Carbohydrates, also known as carbohydrates.

In a summarized and simplified way, the main function of carbohydrates is provide power, not all carbohydrates are the same, but we will divide them into just two groups, the simple and complex.

The simple ones like dextrose, table sugar, etc., are sugars of fast absorption, that is to say, they enter the organism quickly causing a peak of energy, but of short term, while complexes promote more energy release long and sustained, satiating for longer and keeping energy stable during the day.

Both have the same caloric value of 4Kcal / gram, both can be used in a healthy diet, but the complexes should always be privileged, mainly for their sustained release of energy, no one wants to reach the middle of the workout exhausted, no one wants to be hungry after 1 hour after eating.


Simple carbohydrates : Table sugar, Dextrose, Fruit, honey, white bread, etc.

Complex carbohydrates : Oats, Brown Rice, Beans, Brown Bread, etc.

As a rule, simple hydrates are sweet, sweeter than complexes (There are exceptions, sweet potatoes for example), and are the most consumed today.
A good time to consume them is after an intense workout in order to recover quickly, outside this time, always try to opt for complex carbohydrates.

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