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Muscletech Platinum Whey – Analysis

Analysis of Muscletech's Platinum Whey supplement

A Platinum 100% Whey is a whey protein supplement from the Muscletech brand, and belongs to its Essential Series product line.

Is it available in two sizes? 907g and 2270g.
As for flavors, there are 5? Chocolate and peanut butter, vanilla, cookies and cream, strawberry? cream and milk chocolate.

First of all, the review will be done on the vanilla version, and there are small nutritional and ingredient differences between flavors.

The list of ingredients is as follows:


We start with the main ones, that is, what protein sources do we have here?
This formula uses isolated whey, whey peptides and concentrated whey. It reminds us of the ON formula, which is positive.
After protein sources, we have several (too many) products used mainly to flavor the supplement.

So, good sources of protein, too many additives.

Nutritional value

34g 100g
Proteins 24g 70.59g
Carbohydrates 4g 11.77g
Fats 1.5g 4.41g


Each dose of Platinum 100% Whey is 34g, and the values are presented in the table above, as well as the values per 100g.

Platinum 100% Whey has a protein concentration of 70.59%, which is low.
Furthermore, the amount of carbohydrates is high for a whey supplement, containing twice as much as what we find in, for example, Impact Whey.

Finally, fat levels are within average.

The nutritional table is not impressive, let's look at the aminogram.


muscletech platinum whey

The aminogram is important to see the quality of the protein, and this is often where we have many surprises, but taking into account the low protein content of Platinum 100% Whey, it would be expected that the values would not stand out here.

The amount of BCAA's in this supplement per 100g is only 16.18g, a low value.

But is it really that low?

Let's put it next to two whey supplements to compare.

Platinum 100% Whey ON Gold Standard ISO:PRO 97
Total Protein 70.59g 81.6g 97g
BCAA's/100g 16.18g 18.71g 22.11g

Platinum Whey VS Gold Standard

First we choose the ON's Gold Standard, as it is not only the best-known whey supplement, but also has a similar protein formula.

The result?
Platinum 100% Whey has 11g less protein, and 2.5g less BCAA's per 100g.
A huge difference.

Platinum Whey VS ISO:PRO 97

Then, although on the one hand it's not fair to compare a mixture of proteins to an exclusively isolated whey, that's what we did with ISO:PRO 97.

Because Platinum 100% Whey can be more expensive than ISO:PRO 97 isolated whey!
The result is what we see in the table, 27g less protein and 6g less BCAA's for every 100g.

This gives a total of 540g less pure protein for every 2kg, that is, half a kg less protein!


907g 2270g
Doses 27 67
Cost per dose 1.29? 1.13?
Cost 100g/protein* 5.46? 4.74?
Total cost 34.99? 75.99?
 *The cost per 100g of protein refers to the amount paid for each 100g of real protein. While the cost per dose refers to the cost for each scoop, in this case 34g and containing 24g of protein, the cost per 100g of protein refers not to 100g of product but to 100g of protein itself.

Muscletech is known for being a brand that exaggerates the price, and with this supplement they maintain the tradition.

When we thought that the Iron Whey it was expensive, here comes Platinum 100% Whey.

Does it cost 1.29? per shake in the small format, and 1.13? for each serving if we look at the large size of 2270g.

Furthermore, per 100g of protein the cost is 5.46? in the 907g and 4.74 version? in the 2270g version.


Let's once again use both the ON's Gold Standard, such as ISO:PRO 97 from Myprotein to put these prices into perspective.

Platinum Whey 2.2kg ON Gold Standard 2.2kg ISO:PRO 97
Doses 67 77 100
Cost per dose 1.13? 0.75? 0.69?
Cost 100g/protein 4.74? 3.12? 2.91?
Total cost 75.99? 58? 69.99?


As we can see from the table, Muscletech's Platinum Whey is, by a large margin, the most expensive of the three.

4.74? per 100g of protein?

75.99? for 2.2kg of whey?

There must be gold inside.

Where to buy?

You can find this supplement available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.


So, what can we say about the Platinum 100% Whey from Muscletech?

Let's start with the positive points, and close our eyes a little, especially the price.

The protein sources are good, it only uses whey protein, and its ingredients include isolated whey and whey peptides.

Now, the problem is, the protein content is only 70% and the carbohydrate levels are high, but…that's not even the worst. The worst thing is when we look at the price and see that this is one of the most expensive supplements on the market, with no justification for this.

Platinum 100% Whey is proof that the most expensive is not always the best.

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