100% Whey Prime Prozis - Review

100% Whey Prime Prozis - Review

Prozis 100% Whey Prime Protein Supplement Analysis

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This review refers to the original version of Whey Prime.
Recently, the Whey Prime 2.0 for which you find the analysis here.[/box]

After analyzing the Impact Whey, we decided to look at another well-known protein supplement: 100% Whey Prime.

This supplement belongs to the Prozis Sport line of the Prozis brand and is easily found on the store's website, and beyond.

It is available in various formats, various flavors, and of course, various prices.

But, is it a good supplement?

Not really.



This supplement uses several ingredients, but the most prominent are the whey protein matrix and the amino acid matrix.

You will find the complete list of ingredients here.

The protein sources for this product are as follows:

  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Whey protein isolated
  • Isolated protein of milk
  • Concentrated milk protein
  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein
  • Wheat protein

Looking at the ingredients, we immediately concluded that this is not an exclusively Whey protein supplement.

It has Whey, Casein and the weak wheat protein.

This turns out to be misleading, as the name of the supplement is 100% Whey Prime.

As for the amino acid matrix, it has several, as you can see in the list, like the Creatine, Glycine or Glutamine.

Finally, it includes traditional and normal flavorings, dyes and thickeners.

It doesn't start well.



Nutritional value

So let's get to know the nutritional values of Whey Prime.

25g %
Proteins 20g 80%
Carbohydrates 2.4g 9.6%
Fats 1.1g 4.4%


For each dose of this supplement (25g each scoop) we have 20g of protein.

This means that Whey Prime is made up of 80% of protein, which is a good value.

Regarding carbohydrates and fats, there is not much to say, since they are within what is considered normal in this type of supplements.

However, although these values look promising, let's look in more detail at the quality of this protein.

In other words, it's time to take a look at the aminogram.




This is the aminogram of Whey Prime and this is where this supplement starts to lose (many) points.

We know that BCAA's they are the most important amino acids for muscle growth, and Prozis knows it too, so we highlight their addition to this product.

However, the values of these amino acids in this supplement are present in low amounts.

In order to have a basis for comparison, we will place it alongside Impact Whey.

Whey Prime Impact Whey
Total Protein / % 80% 82%
BCAA's / 25 g 3.97 g 4.7 g
BCAA's / % 12,72% 18,77%


These are the values of BCAA's present in Whey Prime and Impact Whey.

There is obviously a significant difference, and below is a small and ironic description of the brand in relation to this product.

“Our team of scientists, nutritionists and food engineers returned to the starting point and rethought the entire whey production process.

Applying modern scientific knowledge and cutting edge technology, we found new ways to produce whey and optimized the whole process.

The result? Prozis Labs labs have developed new procedures to make the most efficient protein ever, but at lower production costs. ”

“… Enriched with BCAA…”

New knowledge and procedures for the most efficient protein ever, and still enriched with BCAA's.


The most efficient protein ever, enriched with BCAA's and has only 12.72% of these amino acids.

It doesn't seem to be that efficient.


Why does this happen?

One of the reasons why Whey Prime is low in BCAA's, are its sources of protein, and mainly, the use of wheat protein.

But that is not the only reason.

The other reason is the use of a technique called Aminospiking.

What is Aminospiking?

Aminospiking is when a brand uses amino acids in isolation to increase the total protein value of a supplement.

This makes it possible to reduce production costs.

For example, if we create a supplement and add 70g of whey protein and 10g of taurine for every 100g, we can say on the label that our product consists of 80g of protein, when in fact only 70g is really complete protein.

In the case of Whey Prime, the most evident case is undoubtedly Glycine.

THE Impact Whey gives Myprotein for example it has only 1.14g of Glycine, which is a normal value for a whey protein.

THE Elite Whey from Dymatize brings 1.3g of Glycine, perfectly normal.

The Whey Prime?

10.24g of Glycine for every 100g.

It seems that Prozis Labs laboratories have actually managed to reduce production costs, it is a pity that they have also sacrificed protein quality.

whey prime



454g 900g 2000g
Doses 18 36 80
Cost Per Serving € 0.55 € 0.49 € 0.38
Total cost € 9.99 € 17.99 € 29.99


Looking at the price alone, we cannot say that it is a properly expensive protein.

Especially next to the most well-known proteins such as Optimum Nutrition or the Scitec Nutrition.

It costs 38 cents per beat in the 2kg version, that is, a low value.

In the smaller versions, the value goes up a lot as we can confirm in the table.

However, when we have the chance to buy Impact Whey for a lower price, does it make sense to consider this low quality supplement?

Note. These are the prices charged by Prozis on the date of the analysis.


Where to buy?

You find this supplement available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get 10% discount.



Whey Prime has a good percentage of "protein" and costs 38 cents per shake in the 2kg version.

If we stayed here, it would apparently be a good buy.

However, if you read the analysis, you know that the story is a little different.

First, it is a supplement that sacrifices protein quality to reduce production costs.

Second, it is not a Whey protein supplement but a mixture of several proteins.

Third, the 80% of protein on the label does not correspond to 80% of pure protein, but rather a complete protein mixture with added amino acids.

As if that were not enough, it is probably one of the proteins on the market with a lower percentage of BCAA's.

In short, it is a bad supplement.

Have you used this protein?

Leave your opinion in the comments area.

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13 thoughts on “100% Whey Prime Prozis – Análise”

  1. How to calculate the value of BCAA? I added the value of Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine and do not coincide with the values presented in the comparison for Prozis Whey.

    1. Add the values of Leucine + Isoleucine + Valine and multiply in this case by 0.80, which is the protein content of Whey Prime.

  2. Very good Protein and various qualities. Obviously it is not at the level of Whey from ON or Gold Nutrition but the price-quality ratio is the best !!! ????????????

  3. I've been in the gym for 3 years, I always took this protein, my evolution is very slow and you hardly notice it, I know that the protein did nothing for me but I also have a very difficult genetics.

  4. guys, make no mistake. You only play whey prozis on the internet that comes with several reports of very poor quality of the protein. They add wheat protein and free amino acids that do not contribute to the synthesis of the real protein. If you want cost-effective Brazilian whey and you are among the best in Brazil, opt for growth supplements or max titanium. Growth for me the best

  5. What happens is the following, most only comment that the product is bad because criticizing things is easier, in the first place it is a low cost product to be accessible to all classes and the fact that it has a good amount of protein Prozis Whey Standard is within the quality standards of a good supplement, who does not have the money to ride a Ferrari rides a Goal, will take you to the goal in the same way, remembering that the supplement serves to reach your goal daily protein and that if the individual does not consume a good diet together with an adequate training will not have the desired results, I am a logist and sports nutritionist for 8 years and the protein of this brand has been giving good results to my customers, the proof that the product complies what is expected from good whey, applied science is what counts!

    1. Hello Rodrigo.
      The objective here was to evaluate this supplement impartially, and unfortunately, the quality leaves us wanting.
      There are solutions at the same price and cheaper with better quality, even within the same brand (eg Real Whey).

    Criticize Prozis protein and advertise Myprotein on the page
    How convenient
    Soon it can be deduced that this opinion is fake
    Nice try


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