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Supreme Gainers – Analysis

Gold Nutrition Supreme Gainers Review

This time we will analyze the Gold Nutrition gainer, Supreme Gainers, and find out if it is a good supplement or not.

Like any product in this category, the goal is always to gain weight and muscle mass, and it is the type of supplement most used by extremely thin people who want to quickly increase their weight.

We have already analyzed here another product of this brand, the Total Whey, which is a reasonable Whey supplement, and now let's find out which category Supreme Gainers falls into.

Nutritional value

The description of Supreme Gainers on the Gold Nutrition website is as follows.

Supreme Gainers GoldNutrition is a formula specifically designed to increase muscle volume. Containing high biological value proteins (fast absorption proteins - whey, and slow absorption proteins - caseins), a series of easily absorbed carbohydrates and a low fat content per serving, this formula has also been fortified with vitamins and minerals .

In addition, it highlights the 67g of protein, the more than 200g of carbohydrates and the 1100 calories per serving.

Let's take a look at the nutritional table on Vanilla flavor.

Dose / 320g%
Calories1193 Kcal

You find the official label here.

Supreme Gainers from Gold Nutrition, as you can see from the table, is composed of 67% of carbohydrates, which reminds us of the Jumbo from Scitec Nutrition.

Not only does it remind Jumbo in terms of carbohydrates, but also in protein content, since they are very similar, and in which the Gold Nutrition supplement has 21% of proteins.

Fats, on the other hand, represent only 2,46% of the supplement, and therefore, there is not much to comment on.

So, is this good or bad?

Too many carbohydrates and too few proteins.

In other words, this supplement leaves something to be desired in terms of nutrition.

Supreme Gainers



The source of protein with the greatest presence in Supreme Gainers is the famous whey.

After Whey, come the skim milk, which is composed above all by Casein and also some Whey, followed by soy protein isolate, and finally some calcium caseinate (Casein).

Milk proteins? Whey and Casein ? are quality, and good sources of protein.

As for soy protein, not really. There are better choices and Gold Nutrition knows that. Perhaps that is why they did not mention it in the product description.

In addition to the protein content not being the best, part of this protein is also not.

Note. For each serving, which has 67g of protein, only 13.9g are BCAA's, which compared to a typical Whey Concentrate, which varies between 16g and 18g for every 25g of protein, is extremely low.


Supreme Gainers uses several sources of carbohydrates, the main one being Maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin is a great carbohydrate to use after an intense workout, only.

Then we have to supply carbohydrates to this formula with skimmed milk, fructose and rice starch.

Of these three, the least bad is rice starch, but it is also the one with the least presence.

It is not the best formula when it comes to carbohydrate sources.


Gold Nutrition added to this product some vitamins and minerals, in good quantities, which it's positive.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, this supplement also has MCT's, which are fats with some interesting properties, although the dose is not specified.


The price used to perform the analysis was the one practiced by the Prozis store.

Cost Per Serving4.37?
Half dose cost2.18?
Total cost39.35?


Supreme Gainers is available in the 3kg format, which provides 9 doses.

Yes, each bucket brings only 9 doses.

The cost per serving is 4.37?, that is, if you decide to use a whole serving in a single shake, that shake will cost you 4.37?.

If you choose to use only half a dose, which already provides a good dose of nutrients, each shake will cost you around 2.18€.

If you are looking for the best quality / price ratio, this supplement clearly does not fit your plans.

gold nutrition supreme gainers

Where to buy?

You can find Supreme Gainers available here and you can also use the code GVIRTUAL to get 10% discount.

How and when to take Supreme Gainers?

Like most supplements of this kind, especially those of a lower range, the time of day you should take it is after training, or, before and after training.

A good strategy would be to use half a dose before training and half a dose after training.


Supreme Gainers from Gold Nutrition is a weak supplement.

The protein content is low, and the protein sources used could be better.

In addition, there are many carbohydrates, where the ingredients fall short and the price does not help either.

As in the case of Serious Mass, you will probably gain weight, but it may not be the type of weight you are looking for.

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