FST-7 Workout Plan

FST-7 is a workout created by trainer Hany Rambod, famous for having trained athletes such as Phil Heath, Jay Cutler or Jeremy Buendia.

FST-7 is the acronym for Fascial Stretch Training, which translates as fascia stretching training. As for the number 7, it is the number of series used by this technique.

In short, with this training we will do a normal hypertrophy training, with around 3 to 4 sets per exercise, and with 8 to 12 repetitions per set, but in the last exercise of each muscle group, we perform 7 sets, with little rest between each one to get the best pump possible.

Compound exercises should not be used in this series of 7, as the objective is to focus as much as possible on the muscle in question. The ideal would be to use machines or cables.

This series of 7 is always performed at the end of training each muscle group.

Example of a training plan with the FST-7 technique

Training A

Training B

Training C

D training

Training E

The rest time in the series of 7 should be around 30 seconds.

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