Create your own pre-workout supplement

How to create your own pre-workout supplement (and why)

Dozens of pre-workout supplements and you don't know which one to choose.

You look at the ingredients and it gets even more confusing.

Some work, others not at all.

We decided to create a formula to create your own pre-workout supplement.

This combination is intended to be simple, effective, economical and versatile.

It had to be useful regardless of the goal, whether it was winning muscle mass, perder fat ou conseguir uma melhor performance desportiva.

We only selected four ingredients, so don't worry, you won't need any laboratory, the kitchen will do.

But first of all, why create your own pre-workout?

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3 reasons to create your own pre-workout

Choose the ingredients that work

While in the case of a pre-workout supplement you are subject to the ingredients used by the brand, when creating your own, you decide the ingredients.

This means that you can put aside the ingredients that don't matter, and use only those that are really effective, and that adapt to your goals.

Furthermore, it is much easier to discover those that work with you, and those that do not.

You can adapt the doses to your measure

When opting for a pre-workout already done, you are subject to the doses used by the brand, and many times, these are not the best.

If the supplement you purchased has only 2.5g of Citrulline per dose, and you decide to increase it to two doses to get the ideal amount, you will increase all the other ingredients.

In most cases this means two things.

That the supplement will end quickly, and that you will have an excessive dose of caffeine.

In addition, you can adapt not only the dose, but also the ingredients to be used.

For example, if you have days that you train at night, you can (and should) easily remove the caffeine from your pre-workout, and keep the rest that does not harm your sleep.

Do I train in the morning the next day?

Just add Caffeine, in the ideal dose for you.


Finally, you save money.

You will hardly find a supplement that uses the right ingredients, in the right doses, at a price that equates to buying the ingredients individually.

You will be able to confirm this further down.

home pre-workout

The four ingredients

Agora que já tens alguns motivos para criares o teu próprio pré-treino caseiro, está na hora de passar aos ingredientes a utilizar.

Here are four suggestions to use before training.


We start with the most known and obvious ingredient, Caffeine.

Caffeine is found mainly in coffee and has a stimulating effect.

It is the main energy ingredient in this formula, and will allow you to get more out of your training.

It also has a slight thermogenic effect, which will lead you to burn more fat if that is your goal.

As for the dose to be used, if you don't drink coffee, choose to start with 100mg, if you are already used to using coffee, use between 150mg to 200mg of caffeine.

You can, of course, use coffee as your source of caffeine.

The ideal is to adjust the dose according to your sensitivity to caffeine.

home pre-workout


A Tirosina é um aminoácido naturalmente presente nos alimentos, e atualmente, é extremamente comum em suplementos pré-treino.


Tyrosine makes an excellent synergy with Caffeine, and expands its positive effects.

You can train with greater concentration and energy, and thus get more out of training.

Use 1g to start, and if it is not enough, go up to 2g.

You have here some more information about Tyrosine.


If you read ours guide on Citrulline, you already know what you're doing here.

It is an ingredient present in almost all pre-workouts on the market, but unfortunately, few use an effective dose.

This amino acid will reduce fatigue and improve your training performance, allowing for more sets, repetitions and loads.

In addition, it will also reduce post-workout pain and increase vasodilation.

Use between 6g to 8g in the form of Citrulline Malate or between 3g to 5g if you choose L-Citrulline.

Prepare yourself not only for more intense workouts, but also for a much more obvious pump.

To learn more about Citrulline, see here our guide on this amino acid.


Finally, Beta-Alanine.

This supplement improves your performance in gymnasium, e, portanto, vais conseguir mais repetições, mais séries e consequentemente melhores resultados.

If you are in the fat loss phase, Beta-Alanine is very good for increasing resistance in cardio training.

This supplement, unlike Caffeine and Citrulline, should be taken every day and not just pre-workout, and the dose should be between 2g to 5g daily.

It starts with the smallest dose, and divides into two doses, since higher doses taken at once usually cause the famous tingling, which although harmless, is unnecessary.

You have a complete article on Beta-Alanine here.

home pre-workout


The formula is simple, with only four ingredients, and all of them are effective.

It now remains to be seen whether the objective of creating a pre-workout that is not only effective, but also economical, has been achieved.

We used the values practiced by Myprotein for these supplements, without discounts, to calculate the price of this formula.

The weekly value of this combination if you train four times a week is 3.23 € and monthly you are around 13 €.

Sim, o teu pré-treino caseiro vai-te custar apenas 3,23€ semanais, menos do que um Happy Meal no McDonalds.

This includes 200mg of caffeine per workout, 1g of tyrosine per workout, 6g of Citrulline Malate per workout and 2.5g of Beta-Alanine daily.

That is, the recommended doses for each of the ingredients.

Products used for calculation

What to expect from this formula?

This combination of ingredients is primarily intended to improve your training performance.

You will feel more energy, concentration, resistance and strength.

You will notice a more pronounced pump and the loads you used last week will look lighter.

Now, you need to make an effort in training, and take advantage of this combination.

None of these ingredients will give you muscle mass if you don't do it.

When you get better workouts, more intense and with higher loads, you will have better results.

This is what this pre-workout will do for you, give you better workouts.

suplemento pré-treino caseiro

So what about Creatine ?!

Creatine could have been included, but it was not.


First, because it is more advantageous to use it in the post-workout and not in the pre-workout, especially in the short / medium term.

Second, because in the phase of fat loss, fluid retention caused by creatine can be unpleasant, especially in people more susceptible to this type of effect.

Does this mean that Creatine is bad?

Do not.

If you're looking to gain muscle, Creatine is probably the best supplement you can use, so adding 5g after training is a good idea.

You will find our complete guide to Creatine here.

suplemento pré-treino caseiro


Tal como prometido no início do artigo, a fórmula é simples, económica e existem diversos estudos a comprovar a eficácia de todos os ingredientes.

Attention, effective does not mean miraculous.

If you do 60kg of bench press today, you will not switch to 100kg of bench press tomorrow.

It can be used at any stage you are in, and they are safe ingredients, as long as you respect the recommended doses.

You can of course add more ingredients, if necessary, or remove, if you want something more basic.

Oh, and of course, don't forget the most important.

Training, diet and rest.

Only then does supplementation come.

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20 comentários

  1. Good,
    I will try for sure!
    Should I take pre-training as long as before training?

    Thank you and continued good work.

    1. Hi David.
      It depends on when you had your last meal, but usually the ideal is between 30 and 45 minutes before training.

  2. Well, can I replace L-Tyrosine with N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine?
    L-Tyrosine is slightly more expensive than N-Acetyl (by my protein), around 40 cent. a month. I know it's not a big difference, but I would like to know :) This using 300 mg of N-Acetyl instead of 1 g of Tyrosine.

    1. From studies, L-Tyrosine appears to be more effective.

      In practice, there are those who prefer NALT (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine) over L-Tyrosine, but also those who prefer L-Tyrosine.

      It's a matter of experimenting, but the safest bet really seems to be L-Tyrosine :)

      1. Thanks for the answer! I have just one more question, which is the amount of water I use more or less to mix everything…

        1. About 250 / 300ml to ensure a good dissolution.

          Honestly, it doesn't make much difference, as long as you drink enough water during the day.

        2. If the caffeine is in a tablet type it is the same right? is that powder only from prozis and has been exhausted for a long time

        3. Yes it is.

          Preferably tablet instead of capsule, so if you want to reduce the dose, just break the tablet in half :)

  3. How can I find each of the supplements mentioned here and then mix everything up ?? or what is the most balanced product on the market?


    1. You have the individual products listed in the “Products used for calculation” table.

      As for the best formula on the market… good question, but no answer at the moment!

      With the amount of different pre-workouts that exist, it would take some time, maybe in a next article :)

  4. Goodnight.
    I prefer to take it in pills, because I don't feel comfortable when I drink 250ml or 300ml before training, do you think it makes any difference? Do pills do the same?


    1. Yes, you can take it in capsules / tablets, the only problem will be the amount of capsules you will need to reach the ideal doses.

  5. Good friend,

    Yesterday I tested this “homemade” pre-workout and the effect level was 5 *!
    I only have one question, is it normal for the taste to be sooooo bad?


    1. Yes, it is normal that it is not very pleasant ????

      If you notice, there is no ingredient to flavor it, just results.

      To solve this problem, you can use juice instead of water, for flavor.

  6. WHAT the opinion for the MyProtein product: PULSE: GEL (Pre-workout gel with citrulline, beta alanine, caffeine, taurine and ALCAR)

    1. It depends on the goal, but it seems to be ok as a pre-workout, although the dose of Citrulline is low.

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