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Win Nutrition Hi-Protein Supplement Review

Hi-Protein Standard is an extremely inexpensive protein supplement that combines multiple protein sources, so it is not an exclusively Whey protein supplement.

The brand makes several highlights to this supplement, but the main one is undoubtedly its price.

We've already analyzed here several supplements that, even with a low price, kept the quality high, in the case of Hi-Protein, the story is a little different.

This product has undergone several changes over time, and the version that we are going to review here is the most recent, the Improved Flavor, which makes some changes from the previous formula.

Read the review below to find out more.


What we find in Hi-Protein is above all protein sources, fortunately, and traditional flavourings, thickeners and company.

But what protein sources are these?

There are actually five types of protein, the two main ones used are not the best.

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One of the changes in this new formula was the replacement of the main protein, from being isolated soy protein to wheat protein as the number one source.

Wheat protein is a low quality vegetable protein, which for people sensitive to gluten automatically makes this supplement a product to avoid.

In the case of isolated soy protein, it is superior to wheat protein, but the quality is not the best either, especially when compared to Whey protein.

Depois destas duas proteínas, temos a proteína Concentrated Whey, que é de boa qualidade, seguida pela proteína do leite concentrada.

A proteína do leite concentrada consiste numa mistura de Caseína com Whey, numa proporção de aproximadamente 80:20. É uma boa fonte proteica.

At the end of the formula is the egg protein, which despite being of good quality, is the one with the least presence in Hi-Protein da Win Nutrition.

In terms of ingredients this supplement is weak.

Nutritional value

The nutritional values of this supplement are as follows.



Once again, this formula compared to the previous one, also worsened in its nutritional value.

Now each shake has 19.25g of protein, compared to 20g of the previous Hi-Protein, and 77% of protein content compared to the 80% of the old version.

The difference is much more significant when it comes to carbohydrates and fats.

In carbohydrates, the value went from 6.8% to 13%, a high value for a protein, and in the case of fats, the increase was from 4% to 6.4%.

Protein content is not bad, but carbohydrate and fat values could be lower.

Unfortunately the aminogram for this new formula is not available, so let's put the old aminogram in here to understand the impact of protein sources on amino acid composition.


win nutrition hi-protein

Note. The values shown are for each 100g of protein and not powder, that is, these values are the equivalent of 125g of supplement.

Once again, this is the aminogram from the previous version, but taking into account the list of ingredients, and the nutritional value, this new formula is likely to be similar, and most likely even inferior, due to the lower protein content, and the use of wheat protein as the main source.

Below is our review of the aminogram of the old version.

“An extremely cheap supplement with good nutritional value, that's what Hi-Protein appears to be, but this is where its 'failures' really lie.

When using soy protein, and especially wheat protein, the aminogram is disappointing.


The amount of essential amino acids is low, and for a comparison, the percentage of essential amino acids in the Real Whey is 37%, while Hi-Protein is 24.56%.

Both proteins have a protein content of 80%, but the amino acid distribution is quite different.

As for the percentage of BCAA's, it is only 12.8%, basically the same value as the Whey Prime, one of the worst supplements we've ever reviewed.

The protein is here, it's just not the best.”

win nutrition protein


The price used in this table is that charged by the Prozis store.

Cost Per Serving€0.410.30€
Cost 100g/Protein2.14€1.55€
Total cost14.99€€26.99


This is where this supplement really shines, at a low price.

In the 2.268g format, each shake with 19.25g of protein costs €0.30 and each 100g of pure protein is worth €1.55.

Win Nutrition Hi-Protein is priced identically to Impact Whey gives Myprotein, and that of Real Whey from Prozis Sport, which are two supplements that stand out in price.

Unfortunately, despite following these two good products in price, the same does not apply to quality.

Where to buy?

Win Nutrition's Hi-Protein Standard is available here.

You can still use the code AFFJA-10 to get 10% discount.


Win Nutrition with its Hi-Protein presents here a protein supplement with a good protein content and fat levels within normal parameters. In addition, it has a very good price.

Unfortunately, the ingredients are not the best, and therefore, although the protein content is good, the quality of this protein leaves (a lot) to be desired, and the carbohydrate levels should also be lower.

It's an inexpensive supplement that significantly sacrifices quality to stand out in price.

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