chris kakouras gym training plan

Chris Kakouras – Training plan

The training plan for athlete Chris Kakouras.

Chris Kakouras is a Men's Physique athlete.

It measures 1.76m and weighs between 82kg to 91kg, depending on what stage you are in, competition or off-season.

He trains every day, although on Sunday he sticks to cardio training and some abdominal exercises.

He gives particular attention to the chest and shoulders, training these muscles directly twice a week in an intense way.

Get to know the training plan of this athlete below.

Monday - Chest and triceps

chris kakouras training plan

Tuesday - Shoulders

Wednesday - Back and biceps

Thursday - Legs

chris kakouras workout

Friday - Chest

Saturday - Shoulders

Saturday - Cardio and Abdominals

chris kakouras training men's physique

  • Sources
  • Information taken from the athlete's website and Instagram.

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