How to increase the upper chest area

Some tips to increase the upper chest area

Sometimes parts of the body are left behind, they do not follow the development of other muscle groups.

We all have muscles that develop more easily, and we all have others that don't seem to evolve.

If in your case it is the upper chest area that insists on not growing, take a look at these tips that we have for you.

Begin training with a compound exercise for the upper chest

Instead of starting the chest workout with the bench press, start with the incline bench press.

If you usually use the chest press as the first exercise, adjust the bench and start doing the chest press as the first exercise.

At the beginning of the training you always have more strength and energy, and by placing an exercise for the upper chest area as number one, you will be able to put some more weight than what you would use if you left it for second or third place.

Use this extra strength to put on more weight, progress and give the muscle a new boost.

The choice for the first exercise is limited to the incline bench press or inclined press as they are the two best exercises to work the upper chest.

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Pay attention to the angle of the seat in the inclined press, too much inclination will put too much emphasis on the shoulders and that's not what you're looking for.

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Do a second exercise for the upper chest

Don't limit yourself to using just one upper chest exercise if you are really falling behind.

If you start training with the incline bench press, you do not necessarily have to move on the second exercise immediately to a flat or declined bench press.

You can use an inclined chest press at a different angle, slightly lower than the average 45 degrees of inclined bench press.

Or you can use the openings with their variation for the upper chest.

Do a second weekly chest workout

If you train each muscle group only once a week, try adding a second chest workout.

Don't forget that you have to pay close attention to get the best out of this method.

Do not do both chest workouts on two days in a row and do not do a chest workout the day after doing a shoulder and triceps workout.

In addition, take advantage of this second weekly training to change some variables in relation to the other training. Less rest times between sets. More rest time between sets. More repetitions. Less repetitions. Different exercises.

Puts chest training after a day of rest

After a rest day you are cooler and with your batteries charged to have the best possible workout.

If you really want to prioritize your chest, there is nothing like planning your workouts so that your chest training is after a day of rest.

Rest well, eat well and get enough hours during the rest day.

The next day you will be stronger and you will get the best out of the training.

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Uses advanced techniques

Do you put 100kg on the incline bench, do 10 reps and stop just because the program says to do 10 reps?

Do not.

If you can do one or two more repetitions, do one or two more repetitions. Even if it means going to failure.

You shouldn't constantly go to failure, but going to failure in the last / last series of your first exercise for the upper chest is a good idea to break plateaus and progress.

But of course, don't go to failure in all exercises and in all sets.

In addition to going to failure, you can use other advanced techniques such as drop-sets, negatives or forced repetitions.

Again, don't abuse these techniques.


Finally, try changing the number of repetitions you do per set.

If you use a 10-12 repetition schedule per exercise, try 6-8 repetitions for a few weeks.

If you do 6-8 repetitions, try 10 repetitions per set.

Don't limit yourself to changing just for a week. Try it for at least 4 to 6 weeks to draw a conclusion.

Final notes

Basically if the upper part of your chest is clearly falling behind, you should not continue to do the same as you have done so far, but test new ideas, new approaches.

If you continue to do the same as you have done, the results will be those you have had so far.

Try at least some of these techniques for better results.

If you have any tips that are not here, leave them in the comments area.

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