Dumbbell Chest Press

Exercise used to work the chest in general, very similar to the flat bench press.

Main muscles: Pectoral, triceps, deltoids.

flat press with dumbbells


Lying on a flat bench, with your head and back well supported, and your feet firmly on the floor (similar to the flat bench press), hold the dumbbells above your chest, slightly apart.

You may need the help of another person to bring the dumbbells to the starting position.

Lower the dumbbells to chest level and return them to the starting position, slightly apart.

Common mistakes

  • Going too low in the movement with the dumbbells.
  • Hit the dumbbells together on the way up.



2 thoughts on “Press Peito Halter”

  1. That you are good friends, if you can make the same movement supported on the floor.
    Many thanks for all your contributions. Successes.

    1. 1

      Yes, that's for sure.
      The bank, however, is our preference, as the weight ends up limiting part of the execution of this movement.
      Thank you for your words Luis, it's always nice to read positive comments about our work :)

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