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Prozis Easy and Fitsy, the analysis

After some time without publications, it was time to return. And the return is obviously with a analysis.

If in the last Oatmeal + Whey it was considered a little different from what we have done so far, this time so it is a first.

Prozis Easy and Fitsy is not a supplement, but it could be useful for those who work in the gym.

What is it then?

Easy and Fitsy is a ready-to-eat meal set created by Prozis.

Solid food, cooked by the Prozis team, frozen and transported (in your own vehicle) to you.

It's not for everyone, but it could be an asset for many.

From that day when you don't feel like cooking, to those who want a healthy and nutritious meal at work. The options are many.

Now, although this all seems very interesting, is it worth it?

We tried four of the various meals available and here is an analysis of each one, and a more general analysis at the end.


We have a partnership with the Prozis brand and these products were offered to us to test.

That said, the partnership does not influence the analyzes made on the website, as we limit ourselves to evaluating the facts contained in the nutritional table, ingredients of each product, and in this case, also the flavor, which is subjective and should be seen as such.

Impartiality is the priority in all analyses.

This partnership allows us to have some benefits not only for ourselves but also for those who visit the website.

When you use the code GVIRTUAL at checkout you automatically receive a 10% direct discount on your order.

The partnership with Prozis no longer exists, however, the analysis remains as published.

Roast Pork Loin

To start, let's look at the roast pork loin meal.

It is accompanied by cooked basmati rice, grilled zucchini and corn. In total, the meal consists of 400g, with the pork loin making up approximately 150g (~145g) of the total weight.

There are typical seasonings in each meal to add flavor, in this case, ingredients such as onion, olive oil or garlic. 

However, there are no unusual ingredients, and no preservatives or additives are even used.

It's the typical meal cooked at home, if you're good at it, or a tastier meal if that's not the case.

That said, let's look at the nutritional table.

Nutritional value

Calories 599 Kcal
Proteins 53g
Carbohydrates 46g
Lipids 20g


Each meal of these basically contains 600 Kcal.

It's the ideal type of meal for a good lunch and/or dinner, with balanced values that will leave you feeling full.

Obviously creating a meal that meets the needs of all people who play sports is impossible, and this is no exception.

Of all the meals evaluated here, this is the only one that does not have the option to select the size, however, there is a version for women, which only has 367 Kcal and the same ingredients.

easy and fitsy

But what about the flavor?

Taste is the type of area we don't normally evaluate, as it is extremely subjective.

Manuel's favorite dish may be Joana's most hated food.

That said, if you think this type of product will be useful to you, the taste will hardly be an obstacle.

Is nice. 

It's the meal that someone who knows how to cook left in the freezer for you to eat.

Now, it's obviously not the meal you'll be served in a luxury restaurant as you might expect.


Finally, the price.

At the time of analysis, this meal costs 4.49€.

Unlike proteins, we do not have any similar product to serve as a comparison, but in a lunch/dinner context the price can be considered attractive.

It is worth it?

It's the type of question that only you can answer, depending on the use you intend to give it and your availability.

In terms of quality, yes.

easy and fitsy

Grilled Beef Burger

After the pork loin, we now move on to the burgers. 

In this case, beef burger.

Unlike the sirloin, here you can choose between three different sizes: M, L and XL.

This is great, as you can customize the meal a little more according to your diet.

The quantity of food changes but also the price.

The ingredients are the same between sizes, and to accompany the meat you have cauliflower, beetroot, sweet potato and potato.

As in the case of pork loin, and in fact, of all the meals evaluated, there are no unwanted ingredients, and apart from the main ones, you only have seasonings for a pleasant meal.

Below is the nutritional table with prices included.

Nutritional Value and Price

Calories 406 Kcal 542 Kcal 673 Kcal
Proteins 33g 47g 61g
Carbohydrates 35g 41g 46g
Lipids 14g 20g 26g
Amount 300g 400g 500g
Price 3.99? 4.49? 4.99?


As you can see from the table, meals range from 400 kcal to close to 700 kcal.

The macronutrient values are balanced, and with the possibility of choosing between three sizes, it is easier to adapt to your current goal.

If you are looking to lose weight, M may be the best bet, while if you want to gain muscle mass or have a very physically demanding day to day life, you will also find the solution in size L or XL.

The prices shown are those charged at the time of analysis and do not include any codes or promotions.

For what it is, they seem like very acceptable prices, and considering that you can easily get a 10% discount, it's closer to appealing than prohibitive.


And what about the taste? It is good?

Once again, the taste is very subjective, but here is the opinion of those who have already tried it.

The burger is good. For the price, it's actually quite nice. As for the rest, overall, it's average. The cauliflower doesn't taste bad, but it's far from impressive, the beetroot is nothing special, while the sweet potato and potato are pleasant.

Once again, taste is something very personal, and you may think otherwise.

Overall it's pleasant, especially the burger, but don't expect a dish worthy of a Michelin star.

easy and fitsy

Grilled Fish Loin

After two meat dishes, it was finally time to evaluate a fish meal. The famous hake.

Here, hake is not very popular in terms of flavor, and it is not exactly many people's favorite dish.

However, you could say it was a surprise.

It's not that this product has a spectacular flavor and will become a favorite in these parts, depleting Prozis' fish stock and putting the species into extinction. 

But given the expectations, it was ingested in a strangely pleasant way.

The ingredients are simple. Hake, basmati rice with peas and carrots. This and normal seasonings like lemon juice, garlic or olive oil.

Here you can also choose between three different sizes (M, L and XL) and below you will find the nutritional table and price.

Nutritional Value and Price

Calories 302 Kcal 449 Kcal 602 kcal
Proteins 29g 43g 57g
Carbohydrates 34g 50g 67g
Lipids 5g 7g 10g
Amount 280g 385g 510g
Price 4.49? 4.99? 5.49?


This is the least caloric meal of all those presented here. 

It is a good option especially for those looking to lose weight, although it also fits into a diet to gain muscle mass. It all depends on your diet and how you plan it.

Good and balanced amounts of proteins and carbohydrates, with low levels of fat.

If low amounts of fat is important to you, then this is the best meal of the four.

In terms of prices, as expected, it is slightly higher than the prices for meat dishes and is the most expensive meal in the analysis.

It doesn't mean it's expensive, and even in the largest size, XL, the price can be considered affordable since we're talking about a lunch/dinner.


Well, although the meal has a pleasant flavor, meat is still preferred around here.

easy and fitsy

Chicken Curry

We then arrived at the last meal, and it can be said that in terms of flavor, the best was saved for last and this was the favorite.

It's a simple dish, with just three ingredients? Chicken breast, basmati rice and green beans? plus the respective seasonings.

Simple but with good ingredients and good nutritional values for most cases.

It is also available in the three sizes of the previous meals and the nutritional values are lower, along with the price.

Nutritional Value and Price

Calories 361 Kcal 533 Kcal 721 Kcal
Proteins 31g 45g 60g
Carbohydrates 37g 54g 72g
Fats 10g 15g 20g
Amount 280g 380g 520g
Price 3.99? 4.49? 4.99?


At a nutritional level, as you can see from the table, it is very similar to what has already been presented here within the meat dishes.

It is, however, the most caloric meal of the four if you opt for size XL, although in size M it becomes the second least caloric, just behind hake.

This combined with the pleasant flavor of the meal (for those who enjoy chicken curry) makes it one of the most interesting Easy and Fitsy dishes of the four.

If you follow a high calorie diet, the XL option will probably fit well into your eating plan, however, if your diet is more focused on weight loss and reduced calories, then the M size is perhaps what you are looking for.

The price is also equivalent to other meat products.

Good product.

easy and fitsy

General evaluation

We normally carry out a more detailed analysis of the ingredients and nutritional values of what we publish on the website.

To the proteins for example, they often bring surprise and unwanted ingredients.

Here, that doesn't happen.

One of the most interesting points about this new Prozis concept, Easy and Fitsy, is that the meals contain only what matters. Just it.

Then, despite the difference in ingredients, all meals, with the slight exception of hake, are very similar in terms of macronutrients and price.

This is good and bad.

Good because the profile is balanced and, in general, fits with most diets and lifestyles.

Bad because being so generalized, there are certain types of more personalized diets that won't go so well with these products.

A diet lower in carbohydrates, but higher in proteins, may not be the best solution here.

An option to exchange carbohydrates for vegetables, for example, would please some, or simply a version of certain dishes more adapted to this concept.

Above all, Prozis seeks to provide meals for the most people here, and in this regard it is successful.

easy and fitsy


The concept is interesting, and although it won't interest everyone, it will certainly please many.

A quality meal ready to eat, without cooking and for a price that hardly anyone will consider high when seen in the context of lunch and/or dinner.

In the end, it is a product that leaves you with no excuses for failing in your diet, and that alone makes it an added value.

If it is useful for your case, only you can answer it.

In terms of quality, it is approved.

Have you used any of the Prozis Easy and Fitsy meals?

Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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