Yanita Yancheva training

Yanita Yancheva, the training plan

Get to know this athlete's training plan

Yanita Yancheva is a Bulgarian athlete and fitness model. At 29 years old, he measures 1.70m and weighs approximately 52kg.

Your training plan consists of four days of weight training, where you train a different muscle every day.

He also does a day of high-intensity cardio training and bets on working his abs every day he does weight training.

Abdominal training can be found at the bottom of the page.

Get to know your training plan below.

Monday – Back and Abdominals

Yanita Yancheva training

Tuesday – Shoulders and Abdominals

Wednesday – Arms and Abdominals

Yanita Yancheva training plan

Thursday – Legs and Abdominals

On Friday, athlete Yanita Yancheva trains HIIT, while on Saturday and Sunday he chooses to rest and recover.

As for abdominal training, stay low.


Yanita Yancheva gym training

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