Frank Zane, the training plan

Frank Zane, the training plan

Frank Zane's training plan

Frank Zane is one of the greatest symbols of bodybuilding ever, winner of three Mr Olympias, is even today touted by many as the ideal physique.

It measures 1.75m and weighed around 84kg at competition height.

This is the training used by Frank Zane at the time he won Olympia, based on an ABC division and following the Push/Pull/Legs principle.

I normally trained three days and rested one, which led to six workouts a week, however, monthly I sometimes took a few extra days if I felt the need for a better recovery.

Another interesting detail was the fact that I stretched the muscle I was working on after practically every set.

At the end of all workouts you worked your abs, and at the end of the article, you find your abs workout.

Workout A – Back, Biceps, Forearms and ABS


In this training the first three sets of dead weight were done in the normal way, starting the exercise on the floor, while the final three sets opted to place the barbell on a slightly elevated surface.

Furthermore, since this was the main exercise in his training, he would rest some time between each set to recover.

In the concentrated bicep dumbbell exercise, I held the weight for one second at the top with maximum contraction and then descended in a slow and controlled manner.

I also did slow negatives in the standing dumbbell curl, while in the bench dumbbell curl I opted for a lighter weight, probably to get as much focus on technique as possible.

Your rest day would normally come after this workout so its impact on your lower back would not affect your squat for your next workout.

frank zane

Workout B - Legs


In the squat, I chose to go below parallel, and tried to make the negative phase (down) as controlled as possible.

In the press, he didn't put much weight, preferring to concentrate on going well down in the negative phase.

This day did not include lifting legs in suspension in abdominal training.


Workout C - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps


In the bench press, he opted for a slightly short handle and opted for slow negatives.

In the incline chest press, I went down the incline of the bench with each set, starting at 70º and going down one level successively, also doing slow negatives here, as in the bench press with short grip.

In the tricep extension with V-grip, I held the contraction for one second at each repetition at the peak of the exercise and in the laterals with cable, sometimes I did 3 sets of 12 repetitions without rest.

Frank Zane

Abs Workout

Frank Zane's abs workout was done at the end of each workout, in superset, starting with just three exercises and building up as he approached the competitive season, reaching 1,000 reps in total per workout in the finals.

Sometimes I chose to go back to the gym later and do the ab workout separate from the weight training, taking up to 30 minutes.

After the abdominal training, I would do 15 to 20 minutes on a bicycle or I would run at low intensity 2.4km.


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