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What are the best supplements to gain muscle?

Find out in this article which are the best supplements to gain muscle

If before the summer everyone is looking for the best ways to lose fat, it is during the winter that the muscles are built that will appear (or not) on the beach the following summer.

If you usually read our articles, you already know that to gain muscle, you need a diet hypercaloric, of a good training and of course, of rest.

But, what about supplements?

First of all, supplements are not mandatory, whether to gain muscle or lose fat, but they can help, and of course, some are more effective than others.

We also separated the various supplements by importance: First choices, second choices and third choices.

So what are the best supplements for gaining muscle mass?

That's what we're going to see now.

protein and creatine

Protein and Creatine

Protein… you were already waiting, weren't you?

Protein supplements are the best bet when it comes to the gym, and they are usually the foundation of any supplement.


Mainly because they help you to meet your daily protein needs with quality, and in an easy and practical way.

Whether to take a shake after training, add protein to a meal or make some revenue, is an extremely versatile supplement and a great asset in hypercaloric diets.

Do you need 150g of protein a day?

Two shakes and you get almost a third of that amount.

There are several types of protein, the most common being Whey, or whey protein, which provides you with not only a high concentration of protein, but also protein of high biological value, and taken after training will have several benefits , such as better recovery.

They are not very caloric, as they basically bring only protein, but protein is that essential nutrient that you need to gain muscle, and the one that is most easily lacking.

Don't know what protein to choose?

Take a look at our article The Best Whey Supplement or get to know All About Whey Protein.

After the protein, we have to add creatine.

Creatine gives strength and improves your performance in the gym, it is cheap and safe.

With creatine you can lift more weight and do more repetitions, and if you are eating properly, it will lead to an increase in muscle mass.

If you want to know more about creatine, take a look at our Complete guide to creatine.

beta caffeine alanine peanut butter

Caffeine, Beta-Alanine and… Peanut butter

Caffeine does not need presentations, it is that wonderful substance that you find in coffee and it wakes you up, even in the most complicated moments.

Why include it here?

Because you need energy in training, concentration and focus.

When it comes time to train, you should do your best and make the most of your training, and caffeine is good at that.

Whether in the form of coffee, tea or caffeine capsules, it is an excellent ingredient for your pre-workout.

Beta-Alanine is a supplement that has been gaining fans, as it allows you to do more repetitions and delay fatigue.

By getting more repetitions and delaying fatigue, you can get more out of training, and in combination with creatine, you have a great team here to improve your workouts and avoid stagnation.

If you want to know more about Beta-Alanine, take a look in this article.


Finally, peanut butter.

Peanut butter is not exactly a supplement, but it is so helpful in stages of muscle mass gain that we decided to include it here.

It is high in healthy fats, which makes it highly caloric, which when looking to gain muscle mass comes in handy, especially when there is not much appetite.

It is an essential ingredient in any homemade shake for weight gain, and in addition, it is delicious.

Pay attention to the type of peanut butter you buy, what is available in hypermarkets is usually filled with unnecessary ingredients. Peanut butter should only contain peanut butter such as this here.

multi and gainer

Multivitamin and Hypercaloric / Gainer

It is true, multivitamins are neither found in the first choices, nor in the second (they could be), but in the third.


If you follow a good diet, high in calories and with a good range of quality foods, you can probably already fill your vitamin and mineral needs.

Of course, there are more demanding workouts, more exhausting work and less careful food, which is why multivitamin can be useful in many cases.

Now, moving on to hypercalorics.

This choice was difficult.

To place or not to place the gainers?

On the one hand, this type of supplement is high in calories, which will help you gain weight.

On the other hand, most of these products are stupidly high in sugars and low in proteins.

There are good gainers, which will help you gain muscle mass, but they are rare (and expensive).

The cheap ones are usually just buckets of sugar, and you are better served making your homemade gainer with protein, peanut butter and a good source of carbohydrates or else the beaten virtual gym.

If you really want to use this type of supplement, buy one with a high percentage of protein per 100g, not per serving.

No, 10g of protein for every 100g is not high in protein, it is pathetic.


These are our favorite choices when it comes to gaining muscle.

There are dozens of supplements that promise to help you gain muscle mass, but the vast majority do little or nothing, and the purpose of this article is really that, to show you those that will certainly have a positive impact on your goal, as long as you do not expect miracles .

Don't forget that the most important thing to gain muscle will always be food and training, not supplementation.

If your favorite muscle building supplement was not included, tell us what it is in the comments, and why?

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