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Myprotein Impact Whey - Analysis

We are going for the first time to do an analysis of a whey protein and we start with one that is gaining a lot of fans in Portugal, this is the Impact Whey from Myprotein.

The review will be the flavorless version, so there are some differences for the flavored versions of this protein, both in terms of price, composition and nutritional values.

This supplement, as the name implies, is a whey protein, that is, a whey protein, and is composed only of concentrated whey protein.

It is available in bags of 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg for € 14.89, € 30.89 and € 54.89 respectively.

For those who are within the prices of whey supplements, you can easily see that this is a very interesting value.

However, it is increasingly common for low-priced proteins that sacrifice the quality of the product, so we decided to take a 2.5 kg bag of this protein and have a look.

Is Myprotein's Impact Whey Worth It?

Impact Whey Presentation

The version we have for analysis is 2.5 kg, however, they all come in bags.

For those who usually buy protein supplements from well-known brands, they are probably used to the traditional protein bucket, however, the bag is equally comfortable and easy to carry.

We found a scoop in the bag and luckily we didn't have to go very deep until it appeared. Lucky, maybe.

Impact Whey is cream as we can see in the image below.

Myprotein Impact Whey
Yes… half has already come to life!

Nutritional value

So let's get to what really matters, if we weren't talking about a nutritional supplement.

The values of this protein from Myprotein are quite interesting, mainly because it is a concentrated and not isolated protein.

25g 100g
Protein 20.5g 82g
Carbohydrates 1.5g 6g
Fats 1.7g 6.8g


Each scoop brings an average of 25g, that is, if we use a scoop to make our smoothie, we will have 20.5g of protein, practically the same as a small / medium chicken steak.

If we look at the values for each 100g, we see that Impact Whey is composed of 82% of protein, an excellent value for a concentrated whey supplement.

There is little to say about the values of carbohydrates or fat since they are so low, 1.5 g and 1.7 g respectively per shake.

Analyzing in more detail, we look at the ingredients and see that this formula uses only concentrated whey protein and an emulsifier.

That is, just what matters without unnecessary additions.


Myprotein Impact Whey Aminogram

Looking at the aminogram, we see that for each 100g we have 18.77g of BCAA's and 4.7g for each scoop (25g).

BCAA's are the amino acids with the greatest impact on protein synthesis and to put these values in perspective, we compare Impact Whey to the most sold protein in the world, the Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Standard.


Impact Whey Gold Standard Whey ON
Total Protein / 100g 82g 81.6g
BCAA's / 100g 18.77g 18.71g


Looking at the table we see that both proteins have practically the same amount of both protein and BCAA's.

In nutritional terms it is clearly an excellent protein, with a high protein value and BCAA's.


This is where the biggest problem lies, not only with this supplement, but with any flavorless protein.

THE Impact Whey tasteless it tastes bad.

Although the taste is always subjective, hardly anyone will praise the taste of this supplement and, from the first times it requires a little effort to drink it (and probably a grimace too).

As whey protein is normally used after training in combination with carbohydrates, we tried two homemade mixes: one with banana and one with powdered nesquik.

Both smoothies were nice.

You still have two other alternatives.

THE Impact Whey with flavor or the popular ones FlavDrops, which are drops that you can add to any supplement to give it a pleasant taste.

Those who drink this protein with nothing added will probably wrinkle their nose the first few times, however, the fact that it has no flavor is excellent for those who want to make mixes.


This is where this supplement really stands out, as it has a price well below the average of those we find in the most well-known brands.

1kg 2.5kg 5kg
Doses 40 100 200
Cost Per Serving € 0.37 € 0.31 € 0.27
Cost 100g / protein * € 1.81 € 1.50 € 1.33
Total cost 14.89 30.89 54.89


The cost per 100g of protein, refers to the amount paid for each 100g of real protein.

While the cost per serving refers to the cost per scoop, in this case 25g and that contain 20.5g of real protein.

The cost per 100g of protein refers not to 100g of product but to 100g of protein itself.

In the 2.5 kg version, each dose costs just 31 cents.

To put these values in perspective, we will again compare this supplement to the Optimum Nutrition whey, as they are nutritionally very similar.

Since the average value for ON's 2.2 kg protein is 60 €, each dose costs an average of 78 cents, which is more than double.

Finally, it is interesting to look at the value for each 100g of protein, which is only 1.5 € in the case of the 2.5 kg format, and 1.33 € in the 5 kg version.

We just say, because in the case of Optimum Nutrition protein, the value for each 100g of protein is € 3.12!

Where to buy?

You find this supplement available on here and you can still go through on here to get a discount.

Myprotein Impact Whey


THE Impact Whey it has an excellent percentage of protein (82%), with an enormous amount of BCAA's (18.7%), being therefore from the nutritional point of view an excellent choice.

In addition, it is probably the protein with the best quality / price ratio currently available on the market.

The only negative point is the taste, although this is something that happens in any protein supplement with no added flavor.

You find the flavor version review on here.

For those looking for quality protein at a good price this is an excellent bet.

You can also go through on here to get a discount code.

Have you used the Impact Whey?

Leave your opinion in the comments!

impact whey myprotein
Positive points
Whey protein only, no useless additions.
Variety of flavours.
Negative Points.
Nothing to point out.
Very good
Where to buy?

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36 thoughts on “Myprotein Impact Whey – Análise”

  1. I am very happy with MyProtein, I have always used Impact Whey Protein Plus, where the only difference is the addition of a multivitamin and I recently ordered Whey Protein Isolate. However, both I ordered with a smooth chocolate flavor, which I recommend, although the brand warns that when a flavored version is ordered, the nutritional values indicated go down. I also consume omegas from the same brand, they are from Puremax. I recommend!

  2. Good night! Did you mention that you take the protein with Nesquick, is it a good option after weight training and athletics? In fact this protein is excellent, I like the neutral flavor, but for those who don't like it, you can add cinnamon or a little honey or natural jelly.

      1. luiz fernando cortiço da silva

        Hello friend, can I buy on this site, which is reliable? do you suggest any tips? I wait and thank you


          Hi Luiz, it depends if you are in Portugal or in Brazil, since this site only sells in Portugal.

  3. ruth rodrigues de paula

    I wanted to buy but I see a kilo, but then they say that they don't want to sell, I wanted to buy many things, but it's too expensive to give up

  4. Excellent review, thanks. By the way, a little question…On the MyProtein website they say it doesn't bring scoop.
    “1 large MP measure of plastic weighs 25 g. (not included)”
    Has that changed recently, or is it a mistake?

    1. Hi John,
      It really says that on the website, which is strange, I just opened a 5kg bag to confirm and the scoop was there, as usual ..

      1. Good afternoon,
        Check it out, my Impact Whey bag with Mocha flavor arrived today and brings a beautiful blue scoop. Smelling, smells really good, tomorrow I'll leave you in the Impact post with flavor my opinion about it!

  5. Good,
    I use a digital scale for nutritional reference, I have always consumed MyProtein's Impact Whey, and I can only get 25 grams if I use 2 scoops, I have tested several times, so I always use two scoops since I switched to this brand. am I consuming too much?

    1. Hi Bruno, this is weird ..
      I went to test to confirm and it gave me between 24g to 25g.
      Is the scoop you use the one that came with the supplement?

      1. Good,
        You're right, I've never used the blue scoop because the measure that appears there marked in the scratch is 50, and as the bag has to warn that the scoop doesn't correspond to the real measure, I associated the 50 to grams without checking, I use another scoop that I already had from another brand. I went to confirm the blue today and in fact 1 scoop is 25 grams, as in the description. I looked at that and in fact it looked like a glass of "skip" and I always thought that it wasn't that measure as such I used what I was used to. So it's simpler in fact.
        Clarified thank you,

        Ps The scoop is huge compared to others ..

      2. Rita Vasconcelos

        Helo! My question is exactly the same as Bruno's. As the post has been there for some time, I'll rephrase the thing: I bought the 1kg package of this whey. I opened the bag and actually saw the blue scoop. I happily prepare the protein with a full scoop and go to drink. When I finish I notice that, inside the scoop, there are risks with values, and the value corresponding to the entire scoop is 70. I thought “fantastic, I took 70 grams of whey at once”. Like Bruno, I also saw written on the bag that the whey doesn't come with the 25g scoop. As I don't have a kitchen scale, I couldn't confirm this issue. After all, what values are those who come in scoop? Is it to ignore and consider that that scoop has 25g?


        1. Hi Rita,
          The measurements that are on the scoop are for water measurement, where the 70 refer to 70ml, and yes, each scoop has approximately 25g of whey :)

  6. Valdeir Luiz da Silva

    Hello, sorry for my ignorance but know a store that sends this product to Brazil.

    I thank.

  7. Good afternoon GV,

    just a question, since this whey is very good and with a good amount of BCAA, is it necessary to supplement with BCAA separately, or is this enough whey enough? I just tried BCAA without flavor (powder) and I can't even drink it.




      Hi Nuno.

      In most cases there is no great advantage to using BCAA's when you are already using a good whey protein, so yes, you will probably be served well with just the protein shake :)

      1. Roberto Vieira

        Impact Whey Protein is certainly one of the best whey on the market. It is not by chance that Labdoor's protein ranking is in 8 place, the Whey Isolate My Protein version in 3 place and Iso Pro My Protein in 1 place. I'm more uncertain about buying Whey Isolate or Iso Pro. Do these last 2 proteins have glutamine? Although I have been training for many years, I have never been very adept at supplements. But I had times when I took protein for 2 or 3 months, only on the days I trained and after training (3 to 4 workouts per week). I haven't taken it in 4 years. But now I'm going to bet on good isolated whey and maybe something else. And here my doubts arise about what to buy to complement whey?


          Hi Roberto.

          It depends a lot on your goals.
          If you are going to gain muscle mass, Creatine for example is a good bet.

  8. Helo!
    Does this supplement increase muscle mass ??
    And can I also take MALTODEXTRIN even if I take Impact Whey ???


      Hi Jorge, this supplement is just a protein. It helps, but you need a good diet to go with it.

      And yes, if you want you can use Maltodextrin while using Impact Whey.

  9. I've been reading the article and check that it refers to 82gr of protein per 100gr, as well as on the my protein website, what is certain is that the bag I received, in the description only mentions 75gr/100, as well as the other ingredients have changes…


      Yes, it is normal, you can find the reason at the beginning of the article.

      "The review will be for the unflavored version, so there are some differences for the flavored versions of this protein, both in terms of price, composition and nutritional values."

      Here you have a comparison between the flavored version (strawberry) and the flavorless version:

  10. Hi, good article. But price pretty outdated today.
    Example: 2.5kg price is €37, and just in case we have a discount code


      Hello John.
      Thanks for the comment, and unfortunately, yes. It is out of date.

      This, the other reviews and especially the top, which are on the pending list already with some powder..

      Out of curiosity, despite the price rise overall, has the quality/price "landscape" changed much between brands?

      I got the idea not, but I could be wrong.

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