upper/lower training

Upper / Lower workout plan

Upper / lower workout plan with 4 weekly workouts

There are several ways to divide the workout and the upper / lower method is one of them.

In this routine the training is divided into A and B, in which one of the days will be for training the trunk and the other day will be exclusively dedicated to training the legs.

This training plan will be done 4 times a week, ideally doing training A and B followed by a rest day and then doing training A and B again.

Following this method, all muscle groups are trained twice a week.

An example routine of this training method follows:

Upper - Upper Limbs - Training A

Lower - Lower limbs - Training B

AB Rest AB

This is a simple but effective routine, suitable for beginners and intermediate athletes.

As with any routine, it is essential to have a good diet to achieve good results.

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