The best times to take Whey

The best times to take your Whey Protein shake

You've probably heard this name in the gym, and most likely you even have a bag, or bucket, of this famous protein supplement.

Whey Protein is the most well-known supplement, sold and used by all gym goers, and beyond.

It is a source of high quality protein, with an affordable price and very practical.

It is not mandatory, because there are no mandatory supplements, but it is very handy.

If you're one of the few for whom the word Whey is still a mystery, this isn't the right article for you, come by first.

If you already know a few things about this protein, and you've even used it, or used it, what are the best times to take it?

This article, like most articles on the site, is intended for gym goers, who seek to improve their body composition.

After training

Predictable, isn't it?

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All the marketing done by the brands of supplements falls above all on their supposed importance in post-workout nutrition.

About the supposed anabolic window.

About moving from a catabolic state to an anabolic state.

After a while, you think you're either going to run to the locker room to take your whey shake, or it's not even worth training.

In fact, whey shake after training isn't that important, but it's important that you put protein in after training, and Whey protein is probably the best choice.

You don't have to run to the locker room to take it, but you don't want to wait five hours before you eat protein after training.

Its absorption is fast, its amino acid profile is excellent and is extremely practical.

Your high level of BCAA's will help you recover from training, and yes, promote an anabolic state.

after training

Before training

Before training is also an excellent time to include this supplement, but it depends.

If an hour and a half before training you eat a nice steak with rice, there's no need to put Whey here.

If on the other hand, your pre-workout meal is light, and the time between the last bite and the start of training is three hours, including a Whey shake here is a good idea.

Basically, it's important to have a quality protein source near the moment of training, and if you don't, the inclusion of Whey here gains importance.

You can use another source of protein, but if you're thinking of starting your workout after 30 minutes, a salmon probably isn't a good bet.


The third best time to have a whey shake is breakfast.

A bit like pre-workout, the important thing here is to put a source of quality protein, whether in the form of Whey, eggs or tuna.

So if any source of quality protein fits, what is breakfast here doing?

Above all for being extremely practical and easy to consume.

The best source of protein in this meal is the one you eat.

If you're in a hurry and don't have time to prepare an omelette or any prepared meals, using this supplement is better than a protein-weak breakfast.

Whey oatmeal is a great way to start the day, and if you want to gain weight, Whey with oatmeal and peanut butter is almost magical.


Any other meal

To finish… any other meal.

So you're telling me to fill me with milkshakes from morning to night?


In fact, any other meal could even be considered the most important time to use a Whey shake.

This is because the most important thing as you know to achieve good results is to achieve the levels of macronutrients needed for your goal.

If you lack a protein source at a given meal, or if you reach the end of the day and you still don't have the amount of protein you need, a Whey shake easily solves that problem.

It's not that Whey itself will bring you some unique benefit, but because it will help you achieve the protein levels you need to evolve.


Whey is not a magic protein, it is not a mandatory supplement, but… it's handy.

Its high percentage of BCAA's and rapid absorption is very beneficial after training, and in various situations, also before training.

In the end, it's protein, and protein is a mandatory macronutrient to increase or maintain your muscle mass.

Calculate your caloric requirement, determine your daily protein requirements and use Whey as a tool to achieve them, and intelligently, to take advantage of their strengths at specific times such as post-workout.

If you're having trouble choosing your next (or first) Whey supplement, here are several reviews for various supplements to help you.

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