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Myprotein ISO:PRO 97 - Analysis


O ISO: PRO 97 is a whey protein supplement from the Myprotein brand, the brand responsible for the already famous Impact Whey that we analyzed here.

Although less known, ISO:PRO 97 is a protein supplement that impresses with its quality, probably being one of the best whey's on the market right now.

As in the case of Impact Whey, we will limit the analysis to the flavorless version, as there are variations not only in nutritional values but also in price.

This product is available in two sizes for the unflavored version, 1000g and 4000g. (There is a 2.5 kg version in the case of the flavored option.)

As for the ingredients, there are only two: isolated whey protein and an emulsifier, sunflower lecithin. Very simple.

As in the case of Impact Whey, there are no unnecessary ingredients, just limited to what interests us. Protein.

Nutritional value

This is the official nutritional table of this supplement for the flavorless version.

25g 100g
Proteins 24g 97g
Carbohydrates 0g 0g
Fats 0.4g 1.7g


We have in the first column the reference of this supplement per dose / scoop which is 25g, containing 24g of protein.

In the second table, are the values of this supplement for each 100g of product, which presents us with an incredible 97% of protein, hence the name ISO: PRO 97.

In addition to the extremely high protein content, this supplement has 0g of carbohydrates, which means that it does not contain any lactose, which is perfect, especially for those who are intolerant to it.

Finally, the ISO: PRO 97 from Myprotein contain 0.4g of fat per shake and only 1.7g for every 100g of supplement.

These are definitely excellent values.


aminogram myprotein iso: pro 97


This is the aminogram of ISO: PRO 97 for every 100g of protein.

Doing the calculations to know the BCAA values of this supplement, the numbers are as follows:

Total amount of BCAA's per 100g = 22.116g

Amount of BCAA's per serving/25g = 5.529g

That is, 22,116% of this supplement is composed of BCAA's, the most important amino acids in building muscle tissue.

Myprotein ISO PRO whey evaluation

To get a sense of how these values compare to other supplements on the market, let's put them face to face with Impact Whey from the same brand, Myprotein, and the famous 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition.

Note: Although on the one hand it is not fair to compare a supplement solely and exclusively composed of isolated whey to formulas that are not, these are the two highest quality whey supplements that we have analyzed here until today, and are two of the main references when looking to buy a protein supplement.

ISO: PRO 97 Impact Whey Gold Standard
Total Protein / 100g 97g 82g 81.6g
BCAA's/100g 22,116g 18.77g 18.71g


Both Impact Whey and the 100% Whey Gold Standard are two excellent protein supplements, however, as you would expect, ISO: PRO 97 is much superior and, with this table, we can be aware of the differences that exist between a well whey supplement and a supplement top.


With regard to nutritional values, we can say that this supplement is practically perfect, now, it remains to be seen what the cost of this quality is.

1000g 4000g
Doses 40 160
Cost Per Serving 0.75 ? 0.61 ?
Total cost 29.99 ? 97.99 ?


Does ISO:PRO 97 cost 0.75? per shake in the case of the 1000g and 0.61 g version? when buying the 4000g bag.

How does it compare to the prices of other protein supplements?

We will see.

ISO: PRO 4kg Arnold Iron Whey 2,268kg Gold Standard 4,5kg
Doses 160 70 154
Cost Per Serving 0.61 ? 0.85? 0.69 ?
Total cost 97.99 ? 60? 107.00?


Again, it is not fair to compare the price of a supplement composed solely and exclusively of whey alone with concentrated whey supplements or mixtures, with one exception.

Which one?

This have a similar price, or higher. What is the case with Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition It's from Arnold Iron Whey by MusclePharm.

ON's Gold Standard, although it is a quality supplement, as we evaluated here, has an excessive cost for what it offers, and it is against Myprotein's ISO: PRO 97 that we have the greatest proof of that.

Regarding Arnold Iron Whey, it is hilarious that a supplement with a protein concentration of 67.9%, and 18.5% of carbohydrates, manages to be more expensive than ON's Gold Standard (81% protein) and above all , more expensive than a supplement with a protein content of 97% and 0% of carbohydrates such as Myprotein's ISO: PRO 97.

myprotein isopro protein

In conclusion, if we were on a tight budget, probably the best choice would be to Impact Whey or even the Prozis Whey Concentrate.

However, the price of ISO: PRO 97 is extremely competitive considering the quality of this supplement, especially in the 4 kg version.

Where to buy?

You find this supplement available here.


O ISO: PRO 97 It is a supplement that impresses, mainly for its quality. It is an isolated whey, with a protein content of 97% and 0% of carbohydrates. In addition, they contain excellent values of BCAA's and an extremely competitive price considering their quality.

As a negative point, we can only point out the flavor, something that can be circumvented by betting on the flavored version (slightly more expensive).

If we went to a desert island, and could only take a whey with us, this would undoubtedly be our choice, taking into account all whey protein supplements analyzed until here.

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  1. Is this a reliable analysis? Since they have a code with “sponsorship” of the brand at the end, it leaves some room for doubt.

    1. 1

      Hello Ricardo.

      Both this and all the analyzes on the site are limited to evaluating the data and values presented by the brands for their supplements.

      That is, we do not base the evaluation of products on opinions but on facts that you can easily confirm.

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