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Muscletech 100% Premium Whey – Analysis


100% Premium Whey Protein Plus, as the name suggests, is a whey protein supplement.

Although there is a 907g version, we will only analyze the 2.267kg format in the strawberry version (nutritional values and scoop size change slightly from flavor to flavor).

Furthermore, this analysis will be less complete than usual, as Muscletech does not provide an aminogram of this supplement.

Premium Whey is available in 5 flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, biscuit and banana.

The ingredients used in this formula as a source of protein are concentrated, isolated and hydrolyzed whey protein, in that order.

Next in the ingredients table we find maltodextrin, which is strange, a set of isolated amino acids, dubbed by the brand as “recovery matrix”, with creatine, taurine, leucine, isoleucine, valine and glutamine.

In addition, they also contain isolated glycine (ugh), and traditional flavorings and colorings in flavored whey supplements.

Just looking at the ingredients without knowing the nutritional values, one imagines that this supplement will have more carbohydrates than it should, but we will confirm shortly if this is the case.

Nutritional value

The official nutritional values announced by the brand on its website are as follows:

31g 100g
Protein 20g 60.61g
Carbohydrates 9g 27.27g
Fat 1g 3g


Therefore, we have 20g of protein per dose (31g) and 60.61g per 100g of product.

These values are low for a protein supplement, a protein content of 60% is really very low and is the lowest value we have analyzed so far.

As if it wasn't enough to be low in protein, the amount of carbohydrates is scary.

We have 9g of carbohydrates per dose and 27.27g of carbohydrates per 100g of product.

27.27g of carbohydrates for every 100g of a whey protein supplement?

Was Muscletech trying to develop a gainer?

Normally we find values of 5g to 10g of carbohydrates in protein supplements, now, 27 grams is undoubtedly absurd.muscletech premium whey protein

Unfortunately, we are unable to assess the quality of the protein contained in this product, as Muscletech does not provide the amino acid profile of this supplement.

Despite this, let's make some observations.

Although the main source of protein in this supplement is good quality (whey protein), not all the protein found on the label is whey protein.

That is, the so-called recovery matrix that includes Creatine, Taurine and other amino acids, is counted as protein, when, in fact, they are just isolated amino acids and not complete protein.

It is impossible to say to what extent this affects the quality of this supplement, as there is no amino acid profile.

However, the protein content is already low and adding to this the fact that some of this protein is just a few isolated amino acids, we risk saying that the The quality of this supplement leaves a lot to be desired.


Although the price varies from store to store, this is the average price at which we find this Muscletech supplement:

100% Premium Whey Protein Plus
Doses 73
Cost per dose 0.60?
Total cost 44.00?


The price is not high, but it is far from low, especially considering the quality of the product.

It has a similar price to Dymatize Elite Whey, however, is much inferior in terms of quality.

The situation gets even worse when we compare it to alternatives such as Prozis Sport Whey Concentrate Or the Impact Whey from Myprotein.

Where to buy?

You can find this supplement available here and you can still use the code GVIRTUAL to get a discount.

It is also available at Body&Fit here.


100% Premium Whey Protein Plus has a protein content of 60%, and oddly enough, in a protein supplement, it has a carbohydrate concentration of 27%, which is terrible.

You would expect the price of the supplement to be low to compensate for its lack of quality, but this is not the case.

Why 44? and with this low concentration of proteins and high value of carbohydrates, we can classify this product as the worst whey we have ever analyzed here and a supplement to avoid.

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