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More strength and more muscle with 5 × 5 training

Two training programs that will help you gain strength as well as muscle

To win muscle mass, it is important to have strength.

Training with colored dumbbells will not give you big gains.

If you get to the bench press and do 10 repetitions with 5kg on each side you won't get very far.

If you just arrived at gymnasium, you probably don't have much strength, you probably use very low loads, bars without discs.

If this is your case, you need to gain strength.

Gain strength?

Why the hell would you do strength training if you want to gain muscle?

Because a good strength base will give you good muscle gains.

It will also help you to progress in the long run.

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In addition to that you will also gain muscular mass with this type of training.

Let's talk about two training methods.

Reg Park 5 × 5 and Stronglifts 5 × 5.

Workouts that focus mainly on strength, but that, at the same time, will give you good gains and a good muscle mass base.

If you are doing infinite 5kg biceps curl sets and complaining about the results, this article is for you.

Reg Park 5 × 5 Training

This is a basic workout popularized by bodybuilder Reg Park.

  • 45 Degree Lumbar Extension - 3 sets x 10 repetitions
  • Squat - 5 series x 5 repetitions
  • Flat Bench Press - 5 series x 5 repetitions
  • Dead weight - 5 series x 5 repetitions

reg park training


You will train 3x a week.

NEVER train two days in a row.

The first two series are lighter in weight than your maximum, for example:

If your weight for 5 repetitions in the squat is 80kg, you will do 40kg in the first set, and 60kg in the second set, using the 80kg in the next 3 sets.

Use the same weight in the final 3 sets, when you can do 5 repetitions in the 3 sets with a certain weight, increase the load in the next workout.

Don't go to the failure.

Rest between 3 to 5 minutes in the last 3 sets of each exercise.

This routine is phase 1 of the program, which you must follow for 3 months. After those 3 months, there is a phase 2 and phase 3, which we will not discuss for now.

Stronglifts 5 × 5 Training

Training program inspired by the Reg Park plan, but with some variations.


ABA training where you will train 3 times a week and NEVER on consecutive days.


You will train Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In the first week you would start with training A, then in the fourth you would do B and in the sixth again A.

The following week it would be the other way around.

On Monday it would be training B, on Wednesday training A and on Friday you would return to B.

And so on.

In the first four weeks you should use a weight lower than your maximum, to learn the exercises.

You will use the same weight in all series, that is, you will use the same weight in the first series as you will use in the last.


If you are going to use 90kg in the squat, you will do 5 sets of 90kg of 5 repetitions each, do not increase or decrease the weight in any of the sets.

gain strength


Do 2 warm-up sets before starting the 5 × 5 of each exercise.


Before starting the 90kg in the 5-set squat with 5 repetitions, do 2 sets with 40kg to warm up.

Rest 1 minute between sets at an early stage, but as the weight increases, you can rest for up to 5 minutes to be able to do higher loads.

Deadweight will be the only exercise that will not be done in 5 × 5, but in 1 × 5, that is, a series of 5 repetitions.

However, do 2 warm-up sets just like in the other exercises before the effective set, and do not increase 2,5 kg but 5 kg in each workout.

You are advised to start with a maximum of 50% of the maximum weight you can currently do for 5 reps.


If in the squat the maximum weight you can do for 5 repetitions is 100kg, the ideal is to start at most this training plan with 50kg.

That is, in the first training you use the 50kg squat in the 5 series.

You must increase the load every training and every exercise by 2,5 kg.


If on Monday you do 50kg in the squat, on Wednesday you should do 52,5kg.


Final Notes

Eventually you will no longer be able to lift the loads in the 5 × 5 protocol.

You will start to miss repetitions, and instead of 5 repetitions in the last set, you will do 3 or 4.

When this happens, keep the weight, do the 5 sets in it and try to reach the 5 repetitions.

Try in the next 2 workouts to do the same load you failed, trying again to do 5 × 5.

If you miss 3 workouts in a row, 5 × 5 in any exercise, reduce the load by 10% in the next workout and resume the 5 × 5 workout from there.

More about Stronglifts here.


Both workouts are quite simple with few exercises and done 3 times a week.

The main objective is to increase the loads regularly, and consequently, you will gain more muscle mass.

Do not worry about the fact that there are few exercises, they are very complete exercises that will work your whole body.

In both workouts, you should follow a high calorie diet, as these are very demanding workouts, to achieve a good recovery and evolution.

In addition, sleep at least six hours, preferably eight hours, in order to make a good recovery in this type of training.

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