA values equivalent to those found in Impact Whey and the famous Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition.

As for negative points, the fact that it is flavorless means that the protein will not be the most pleasant to drink and the price is significantly more expensive compared to Impact Whey.

Very simply, we can say that it is the second best whey protein supplement which we have already analyzed in price/quality terms, although still losing by some margin to the Impact Whey from Myprotein who owns that same throne right now.

Have you already used 100% Whey Concentrate? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

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  1. I think all your analyzes of the different existing products are excellent. Excellent comparisons, thank you very much! Very Useful!

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