Muscletech Cell Tech Hyper-Build – Analysis

Muscletech Cell Tech Hyper-Build Add-on Analysis

Cell Tech Hyper-Build is a variation of Muscletech's well-known Cell-Tech, and combines above all two ingredients, Creatine and BCAA's.

It has two different types of Creatine, a good amount of BCAA's, some L-Glutamine, Taurine and even other small ingredients.

It is a supplement intended to be used after training, with the goal not only of gaining muscle mass, but also of helping in recovery after an intense workout.

It is available in various flavors, but only in the format of 485g, which theoretically equates to 30 doses.

Each dose consists of 16g, and taking into account the amount of ingredients, we will separate the analysis by the different matrices.

To see the list of ingredients and official nutritional table in detail, click here.

Let's then start the analysis to Cell Tech Hyper-Build.

BCAA's matrix


  • L-Leucine (4g)
  • L-Vaina (1g)
  • L-Isoleucine (1g)
  • L-Glutamine (1g)

The BCAA's Matrix is the first combination of ingredients on the Cell Tech Hyper Build label, and fortunately the amount used for each of them is presented.

It's 6g of BCAA's per dose, which is an optimal value, although the 4:1:1 ratio is slightly different from usual, with Leucine in much higher concentration.

There is no doubt that Leucine is the most important amino acid in this group, and its increased use may be an advantage.

Then there's L-Glutamine.

L-Glutamine is not a BCAA although it is included in its matrix.

This is a very popular amino acid, although studies do not demonstrate great advantage in its use when it comes to gym.

In addition the dose is low.

It is an interesting matrix and that can really help in recovery, especially with the present dose of Leucine, which is very good.

Matrix of muscle growth and strength


  • Creatine Monohydrate (4g)
  • Creatine HCl (1g)

The matrix of muscle growth and strength is where we find the famous Creatine that is present in two forms.

Creatine Monohydrate is the most studied form of Creatine and one of the most effective ingredients for those who want to increase muscle mass.

Creatine HCl is a more recent form, but theoretically similar in efficacy and results to monohydrate.

The dose used is 4g for monohydrate and 1g for the HCl form.

This gives a total of 5g of Creatine, which is the most common dose, and as a rule the ideal dose to achieve the best results.

At creatine level, Cell Tech Hyper-Build does not fail.

Amino acid matrix for cell volumization


  • Taurine (1g)
  • Concentrated sour cherry juice (240mg)

The amino acid matrix for cell volumization is composed of an amino acid and… a fruit.

Taurine is an amino acid already classic in this type of formula, and although it may have some benefits, you will hardly notice anything.

Concentrated sour cherry juice, on the other, is difficult to evaluate.

It has an antioxidant effect and this study concluded that people who used it noticed slightly less muscle pain than those who did not.

One thing is certain, at the level of volumization this matrix leaves much to be desired.

muscletech cell tech hyper-build

Electrolyte mixture


  • Sodium chloride (180mg)
  • Coconut water (50mg)
  • Watermelon juice powder (50mg)
  • Dipotassium phosphate (40mg)

This mixture is just as the name indicates a combination of ingredients for the purpose of providing you with electrolytes.

When you train, if you sweat too much, you lose some electrolytes, which can impair your performance and recovery.

The idea of using them in this formula is interesting, but the amount is low and will hardly have any impact.

Support mix


  • White blackberry extract (100mg)
  • Fig of India (50mg)

The support mixture consists of two plants.

In this case it is difficult to make an analysis since information on both is scarce.

Whiteberry Extract can reduce carbohydrate absorption, and inflammation, although the dose used in Cell Tech Hyper-Build apparently isn't enough.

As for figo of india, the little information that exists, indicates that the dose used in this supplement is too low to have any effect.

How to take it?

According to Muscletech you should take a dose of Cell Tech Hyper-Build after training, but if you want maximum effect, you should use two doses.

The problem is that if you follow these indications, you will not optimize creatine supplementation as much as possible, which should be done every day.

If you train only two or three times a week, then you fall far short of the optimal dose of Creatine.

To solve this problem, either take the supplement every day, and only one dose, or use a pure Creatine supplement apart for days without training.

This is not mandatory, and you will have a better recovery even if you use it as the brand implies, you just won't maximize creatine's potential.

Where to buy?

You will find this supplement available here and when using the GVIRTUAL code at checkout you are still 10% off.


Muscletech Cell Tech Hyper-Build is a supplement with an interesting formula, but with some flaws.

First, after training it is important to use a good dose of protein to maximize your results, and this product does not have protein, only BCAA's and a few more amino acids.

Second, if you follow the brand's instructions, you will stay away from the ideal protocol for using Creatine.

With the addition of some carbohydrates, or at least a good amount of whey protein, it could undoubtedly be a good supplement to use after training.

At the price level, each dose has a cost of 0,93€, and if you want the maximum results that the brand speaks, and use two doses, then the value rises to 1,86 €.

For a supplement that is above all a combination of Creatine with BCAA's, it is a completely exaggerated value.

Interesting supplement, but incomplete, and with an excessive price.

If you want to know more about Creatine supplementation, our guide will help clarify all your questions and is available here.

To consult all creatine supplement reviews, go through here.


The price used to do this analysis was that practiced by the Prozis store, without recourse to promotions or discounts, and of course it can change at any time.

The price used was as follows.

485g – 27,99€ (0,93€/dose)

By using the GVIRTUAL code at checkout you can also get 10% discount at this price.

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