What is Rest-Pause?

Rest-pause or rest-pause (it's the same thing) is a technique used to be able to do some more repetitions with the same weight.

Basically the rest-pause consists of resting between 5 and 10 seconds when you can't perform a certain exercise anymore and do a few more repetitions.

You can do it more than once.



You put 150kg on the deadweight, do 8 repetitions and you can't do the 9th repetition.

Rest between 5 and 10 seconds and do a few more repetitions, i.e. the 9th repetition and possibly the 10th. ( Usually are between 1-2 repetitions, depends on the exercise)

If you want to, after these extra repetitions, you can repeat the process.

Rest another 5-10 seconds and try the 11th and 12th repetition.

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