3 Fat Loss Supplements

Three Effective Fat Loss Supplements

With the amount of supplements there to lose fat, it is difficult to choose those that actually bring some benefit.

We choose three value-for-money supplements to help you achieve your goals, whether it's by increasing energy, reducing appetite or increasing metabolism.

The famous Fat-Burners were not included, as in addition to the formulas constantly changing, many of the ingredients used do not present studies to prove their effectiveness.

Let's present the three chosen.


Tyrosine/Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid, fundamental for the production of dopamine and norepinephrine catecholamines.

It is also precursor of thyroid hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).

Being an amino acid precursor to both dopamine and norepinephrine, one of the main effects for those looking to lose fat is the increase in energy levels, usually lower in low-calorie diets, and concentration levels.

It proved to be effective both physically and mentally in stressful situations and in reducing fatigue. (1)

It is also possible to suppress appetite with this supplement, as increased catecholamines may have this effect.

In addition, Tyrosine being a precursor of thyroid hormones, can optimize nutrient metabolism in case of deficiency, leading to a higher consumption of calories by the body.

Tyrosine works very well in conjunction with caffeine, increasing its effectiveness.

Recommended dose: Between 500mg to 1.5g before training, start with the lower dose and increase if necessary.

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5htp5-HTP means 5-hydroxytryptophan, or also known as oxytriptan.

It is an amino acid and is a precursor to serotonin, being effective at increasing levels of this neurotransmitter.

Given that the mechanism of operation of 5-HTP is simply based on increased serotonin, it is important to know the role of this neurotransmitter and what its functions are.

Serotonin is responsible for regulating various functions in the body, from sleep to appetite and passing through well-being.

Low serotonin levels are associated with depression, insomnia and so-called "cravings", that is, an above average will to eat sweets.

5-HTP works by increasing this neurotransmitter, being a useful tool in diets for weight loss, since it promotes satiety, and it becomes easier to control the foods that are consumed(2)(3)(4).

In other words, it's easier to follow the diet without slipping because 5-HTP reduces appetite.

In addition, low-calorie diets are associated with mood swings and sometimes difficulties in falling asleep. This supplement by promoting increased serotonin levels, manages to maintain a more stable mood, a feeling of relaxation that can help fight insomnia and a general well-being.

Recommended dose: Between 50mg to 100mg 30 minutes before main meals, start with the lower dose and increase if necessary up to a maximum of 300mg per day.

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CaffeineCaffeine is an alkaloid of the xanine group, and we all know it from difficult mornings or longer nights to keep us awake, but it can also help us when our goal is to lose fat.

The three main benefits are:

Increased energy and concentration

Whether before training to increase performance or in the middle of the day when sleep strikes, caffeine wards off drowsiness and promotes an active lifestyle, leading to burning more calories than those burned if we choose to take a nap.

In addition, by increasing energy and concentration levels, it leads to better training performances and consequently better results.

Increased metabolism

Caffeine has a thermogenic effect and promotes an increase in metabolism, leading to burning more calories both at rest and in exercise(5).

Reduced appetite

Although slight caffeine reduces appetite, helping to follow a low-calorie diet in which hunger usually becomes one of the main enemies.

Together with Tyrosine this effect becomes much more evident, and leads to greater control not only of the quantity, but also of the quality of the food ingested.

Recommended dose: If you've never had coffee in your life, or aren't used to it, start with 50mg to 100mg before training, but if you're used to 200mg coffee it's usually the ideal dose.

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Two amino acids and the most well-known, studied and used stimulant in the world.

These were our three choices, no obscure ingredients, no magic tricks, just little energy aid, appetite control and increased fat burning.

Needless to say, don't expect miracles, and without a good diet and training, you might as well leave the supplements aside, because they won't have much impact.

On the other hand, if you use them in conjunction with a good fat burning plan, they will be good allies to achieve your goals.


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