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Beatriz Biscaia Interview

Interview with athlete Beatriz Biscaia

Beatriz Biscaia is a Bikini Fitness athlete who, despite her age, 16 years old, has already presented excellent results in terms of competitions.

Not only did he have excellent performances at a national level, he also represented Portugal abroad in the well-known Arnold Classic.

Find out more about this athlete in this interview.

  • Name: Beatriz Biscaia
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 1.58m
  • Weight: 53kg

Some of Beatriz's competitions and results:

  • PFBB National Championship – Second Place Junior Bikini
  • Diamond Cup Espinho – Junior Bikini First Place
  • Rui Ferreira Trophy – First Place Overall Bikini Fitness
  • Arnold Classic Europe – Ninth Place Junior Bikini
  • Portugal Classic – First Place Overall Bikini Fitness

How and why did you start training?

I started training because I had left the dance and felt a deep need to continue exercising.

I have always been linked to sport, having already practiced swimming, horseback riding and dancing.

The gym was an occupation that arose when I was looking for a new sport. Fortunately, I discovered bodybuilding.

Beatriz Biscay bikini fitness interview

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What made you want to compete?

The thirst for more.

I fully support everyone who practices what they practice simply for sports.

Fortunately, I can't stay by just pleasing myself.

I need and always needed to show everyone what I struggled every day to have, whether in equestrian or even in dance.

What kind of food do you follow?

I follow a restricted diet in pre-competition time and a softer one when I am off-season, that is, with no upcoming competitions.

I have an eating plan for any stage, varying only the amount and some breaks I can have.

That said, the basis of my diet is as follows:

  • White and red meats
  • Rice
  • Sweet potato
  • eggs
  • Oats
  • Pasta
  • Vegetables (Many!)

Beatriz Biscay bikini

What kind of training do you follow?

I train six times a week and divide my workouts by the large muscle groups: Dorsal, shoulders, buttocks, quadriceps, arms and hindquarters.

The sequence is always alternated between upper and lower, as it should always be, due to the rest time that must be given.

What are your three favorite exercises?

I never chose my three favorite exercises.

However, if I had to choose them all of a sudden, the shoulder press, the hip abduction and any one-sided shoulder exercise immediately jump to my mind.

In superseries or drop set, pure love!

Beatriz Biscay Bikini Fitness

Where does your motivation come from?

Me and what I want for the near and distant future.

They say the size of the cross is never bigger than what we can carry, and if it is, I take it and squat!

What supplements do you use?

It depends on the stage I am in, just like everything.

The ones I usually use are:

Goals for the future, what are they?

Like all bodybuilders, my biggest one is, without a doubt, stepping on the stage of Olympia in Las Vegas.

However, I still have a lot to walk there.

For the near future, I just work to maintain my sponsorships, continue to compete in all the competitions I can and are better for my resume, and above all, continue to enjoy it as much as I do now.

Beatriz Bikini Fitness

Any tips in particular for those just starting out?

Always believe what you are and what you will be in two, three, ten years.

We are always capable of everything we really want and we have lots of living examples to believe it. Just love what you do.

Another tip: Don't be in a hurry.

Love the process as if it were the last thing you would do in your life.

Follow Beatriz on social media.

Instagram: @biscaiafitness

Facebook: Beatriz Biscaia

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